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Information is Power, Information is Control
November 27, 2002 · One of the ways the former Soviet Union was able to guarantee full employment for all its citizens was to pay one-third of its people to spy on the other two-thirds. We, in America, with the current Bush administration, are rapidly approaching that same sort of governmental snooping into our lives. By Lois Erwin

Shop Till You Drop or You're a Terrorist
November 27, 2002 · While millions of Americans were grief stricken and shocked by those terrible events, Bush wisely exhorted the American people to resume their lives, and to go on a shopping spree. In a land where money is god and the shopping malls are its churches, what could be wiser council than our court-selected leader's sage advice? By Charles Sullivan

Kansas Adopts "Just Because" Science Education Standards
November 26, 2002 · "Just Because" science, a joint effort of the State Board and a coalition of independent free-market science think-tanks, emphasizes uncertainty and human frailty, while allowing that controlled, systematic observation occasionally bears useful fruit. By David Albrecht

Fight Back: Taxes
November 26, 2002 · The Republicans are trapped and vulnerable on taxes. The reason no one knows about it is because Democrats haven't hit them on it yet. It's inexcusable that Republicans have dominated the discourse and gained vast political mileage with taxation policy, but the Democrats, in a perverse outcome on election 2002, have suddenly gotten lucky in this area. By Joseph Arrieta

The Demise of the Simple Fact
November 26, 2002 · The Bush Mob's idea is to make it easier for industry to modernize to cleaner standards. Sounds good, even hopeful right? Except that the argument that industry will do more about cleaning up their manufactured pollutants if they're asked to do so sweetly and if they're left to decide on a voluntary basis just doesn't sell. By Judith Foster

Speaking Truth to the Powerless
November 23, 2002 · The mid-term elections were decided by a scant one percent of the mere 39% who voted. We don't need to rouse a revolutionary supermajority; we need only galvanize a tiny fraction. That doesn't require mass media. It needs only individual voices, raised only enough to firmly present the truth. By Doug Pibel

When Did "Liberal" Become a Dirty Word?
November 23, 2002 · Labels are too often used as weapons, used to smear another whose views we disagree with. But it seems self-evident that terms such as "commie pinko" or "femi-nazi" are applied to people only to discredit them and their viewpoints which may be quite legitimately held. The same goes for "liberal." By F. Johnson

Democrats Unite!
November 23, 2002 · Find your voices, carve out your positions, and, above all, maintain your principles. Stuff the polls, but listen to your constituents. Trust comes when the givers are convinced they are not only being heard, but listened to. By Ronald Gerughty

Moscow on the Potomac
November 22, 2002 · The author experienced life in Russia during the final days of the Soviet Union. Now it's deja vu all over again. By Ernest Partridge

The Magic Bullet Meets McVeigh
November 22, 2002 · "The broad mass of a nation," wrote Adolf Hitler, "will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one." In that regard, Americans are no different than Germans. So how do we sort through the lies? By Maureen Farrell

The 4th Amendment: RIP
November 21, 2002 · The 4th Amendment, an unwavering champion of our right to privacy, died on 18 November 2002. The amendment, adopted by the convention of states on 17 September 1787, was 215. By Carol Norris

Saving Invisible People
November 20, 2002 · I've always known this: for most people, most of the rest of the world is not real. Most people only really believe in the people who are defined as "us" (as opposed to "them"), a group that, in our current public discourse, is getting defined more and more narrowly with every passing day. By The Plaid Adder

Chambliss Finds Car Keys
November 20, 2002 · WASHINGTON, DC - In a dramatic press conference, a tearful Senator-elect Saxby Chambliss gave thanks to his savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, for personally intervening in his frantic search for missing car keys, helping him to make it to a dinner engagement "right on time." By David Albrecht

Homeland Insecurity
November 20, 2002 · After the latest example of stealth legislation designed to take away liberties under the guise of national security, our hair is already Shirley Temple tight. Is it any wonder conspiracy theories thrive in this environment? By Maurren Farrell

The Great Co-opter
November 19, 2002 · While it is true that the Democrats didn't have a clear message of vision for November's midterm, it is also true that many of the potential issues that Democrats could have used against President Bush were co-opted by Bush and presidential guru Karl Rove. By Richard Prasad

Fox News Proposes War League
November 19, 2002 · The league actually started with Desert Storm in the prior Bush administration but nobody followed up. Looking back at the timing, between Super Bowl and March Madness, the great ratings, the preseason buildup which can last a year or more, the tremendous talk show filler, the ready-made participants, it was a natural. By John Glynn

Oh, Canada
November 19, 2002 · There has been an embarrassing and inexplicable development taking place on the editorial pages of a number of US publications. I speak of anti-Canadianism. By Michael Shannon

The Goldwater Syndrome
November 16, 2002 · The worst mistake any party can make is to conclude that the way to electoral success is to seek ideological purity and drive from the party those who are diluting your message. By Mike McArdle

So Where Do We Go From Here?
November 16, 2002 · There is a crisis in the Democratic Party, but itís not whether to abandon traditional Democratic positions as being too ďleftistĒ or staying a ďcentristĒ course. The real problem is how to educate the population on the importance of participating in our democracy. By Morgan M. (Rocker)

Reality Check 5
November 16, 2002 · The cause and effect of it can be debated from now until kingdom come but that doesn't alter the fact that a majority of people have come to perceive George Bush to be a wise and courageous man. That he is neither is unimportant. By Michael Shannon

Five Truths
November 15, 2002 · Until Democrats are willing to embrace these truths, to believe them, and to be willing to shout them to the highest heavens, the party will remain demoralized. By Michael Barry

Real D(d)emocrats
November 15, 2002 · Well, geez, I'm confused again. There have been so many Democratic candidates for office qualifying all their votes for the Republican agenda that I think there's some need for a few definitions and clarifications of what it means to be a D(d)emocrat. By punpirate

The Coming of the Reckoning
November 15, 2002 · The U.S. has no idea as to what is about to transpire, blind-folded by American flags flying on all the television screens. They don't have any idea that their leader has a taste for blood and a desire to see the fulfillment promised after Armageddon. By The Watcher

God's Press Conference
November 14, 2002 · In a policy shift not wholly unexpected by observers, God today announced that human beings would no longer be considered for special protection under the Endangered Dominant Species Act. By David Albrecht

A Day in the Life
November 14, 2002 · Today I am scared. I feel a lump in my throat and I am going to smoke more tonight and probably get drunk. I wish I had another remedy. I wish my side were the victor so that I could be reveling and looking forward to some Congressional resistance to this President, who said: "If this were a dictatorship, it'd be a heck of a lot easier... just as long as I'm the dictator." By Hiphopnation23

The Tao of Winning and Losing
November 13, 2002 · On the surface, it appears that the Republicans now have the opportunity to put into place every radical policy they have. But the Republicans have this big problem: their own success. Bush Inc. have promised their backers the full gamut of the right wing agenda, and they now have absolutely no excuse not to deliver. By Brad Radcliffe

Don't Be a Fool
November 13, 2002 · The Democratic Party is the party of we the people - a party that stands before the country a living force for peace and freedom. Two years from now, I daresay we the people will be reliving the Republican history of depression, poverty and despair. By Sheila Samples

A Modest Proposal
November 13, 2002 · The old saying goes: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. In 2002 the Democratic Party virtually stood for nothing. As a result, the American electorate fell for lies, distorted issues and false priorities propagated by the Republican Party. By Eddie Ortiz

Passion, Patience, and Pelosi
November 12, 2002 · A San Francisco liberal representative and former chair of the California Democratic Party, Pelosi is a sharp contrast to her pragmatic predecessor. By  Patrick Ennis

The New Radical Left (And the Folks Who Fuel It)
November 12, 2002 · We thought we were just average citizens, with average concerns, until we woke up to find ourselves part of the radical left. We're not sure how it happened, mind you. In fact, we didn't even realize it until a chorus of pundits started steering us a certain way. By Maureen Farrell

Let Us Begin Anew
November 11, 2002 · We must oppose policies we deem harmful to the people but remain loyal to the country we love and the people we want to serve by offering counter proposals that show true compassion to those who look to us to guide this nation toward greatness. By Bob Volpitto

A Party of Courage and Conscience
November 11, 2002 · But what endeared Wellstone to so many beyond his core constituency was not his liberalism, but his passion, his conviction, his humanity, and his unwillingness to compromise principle for political expediency. People recognize these extraordinary qualities when they see them, and that's what they long for. By Monica Friedlander

The Era of Bill Clinton is Over
November 11, 2002 · The Democrats campaigned the way Bill campaigned - position yourself; donít take positions. Thatís fine when you have a personality that can make the wavering voter think youíre on their side no matter what you say but a party needs an identity and the Democrats didnít have one this fall. By Mike McArdle

What Now, Democrats?
November 9, 2002 · Maybe the wise thing would be for Democrats to watch and wait. Just how carried away will the "Valley of the Dolls" president get with his newly assumed power? By Kevin Dawson

Another (Yawn) Election in the Two-Bit Democracy
November 9, 2002 · There we were, with an opportunity to just say no to a regime promising endless war, deficit spending, environmental degradation, and the worst economy since, well, the last Bush. All of which inspired Americans, in droves, to sit on their butts. Let me say it again, the other way: Sixty-one percent of eligible voters exercised their inalienable right to do nothing. By Doug Pibel

Ten Things Democrats Must Do To Win 2004
November 9, 2002 · We need to get our house in order now, so that we can take advantage of the electorate's inevitable rejection of the Republicans' failed policies. By Steven Maurer

Republican Lite
November 8, 2002 · The Democrats, frightened by the wartime hype and polls proclaiming his popularity, tried not to alienate anyone and became Republican Lite by pussy footing around the main issues and trying to be good. By Frank Lovato

To the Democrats in Congress and the Senate
November 8, 2002 · It is time to formulate a mission for the Democratic Party. We were beaten by the Republican Party because they have a well defined plan for the future of the United States and the world. One that must be opposed with as much political power as we can muster. By Judith Foster

A Letter to the DNC
November 7, 2002 · We know that national ideological sentiment operates on a pendulum swing. If we are positioned too far to the right when the pendulum begins moving back leftward, we will have created for ourselves a whole array of problems in credibility and consistency, and lost a valuable voting base to leftward third-party movements. By TygrBright

Tuesday, A Cynic's View
November 7, 2002 · The worst thing about Tuesday's election was that it didn't have to happen. It was a wasted chance, a blown opportunity that may be hard to get back. And if you're looking to place the blame don't point at the voters or the media or whacko conspiracy theories or even the Republicans. The blame belongs entirely with the Democrats themselves who ran out of appendages to shoot themselves in. By Mike McArdle

The 10 Commandments (GOP Modified)
November 2, 2002 · By embracing these GOP-modified commandments, we too can have everlasting peace and redemption. And, like Bush and Cheney, we can attain the kind of arrogance that screams "who cares what you think?" even when we're disgustingly and immorally wrong. By Maureen Farrell

Darrylís House
November 2, 2002 · Thereís an election next week and itís easy to look at the story of Darryl and blame him on conservatives and Republicans but unfortunately Darryl never really creeps into the priorities of liberal politicians these days either. By Mike McArdle

Time to Make It Right
November 2, 2002 · A full two thirds of the American adult population has apparently decided that there is nothing important or vital at stake in this election. What planet are these people living on? By Mike Shannon

How Dare They Tell us How to Mourn
November 1, 2002 · For more than a year they've been telling us what we're supposed to think, what we're supposed to feel, what we're allowed to believe in as Americans. And now, while we grieve the loss of one of our best, they have the chutzpah to dictate to us how we're allowed to mourn?! By Monica Friedlander

Democrats as Parentheses?
November 1, 2002 · Academically certified Republicans often practice a modern form of "noblesse oblige" in regards to the Democrats. They allow them to exist, to occasionally achieve the pinnacle of this nationís political hierarchy, to consider themselves almost equals in the political arena, but never long enough to feel comfortable in such a position. By Marcello A. Canuto

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