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To the Democrats in Congress and the Senate
November 8, 2002
Judith Foster

It is time to formulate a mission for the Democratic Party. You must take a stand on what the party is ABOUT. We were beaten by the Republican Party because they have a well defined plan for the future of the United States and the world. One that must be opposed with as much political power as we can muster.

Our mission has to be about where the Democratic Party is headed and how we plan to get there. The ways of dealing with the issues in the past no longer serve the party or the people of this country.

It must also be diametrically opposed to the Republican plan of world supremacy.

I am a Democrat because I believe down to my very bones that humanity can save itself and the planet. I believe that all people are the same in their aspirations, in their pain, their suffering, their joys and ability to love. That a different religion, or nationality or language do not make us fundamentally different.

Where the Bush "mandate" is to go to war with Iraq, the Democratic plan must oppose any and all wars that are waged for domination of the natural resources of the planet.

Where Bush's "mandate" is to ignore the UN and threaten the world with unilateral strikes to force regime change at his party's whim, the Democratic party goal should be to support the UN and make it's humane mission of peace and prosperity a reality in the world.

Where Bush's "mandate" is to dominate the oil supplies of the world and to make his supporters richer in the process, the Democratic Party should make it a goal to find alternate sources of fuel and energy. If we can go to the moon because there was a deliberate and concerted effort by the government to fund the space program, then we can find clean and renewable energy.

While Bush thumbs his nose at the environment, the Democratic Party should have a plan ready to be implemented to deliberately reverse the effects of the damage that is happening to the planet. As just one example, the US can lead the world in stopping the ever spreading fires in the Amazon rain forest. It is something that can be done easily if there is worldwide determination.

Where Bush's "vision" is to make the rich richer and to destroy the middle class in the process, the Democratic Party should have a plan and the goal to give all the people the power to lift themselves out of poverty. It can start by raising the minimum wage to a living wage. By taking education seriously instead of using it only as a campaigning issue which too often ends up being an empty promise. Good schools in the poorest districts of our country and the world will teach the smartest and the best who would otherwise live a life of poverty and misery. Intelligence and genius are not the sole property of the rich.

In the 21st century humanity has arrived at that point in our history and in our evolution where we have to be consciously accountable for the state of the planet and all the people on it. Ignorance of how we pollute and destroy the planet is no longer an excuse.

To all the Democratic representatives in Washington, I urge you to get behind closed doors and formulate a comprehensive plan that will define the party in a clear and definite way. And I suggest that you remember to listen to your constituents.

With utmost sincerity,

Judith Foster

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