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The Slippery Slope of Advertising Deregulation: The Inalienable Right to Mislead Millions
October 31, 2002 · Just a few years ago, the practice of advertising prescription drugs to us common folk was considered unethical. Nowadays you can hardly watch TV for five minutes without some commercial promising to cure the affliction it encourages you to be worried about. By Carol Norris

Democratic Strategy for Upcoming Elections
October 31, 2002 · Bush's few policies, the huge tax cut for the richest 1%, to the war on terrorism, have one unifying theme - namely to make his supporters happy, at the expense of the rest of the country and world. By Bob Connors

How Big Was My Rally
October 30, 2002 · The truth is that nobody really knows how many people were there. But here's something I learned in Washington, D.C. on October 26: standing up matters more than being counted. By The Plaid Adder

The Delusions of David Horowitz
October 30, 2002 · Behold, David Horowitz, former Marxist gone neoconservative in his autumn years. In the world Horowitz occupies all of the clocks have lurched backward to a more paranoid and suspicious time, let us say somewhere mid-stride of the McCarthy inquisition. In the world Horowitz inhabits there are communists under beds and Grand Conspiracies on the tapis. By Kurt Nimmo

They Shoot Leftists, Don't They?
October 30, 2002 · Intervention after intervention, it's always the same. If a democratically-elected leader of a third world country champions his people over American business interests, or if God forbid, a leftist government is elected, that government is doomed. Given this, is it a leap to suggest populist, progressive leaders are at risk on the home front, too? By Maureen Farrell

A Eulogy For Paul
October 29, 2002 · With the death of Senator Paul Wellstone, my friend and my role model, America's sum total of righteousness is diminished. Our inventory of integrity is that much depleted. The reservoir of our compassion and our passion for justice recedes by a small but potentially crucial amount. By TygrBright

Volunteer and Vote
October 29, 2002 · It's tempting to stew in our anger, but anger is useful only when it impels us to action. Like it or not, we face a president who came to power in the most questionable of ways, and whose administration has done everything to consolidate that power ever since. By Paul Rogat Loeb

Where Will Bush Hide Now?
October 29, 2002 · So the push to invade that dastardly and sleeping giant Iraq has stalled a bit in the United Nations and the snipers who have been terrorizing the D.C. area have been captured. What now will our intrepid leader hide behind to avoid questions regarding the economy? By Curt Morey

Turning Iraq Into Iran
October 26, 2002 · One question that has received some limited discussion lately is, if the United States invades Iraq and overthrows Saddam Hussein, who will replace him? This is usually treated as an imponderable question for which no one has yet come up with an answer. But we can stop worrying, because George W. Bush has an answer already. By Paul Kienitz

The "Great" Republican Record Since Bush & Co. Stole the White House
October 26, 2002 · The following is an open letter to U.S. Sen. Phil Gramm of Texas that was emailed to his office, other politicians, the media, and others this week... By Jackson Thoreau

The New Political Correctness: 7 More Things You Can't Say on TV
October 25, 2002 · A new political correctness has taken hold. Ironically, neo-conservatives continue to rail against political correctness as if it were solely the province of liberals, while peddling warm and fuzzy falsehoods of their own. By Maureen Farrell

The Bush Vision, Do Not Bend
October 25, 2002 · While flipping through the bills, I found a large envelope addressed to a Mr. Sammy Dozor from the Republican National Committee. I had previously received letters, of course, asking for donations. But, you see this one, was different. It said, PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO ENCLOSED, DO NOT BEND. By Samie Dozor

Palast Movie Replays Election 2000
October 24, 2002 · "Unprecedented: The 2000 Election" is a fantastic movie, a tremendous achievement and service to humanity. It is a definitive, video document of the awful sequence of events that unfolded in Florida during Elction 2000. By David Cogswell

The Gathering Storm: A Call to Reason, A Call to Action
October 24, 2002 · There is a storm gathering on the horizon – a storm of domestic economic woes, lost freedoms, and of lost political capital abroad. By SaintGermane

Time To Go After the TV Newsmedia
October 24, 2002 · Society's right to get truth in journalism is the most important weapon against the enemies of freedom. An informed people are a people who have the most fundamental element of true freedom. By Judith Foster

Dubya the Magnificent
October 23, 2002 · Mr. Bush must be a prophet and visionary with spooky preternatural abilities. For two years ago, even before he had won the White House, he was laying out in some detail the need to overthrow Saddam Hussein. By Brad Radcliffe

The Company That You Keep
October 23, 2002 · I have long opposed the death penalty and have seldom wavered in my belief that its practice devalues not only the life it terminates - it demeans those condoning its practice. By T. K. Brookins

Chickenhawks? Or Just Chickens?
October 23, 2002 · Isn't North Korea, like Iraq, a member of the "Axis of Evil"? If Iraq and North Korea are both seeking to develop weapons of mass destruction in violation of agreements their governments signed, why doesn't Bush suggest military action against North Korea? By mjjoe

Fear and Bowling
October 23, 2002 · Michael Moore's new movie "Bowling for Columbine" is a depressing film about a horrible situation, and it makes a very serious and compelling argument. By David Swanson

Way to Go, James Earl!
October 22, 2002 · The Republican right wing, who never stops characterizing Al Gore as an ungracious loser still pouting over the 2000 election (he's not the only one), cannot manage so much as "Congratulations" to disco-era president Jimmy Carter for the Nobel Prize he was awarded. By Kevin Dawson

A Second Look at the Second Amendment
October 22, 2002 · In the 90s, paranoia spoon-fed by their relentless Republican representatives had the gun culture joining and forming militia groups faster than you could say Y2K. But by actually making their worst-case fears a reality, George W. has them running for more toilet paper than Clinton ever did. By Lisa Croke

The Grifter-in-Chief
October 19, 2002 · Bush’s pronouncements on Iraq, including his October 7 national address, have been replete with verbal trickery that would make Slick Willie blush. Bush repeatedly uses language to create impressions he knows are false. By Dennis Hans

The Vote, The War and The Cynic
October 19, 2002 · Being a cynic gives one low expectations when looking at the machinations of our politicians. Unfortunately it doesn’t make it any less infuriating when they behave in a cowardly, self-serving way. It just takes away the element of surprise. By Mike McArdle

Poverty - America's Shame
October 19, 2002 · The United States is, bar none, the wealthiest country in the world. We are positively profligate in our expenditure of the world's resources, and we have more billionaires (by any currency measure) than the rest of the world. And yet, about 12% of our population is poor. By punpirate

Dead Men Have No Oil
October 18, 2002 · United States anti-terrorism policy suffered what could be a catastrophic setback this week when Iraqi President Saddam Hussein died two days after suffering a heart attack. Upon hearing of Hussein's health problems American officials sent both heart specialists and government officials in a effort to save the Iraqi strongman. By Mike McArdle

Beyond the Salon
October 18, 2002 · Michelle Goldberg's article "Peace Kooks," which appeared yesterday at, presents itself as a well-meaning attempt to wise up unsuspecting liberals to the dangers of the radical fringe that lurks in the midst of an apparently innocent anti-war movement. While the piece is aimed at moderates, the tone throughout is anything but moderate. By The Plaid Adder

"Shallow Throat" Savages Dem Leaders and Reveals Bush Strategy
October 18, 2002 · So many of us were devastated after Congress rolled over and gave Bush his war on Iraq. We needed help in figuring it all out. So I set up the coded signal to "Shallow Throat," the high-ranking GOP mole in the White House who had been so helpful in pointing us in the right direction several times previously. By Bernard Weiner

Arms Bizarre
October 17, 2002 · Rule #1: When going to war with a country, have your allies refrain from selling it millions of dollars worth of weapons to use against you. By Graham Smith

It's War!
October 17, 2002 · George "W is for Warmonger" Bush gets his very own photo story. By EarlG

Things Related and Not: Rumsfeld, Code Orange and a Duck-Billed Platypus
October 17, 2002 · Rumsfeld is playing Surrealist parlor games, cutting up words from a newspaper, putting them in a hat, pouring them out and then pasting them together in the helter-skelter order they fell, creating an often hilarious, bizarre new world. Only Rumsfeld and Company are playing for real. His parlor is our planet. And it isn't so funny. By Carol Norris

Soldiering On
October 16, 2002 · In a speech leading up to the vote on Iraq, Senator Kennedy described the situation in America for the last twenty years as "a Cold Civil War". This is not merely a metaphor; it is a dangerously unappreciated reality. By arendt

In Deep Voodoo
October 16, 2002 · The chattering media economists and Bush's economic advisors assure us that the stock market must soon find a "hard bottom," from which it will recover from the recent "setback" and resume a steady ascent Its a good time to “get back in,” they tell us. I beg to differ. I fear that there is much worse ahead. And this is why. By Ernest Partridge

Why I'm Voting, While I Still Can
October 16, 2002 · There has been much heat and a little light, within the Democratic Underground forum, in our nation, and in our world. In my opinion, today's "issues" (as defined by others often for their own convenience) are less about war, peace, left, right, crime, regulation, stock markets, jobs, or terrorism than about democracy itself. By TahitiNut

The Choice Before Us
October 15, 2002 · Internationally, a vote for Republicans means that America will dictate its terms to the world, domestically it means that the Bush family and their financial backers will dictate their terms to Americans. By Joseph Vecchio

You're Either With Us, Or You're Whacko
October 15, 2002 · MSNBC thinks it is reading my mind. "We know you want war," Hardball implies, taking "manufacturing consent," to a whole new level. By Maureen Farrell

Why We Need Tort Reform Now
October 15, 2002 · My concept of 'tort reform' is based on the Old Testament, so I firmly believe that it should get the endorsement of John Ashcroft, who is widely known for his evangelical, fundamentalist beliefs.
By Christian Dewar

The Jiminy Cricket War
October 12, 2002 · This war can be called the Jiminy Cricket War, after the cartoon character whom you'd never guess was supposed to be a cricket if you weren't told that that's what he was. The president essentially gives "Because I said so, that's why" as the reason why we should take his word for it that Iraq means to do this country great and immediate harm. By Kevin Dawson

Senator Byrd, A Hero for Our Time
October 12, 2002 · Thank God for Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV), the one man in the Senate saying what needs to be said. By Margie Burns

In Defense of the Christian Liberal
October 12, 2002 · I consider myself a Christian and I am also very politically liberal. I firmly believe a person who really tries to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ would be much more likely to be a political liberal rather than a conservative. By Frank Lovato

It's Crank-It-Up Time! An Urgent Nov. 5th Call to Action
October 11, 2002 · At the risk of over-iteration, I hope it's obvious that everything is riding on the outcome of the Novermber elections. By Bernard Weiner

U.S. Government Use of Chemical Weapons Against U.S. Citizens
October 11, 2002 · Increasingly, western forces have used tear gas, pepper spray, and other "non-lethal" control measures against civilian populations, most often in response to crowds organizing under their First Amendment rights to peaceably assemble. By Brian Leitner

Anticipatory Self-Defense: A Modest Proposal
October 11, 2002 · I had a thought last night about this "anticipatory self-defense" concept, which I initially found so pukeworthy. I'm starting to think maybe I haven't been giving it fair consideration. By The Plaid Adder

Is Truth Bush's Number 1 Enemy?
October 10, 2002 · Ask yourself: who stands to gain by having citizens believe the avalanche of lies we're fed? Sooner or later, you'll realize that what amounts to anti-Americanism these days is often an affinity for Truth. By Maurreen Farrell

The Energy for War
October 10, 2002 · You will be sold this war until you have bought it and are willing to pay for it with your life or the life of your firstborn son or daughter. You might even buy it because you just can't stand to tell the salesmen "no" and are too weak to keep up the resistance to the unending pressure. By Bridget Gibson

Bush Wages Quieter War to Invade our National Parks
October 10, 2002 · While Bush publicly pushes to drill for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska and invade Iraq, he is waging a quieter campaign to invade popular national parks. By Jackson Thoreau

The Case for War
October 9, 2002 · It is especially important that a declaration of war be formally voted on by congress because it is apparent that the United States intends on launching an unprovoked invasion on another nation recognized as such by the United Nations and the community of nations at large. I submit the following proposed declaration of war as a pretty well thought out justification for war against Saddam Hussein. By James O. B. Keener

Yet More Inconsistency on the Right
October 9, 2002 · Three things happened last week that should have convinced you ­ if you were not already convinced ­ that the political Right in America has lost its sense of shame altogether, deciding that single-minded focus is more useful than honesty or consistency of message. By Patrick Ennis

Bush and Lay and Unearned Income
October 9, 2002 · Kenneth Lay's money was neither earned nor made. Neither, to pick a closely related example, was that of his protégé, George W. Bush. By Jerome Doolittle

Contrasting Substances - A Year of War Under FDR and GWB
October 8, 2002 · Franklin Delano Roosevelt and George Walker Bush have one thing in common. They both chose war as a response to a devastating surprise attack on the United States. Will Congress see that that's where the similarities end? By Ted Westervelt

To Be a Pilgrim
October 8, 2002 · Mildred Norman's Peace Pilgrim walk was a powerful statement, an affirmation of life in the midst of such dark times, an inspiring project that could make a difference - however small - in helping the world out of its nuclear nightmare. By Kevin J. Shay

Fill Your Tank With Iraqi Children
October 8, 2002 · At Kidco Oil we recognize that since September 11 our nation and in fact our world has been faced with new and ever more daunting challenges. We also realize that this is no time for squeamish leadership on either the corporate or national level. By Mike McArdle

Greetings From Your Secret Allies on the Right
October 8, 2002 · Yes, that's right. You heard me. We are allies. I am one of liberalism's secret new allies. There are many of us; millions of us in fact. We are denizens of the Right... the true Right. By Anonymous

Is There a Spin Doctor in the House?
October 5, 2002 · The Democratic party needs a media makeover. People buy the shameless lies of the right because they tell them well. The contingent of half-informed voters who choose their candidates for superficial reasons are not voting based on the merits of sound policy. They’re voting on who feels better. That’s the harsh reality that put Bush in office. By Scott Donnelly

Bush Accepts Iraqi Offer for a Duel
October 5, 2002 · Iraqi Vice President Taha Yassin Ramadan challenged President Bush and Vice President Cheney today to a tag-team death match on neutral ground. Ramadan wants to square off against Cheney while Saddam Hussein would face Bush. "That fatso Cheney will be squealing like a stuck pig when I'm through with him," said Ramadan through a translator. By Graham Smith

America's Far Right is Not Conservative
October 5, 2002 · I consider myself to be a conservative, albeit a progressive one. America's far right, which has the Republican party as it's principal vehicle, boardroom America as it's principal patron, the religious right as it's loyal customer and the corporate media as it's mouthpiece cannot be accurately considered conservative. By Mark Davis

9 New Signs Democracy is Dying
October 4, 2002 · The blatant lies told by this administration notwithstanding, we've been bombarded with a parade of decidedly undemocratic outrages since the 2000 selection, including the Patriot Act, secret detentions and an underground government. By Maureen Farrell

The Prince: Machiavelli, the Bushes and the Reformation
October 4, 2002 · Most people have probably heard of the political philosopher, Machiavelli, and know that his name is synonymous with the cynical, amoral and deceitful manipulation of people and events to gain political power. By Christian Dewar

Beyond Petroleum: How to Fight Fascists and Restore Justice
October 4, 2002 · It may not show in the official polls, but Americans are waking up to the outrage that has been perpetrated on them. By David Cogswell

Senator Max Cleland of Georgia
Max Cleland is the senator from Georgia who was elected to Sam Nunn's senate seat after Senator Nunn retired from politics. By James M. Kehl

Rumsfeld Drops a Load
October 3, 2002 · Until it became convenient, which was yesterday, the Pentagon flat out refused to release videotape of our planes bombing targets in the no-fly zone of Iraq. The risk to our pilots was simply too great. By Jerome Doolittle

The Z Files: Far Right Wingnut in the Hot Seat
October 3, 2002 · Washington State Senator Joe Zarelli, far right wingnut trying to unseat Democratic Representative Brian Baird from Washington's 3rd Congressional District, has found himself in the hot seat... again. By John M. Pickett

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: A Candidate to be Proud Of
October 3, 2002 · Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Robert and Ethel Kennedy's oldest daughter, is currently Maryland's Lieutenant Governor and the Democratic Party's nominee for governor. She is a member of a very successful administration. By James M. Kehl

The History of This Great Nation
October 2, 2002 · Once upon a time, in order to escape persecution from European liberals, the great explorer Ronald Raegyn set out to discover a New World. (Unbeknownst to the trusting Raegyn, his boat was infested with stowaway liberals, holed up in the starboard hold!) By Hans Christian Brando

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
October 2, 2002 · Tom Daschle and Co. made a spectacular display this last week. It was as if they finally got a grip on just how much they've been manipulated. They finally got tired of being kicked around, bullied, lied about, and got mad enough to realize they had dignity at one time. By W. David Jenkins III

President Strangebrew, or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bush
October 2, 2002 · I can't fight it anymore, you say "war" and the liberal in me comes spewing out like regurgitated goo after an Ann Coulter binge and purge session. By Lloyd Dobbler

Politicizing the War
October 1, 2002 · Coming up to the midterm election, both parties have taken off the gloves. Most people are not fans of the political blame game or negative campaigning on anyone's part, but some slander and lies are worse than others. By Ramsey Harris

Regime Change? You Bet
October 1, 2002 · There is no question in my mind. "Regime change" (as the catch phrase goes) is justified, perhaps even necessary. Should we continue to sit by idly as a man who seized power, without the support of the majority of the people in a free election, calls for war and, most important, is in possession of weapons of mass destruction? No, we must not. By Stephen Sacco

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