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The Bush Vision, Do Not Bend
October 25, 2002
Samie Dozor

Welcome to the life of Samie Dozor, A.K.A. samie decker and samie heidecker...

This particular day began with the news that an exasperating business deal went sour. My mate, Mitchell and I were returning from a depressing breakfast when we decided to pick up our mail. While flipping through the bills, there was a large envelope addressed to a Mr. Sammy Dozor from the Republican National Committee. I had previously received letters, of course, asking for donations. But, you see this one, was different. It said, PRESIDENTIAL PHOTO ENCLOSED, DO NOT BEND.

When I saw the picture, I busted out laughing! I really needed comic relief and this did it.

First, I am not a Mr. - I'm a Mrs., and my name is spelled Samie. Furthermore, I have no idea why they consider me to be a supporter... I have always been registered as a Democrat. In fact, I have been disgusted with Bush since he came to power, stripping away our civil rights, pounding the war drums to attack Iraq, totally avoiding our social, economic, environmental and healthcare problems - just to name a few of his character flaws.

I continually call, fax, write letters and email our Representatives in protest to STOP Bush's war machine. So, as the letter suggested - though I don't agree with the part about Bush being a symbol for a positive vision of a better future for every American - I would like to take this opportunity to display this personalized photograph of President Bush...

Here are some highlights from the letter:

In recognition of your unwavering commitment to President Bush as a Sustaining Member of the Republican National committee, I am honored to present you with this enclosed photograph. (Hey, I thought, I could use this photo to do an art project!)

The stakes are high. Control of Congress, 36 governorships, thousands of state and local races are all on the line - not to mention the future of President Bush's agenda! ("Global markets are being made to support a totalitarian government.")

It means a lot to me to know your commemorative photograph arrived in good condition, and is suitable for framing and display. (Some friends asked me to blow up the photo to use as a dartboard.)

The RNC must raise $4.1 million over the last month of Campaign 2002 to ensure we have the necessary funds to carry out the vital campaign services our candidates are counting on to win. (When asked to donate money to the Democratic campaign, My Mom responded, "Nobody ever paid me to get a job!")

But now some not so funny news. Here are some examples of Bush's vision of a better future for every American:

• Attorney General John Ashcroft announced that records of Brady gun law background checks will be destroyed one day after a gun is sold. FBI states that it needs to withhold records for at least 90 days to guarantee integrity of the background check system.

• Mr. Ashcroft informed us that the Justice Department will change the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment. In a nutshell, this means that any restrictions on the private ownership of even military-style assault weapons violated the supposed individual right to bear arms.

• Also, Mr. Ashcroft prohibits the FBI from looking through the gun background check files to see if any of the 19 hijackers or associates purchased weapons prior to 9/11. We are told that this would violate these terrorists' 2nd amendment rights.

• Where's Cheney? It has been 16 months since he has refused to release documents related to current U.S. energy policy.

• A controversial 304 page "Trade" bill which few have read is forced through Congress. The main agenda is promoting massive global deregulation in basic consumer, environmental and other public standards.

• President Bush issued an executive order that blocks assess to the Reagan White House and potentially that of all other recent presidents. Bush's order obstructs the opening of 68,000 pages of confidential Reagan communications with his advisors. The 1978 Presidential Records Act, was to assure the timely release of presidential materials that would serve the government's and the public's understanding of the country's history.

• Bush signed a 355.4 billion defense bill. More than 34 billion over previous year.

• On October 26, 2001, President Bush signed the USA Patriot Act (USAPA) into law. The civil liberties of ordinary Americans have taken a tremendous blow with this law, especially the right to privacy in our online communications and activities. Yet there is no evidence that our previous civil liberties posed a barrier to the effective tracking or prosecution of terrorists.

• The Bush administration has suspended the following environmental rules:

1. Regulations minimizing raw sewage discharges and requiring public notice of overflows.
2. Requirements that mining companies protect waterways and clean up mine-related pollution.
3. Army Corps regulations stating that rivers and streams may not be used for dumping industrial waste.
4. A rule prohibiting government from awarding contracts to companies that violate federal laws, including environmental regulations.

• In the Nuclear Posture Review document, options emphasized are the considered use of nuclear weapons in conventional conflicts and the resumption of nuclear testing. Bush's fiscal 2003 budget earmarks funds for development of a new, "usable" nuclear weapon.

...and the list goes on and on and the beat goes on.

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