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Fill Your Tank With Iraqi Children
October 8, 2002
By Mike McArdle

At Kidco Oil we recognize that since September 11 our nation and in fact our world has been faced with new and ever more daunting challenges. We also realize that this is no time for squeamish leadership on either the corporate or national level. These are difficult times and to prevail America must keep the wheels of commerce and industry turning.

We feel that providing a reliable and uninterrupted supply of reasonably priced energy is an important role that we can play in Americas struggle against terror.

So when our researchers discovered a revolutionary new fuel could be made with an additive created from processed and refined Iraqi children we felt we had no choice but to step into a leadership role. We told our researchers to press forward with their work and instructed our marketers to gauge the publics reaction to this astounding new development.

We're realists. We knew, of course, that there would be a negative reaction in some quarters. There were some who questioned and are still questioning - the ethics of this groundbreaking new research. And, of course, we at Kidco are very sensitive to these concerns. But as an important energy supplier to millions of American businesses and consumers we feel that our first obligation must be to our customers.

With that in mind we decided that the cost of inaction was far greater than the cost of moving forward. The status quo was not an option.

As a result we present to the driving public Kidco Special the fuel for the 21st Century.

Incredible new gas mileage
A smoother running engine
A fuel source that doesn't require years of searching and drilling

We've test marketed our new fuel with average ordinary drivers in all parts of America.

"I druv all the way from Pensacola to Dallas on little more than a quarter of a kid," said Buford T. Billybob of Tallahassee, Florida who tested several tanks of Kidco.

"My Ford Expedition just runs and runs and runs on Kidco and I almost never have to stop to refuel," say Beulah Devine of Columbus, Ohio, another Kidco test driver.

"I'm getting more than 350 miles to the gallon and even got rid of an annoying engine ping," says Crawford McCoy of McKeesport, PA who says he "can't wait" for Kidco Special to be available at his local filling station.

And, of course, like all energy consumers who've lived through the ups and downs of energy supplies and prices for so many years now you have to be wondering how reliable the supply of this revolutionary new product will be. And this is where our national leadership comes in.

We're fortunate today that America is led by men with experience in the energy industry. They realize that importance of finding and keeping available the vital sources of fuel to keep America moving. They can and will make sure that Kidco Special will be flowing to American drivers for years and years to come.

Kidco - because extraordinary times require extraordinary solutions.

Kidco is a division of Manifest Destiny Energy Inc.

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