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Sheep in Wolf's Clothing
October 2, 2002
By W. David Jenkins III

"It is the patriots duty to protect his country from its government." - Thomas Paine

Boom! Boom! Boom! Do you hear that? Them's war drums, by golly! We're gonna kick some more Mid-Eastern but-TOCKS! You oil-hoarding terrorists have gone done made Sheriff George mad! Now you got real trouble, yessir! You people were supposed to help George git that Osama what's his name - turn him in, smoke him out - and now the president sure does look bad! He was supposed to git him "dead or alive" and now George looks ineffectual. How dare things work out like this! God is gonna be so mad at you future axisees . . . er . . .axiseties . . . um . . . evil doers!

And now we gotta worry about those commie Democrats too! Did ya hear? George came right out and said that the Democrats don't care about America's security! And Dick "where's my check, Saddam" Cheney said that people need to elect Republicans 'cause that's the only way to keep America safe. And out of the midst of all this manipulative, pathetic garbage came a ray of hope.

A Democrat evolved a backbone. And then another. And another. Tom Daschle got mad. Finally. Then he got reinforcement from Senator Byrd. Then, Senator Kennedy weighed in.

And America's silent majority finally found a voice. At long last somebody was saying out loud what most of America was saying in private. But how long will it last? Can it last?

The fact that this country's spineless Democratic legislators, for the first time, may help to grant the most unworthy specimen ever to infest the White House unlimited powers to turn America into an aggressor for political reasons is unacceptable. This is not a time for short-term logistics. A vote to give the "AWOL-in-Chief" unprecedented power to declare war on a hostile yet still sovereign nation - because of an upcoming election and the perceived backlash if they don't - is dangerous. Not to mention inexcusable.

The call for caution is not a partisan exercise. There are representatives on both sides yelling - albeit all too quietly - at the administration to "hang on a sec." Why now? What does Saddam have now that he didn't have last week? Or last month? Or last year? And what about the long-term effects of an invasion of Iraq? Any of those armchair warrior morons thought of that? Has the media taken the time to tell the American people just exactly who made him a threat? Do the short-sighted dimwits yelling the loudest for war against Saddam realize that their hero, Ronald Reagan, actually gave Hussein those "weapons of mass destruction?" That's right.

Ronald Reagan legalized conventional military sales to Iraq in 1982. More than a billion dollars worth went to Saddam that year alone. Along with direct military-use products and even more "dual-use" exports however, the Reagan and Bush I administrations furnished more indirect goodies with assistance in intelligence, money and arms, the U.S. also furnished Saddam with biological and chemical capabilities.

That's right - he's got 'em 'cause we gave 'em to him.

Of course, he was a good guy back then. He was serving our purpose. Actually, he still is. He's providing George W. with the diversion to keep peoples' minds off of the mess he's made in a very short time. Not to mention that the vice president was doing business with Saddam a mere two years ago.

Oh, but let's not nit-pick. I have bigger fish to make a sandwich of.

Tom Daschle and Co. made a spectacular display this last week. It was as if they finally got a grip on just how much they've been manipulated. They finally got tired of being kicked around, bullied, lied about and so on and so on and got mad enough to realize they had dignity at one time. They didn't have to be Georgie's play things. They realized that their legs still worked and they could use them to stand up instead of using them to aid them in their little footsie game with the Incompetent.

They realized the true meaning of "Patriotism."

But they may not keep it going, I fear. There's that "November thing" coming up. Yet, they don't seem to realize just how good they finally made the majority feel after all this time. They keep forgetting that they represent the majority of Americans! We were galvanized for a short time and it was right and it was good. They finally spoke for most of us.

Tom, Ted, Robert and Company, you really need to keep this in mind. Bush II has no mandate . . . never did and, hopefully, never will.

His take on the problems with the Homeland Security Department is that he wants to engage in union busting, plain and simple. His trouble with Saddam is personal and political. Call it what it is. All this garbage that he "might have this and he might have that" is speculation for political purposes! You know that. Those of us who can think and reason know that. The economy is in the tank, he has no plan to solve the problem - stop allowing yourselves to be led by a person who does not lead in his own circles. And, above all . . .

Stop letting them use 9/11 as an excuse to do what you know in your hearts is wrong!

You must continue to stop the Pickerings from infesting the courts. You must look beyond the fact that our Intelligence Agencies let us down prior to 9/11 and look into why they let us down. You must bring up the name John O'Niell in the independent inquiries. You must bring up the sudden surge of put stock activity in the days prior to September 11th. You must investigate Harkin and Halliburton. You must insist on Cheney turning over the energy policy documents or slap the cuffs on him.

You need to realize that this is the most corrupt, dangerous administration ever and we are being "led" by a passive-aggressive megalomaniac. You need to realize that the German Minister of Justice was not the first person to make the connection between Hitler's and Bush II's similarities. People all over the world have been doing it for quite some time. And with good reason. And you all know it. And we know it.

We also know that Karl and Andy decided that politicizing the so-called "war" would benefit Republicans. They are beneath contempt and you need to point this out again and again. You need to remember that you people are allowed to play the game just as much as they are. And you also need to remember that we are all here. We've been waiting for you to finally stand up to these criminals. We've been waiting for you to prove that there is more than one political party in America. We've been waiting for you to finally speak for the majority. That would be us.

We need you to finally lead America instead of bending over for this undeserving, pampered ingrate. We know Bush isn't that bright and so do you. We know he has no business squatting in the White House and so do you. We know he does not have the best interests of this country in mind and so do you. We know this is the most corrupt group of vermin ever to infest the White House and so do you.

But above all, please don't tease the majority of Americans by being a wolf for one day . . . and a sheep for the rest of the year. These are dangerous times, yet the greatest danger we face comes from within the walls of the White House.

Don't allow these self serving, draft dodging "fortunates" to determine our future and our children's future.

Don't lose the momentum and never lose the anger.

We're here. We've always been here. We've been just waiting for the rest of you to show up.

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