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Pandora's Arsenal
September 27, 2002
By Maureen Farrell

"Unilateral preventive war is neither legitimate nor moral. It is illegitimate and immoral. For more than 200 years we have not been that kind of country." - Arthur Schlesinger, Jr.

If President Bush hadn't been required by law to submit his strategic statement to Congress, he might have continued to play "I've got a secret." But the National Military Strategy for the United States of America, released last Friday, finally made it official: the U.S. wants to control the world. Dispelling any notion that the first strike policy introduced in Bush's West Point speech was somehow misinterpreted, while confirming, once again, that the Bush Cartel is absolutely aching for dominance and supremacy, the 33 page document spells it out.

If not for the underlying reality that we're planning to kill people, (especially those perched upon oil), it sounds, superficially, like the United States is saying, "We're Chevy Chase and you're not." Stating that "the president has no intention of allowing any foreign power to catch up with the huge lead the United States has opened since the fall of the Soviet Union," the Bush Doctrine is part Wolfowitz, part Strangelove, largely Empire.

Though Chris Matthews responded by asking, "Where in the Constitution is crap like this?" less insightful voices defended this historic shift as a natural outgrowth Sept. 11. Don't believe it. Members of this administration had visions for Pax Americana long before barreling into power and the White House's dismissal of unconditional inspections set the foreign press ablaze. "Saddam's concessions will never be enough for the US," read the Guardian, as it became increasingly clear that this administration won't settle for anything but the removal of Saddam Hussein and control of Middle Eastern oil. So, yes, Virginia, there are evil men plotting to take over the world. They work in the Pentagon and hide in undisclosed locations and have transformed America into "that kind of country."

". . . the attitude of the United States of America is a threat to world peace." - Nelson Mandela

Now that Nelson Mandela has joined an unlikely chorus of Republicans speaking out against America's newfound craziness, criticism can no longer be attributed to unthinking, anti-American sentiment. Mandela's observations that America is "following a dangerous policy" and attempting to "bully the world" are valid. Honestly, if America feels she can hit first and ask questions later, what's to stop Russia or China or Pakistan from doing the same? Greed, shortsightedness and arrogance have opened Pandora's arsenal, and as Mandela pointed out, this administration's allegiance to the oil and weapons industries is to blame.

"President Bush wants war, not justice - and he'll soon find another excuse for it." - Robert Fisk

Though the president continues to pretend that Americans' safety and Iraqis' liberation are the primary motives behind the impending carnage in Baghdad, Bush's inspections dodge gives credence to Scott Ritter's claims that this administration has been using Iraq's weapons capabilities as a ruse. The Washington Post's report that "oil companies have already begun maneuvering for a stake in the country's huge reserves of 112 billion barrels of crude oil," was reiterated by a refreshingly frank Chris Matthews who accused this administration of acting as if the oil belongs to them. And certainly, now that American tax dollars are being used to bribe other nations into compliance, in return for shares of ill-gotten oily gain, it seems that the administration is already doling out what has yet to be stolen.

"I'm beginning to think we are what they think we are." - Chris Matthews, referring to America's growing number of critics

It's ironic, now, that at the start of what looks like World War III, Germany's Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder tapped into his countrymen's revulsion over Bush's Iraq policy as part of his reelection campaign plank. With 85% of Germans no longer trusting America to do the right thing, and others citing the U.S., not Iraq, as the biggest threat to Middle East stability, it's clear that the Bush Doctrine has tarnished our worldwide reputation. Though claims of American hegemony are more valid than ever, the United States now appears bloodthirsty and out of control.

"In the end, if America doesn't restrain itself, [it's] going to provoke groupings of countries which will restrain America instead." - Jamie Dettmer, Insight Magazine

Perhaps the most damning evidence of the Bush administration's agenda was found within a newly released document which was drafted in 2000 for Jeb Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and Paul Wolfowitz, among others. Entitled, "Rebuilding America's Defenses: Strategies, Forces And Resources For a New Century" and authored by the Project for the New American Century, this 'blueprint for maintaining global US preeminence' says outright that America's 'core mission' should be to 'fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars.' In other words, forever war and regime change, always required for global domination, were planned before the election. Sounds like the work of Evil Doers, doesn't it?

"I have not seen such executive arrogance and secrecy since the Nixon administration, and we all know what happened to that group." - Senator Robert Byrd, on the Bush administration

Think, for a moment, about the secret energy task force meetings and Homeland Security provisions and executive orders meant to keep Bush sins, past and present, sheltered from public view. Given the multiple ways the Bush administration denies Americans the transparency it demands from others, it's wise to question any action that favors anyone but Bush Cronies, Inc. In other words, now that the White House has changed its mind about an investigation into the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, it's important to read the fine print.

Backed into a corner due to the untiring activism of victim's family members, and the Senate's impending vote on an independent commission, the White House's sudden call for an independent commission is, by most accounts, less than commendable. Sept. 11 families and congressional sources who have studied the White House proposal believe that Bush is actually trying to sabotage an investigation and prevent further probes into pre-9/11 incompetence. "This is disgraceful what we're learning about intelligence failures," Sept. 11 spokesman Stephen Push commented, before adding, "and the White House is trying to cover it up."

I ask you. Do good guys behave this way? Haven't plots to take over the world traditionally been considered evil? Though Ari Fleischer spins this administration's foreign policy as an attempt to spread democracy, he might want to consult with the residents of Chile, Nicaragua and Colombia before glorifying his boss's intentions.

It seems that we haven't learned anything from history. And, as a country being overrun by tyrants, we face an increasingly uncertain future. Where will they lead us? And how many innocents will die along the way?

"God bless America" has become part of our national lexicon. But as the Bush bunch forges ahead with corporately driven warfare, which will cost citizens between $100 to $200 billion (not to mention unimaginable devastation to families losing children), perhaps we should start seeking Divine intervention instead. Because make no mistake: The sins of the father will be visited upon our children. But by then, redemption may be hard to come by.

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