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Bush Knew? How?
September 21, 2002
By Radfringe

On September 11, 2001, George W. Bush had just concluded a month long vacation and was at Booker Elementary School reading to the children. When he was told of the news, he boarded Air Force One and flew around the country to dodge other terrorist threats.

Meanwhile, Richard Cheney stayed in contact with Bush, and pretty much got things under control. In the days that followed, Cheney descended into a secret bunker and initiated the shadow government.

After all, this is the CEO President and he delegates, Bush only knew what he was told. Cheney was delegated to head up the terrorist threat assessment prior to September 11 - if anyone knew then it would have been Cheney.

There are not many hours left over after a busy day of fund raising, jogging, fishing, and golfing. Yes, Bush is given 1-2 page summaries of summaries, but with his busy schedule - does he really have the time to read all of that?

Pish-posh - he has more important things to do and delegates the majority of his responsibilities.

Now, we are in a national debate over Iraq. Until two weeks ago, the White House seemed to be in disarray on how to proceed. Some wanted UN support, others called for inspections, and still others wanted to just attack.

Once Cheney emerged from his secret bunker and said that Iraq was a threat, the rest of the White House fell into line, or just withdrew their dissent.

Cheney knows that Iraq is a threat. He is quite adamant that Iraq possesses weapons of mass destruction and will use them. We've been at war (of sorts) with Iraq since 1991.

And if anyone knows that Iraq is a threat - then it's Cheney. His company, Halliburton, was involved in a lucrative deal to help Iraq rebuild after the Gulf War. Who better to gather information about threats than the CEO that helped rebuild the threats?

Don't go looking to George for answers, he doesn't know. He only knows what he's been told, and only does as he is told.









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