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On the 9/11 Anniversary, Dignity be Damned
August 31, 2002 · As the anniversary approaches you can tell that the date and the poor people who died or lost their loved ones that day are going to be exploited for absolutely everything they're worth. By Mike McArdle

Amendment Zoning
August 31, 2002 · I admit I did not pay as much attention as I might have when I took Constitutional Law. But I'm pretty sure I would have picked up on the concept of amendment zoning. I also took a class on Zoning and Land Use, so I think I have a pretty solid notion of what zoning is supposed to be about. By Doug Pibel

Is the Trend of Trashing Textbooks in Texas Going National?
August 31, 2002 · With over 200 social and ecological science books up for the review this November the Republican-dominated state board of education and their “flat earth friends” look to eviscerate topics such as global warming, acid rain and rampant population growth from textbooks. By John F. Borowski

The Pen is Mightier
August 30, 2002 · As the Bush warlords relentlessly drag the U.S. into another "police action" with Iraq, the question arises: instead of the messy, costly government subsidized destruction that is military violence, why doesn't Bush just take over Iraq easy way, that is, the same way he took over his own country - with crony capitalism? By Brad Radcliffe

Just Another Right-Wing Groupie
August 30, 2002 · Well, maybe it's time to weigh in on Anne Coulter (after better commentators than I, such as Gene Lyons, have gotten in their very good licks). She is, after all, such an easy target. How many bleached blonde pit bulls are there in the world of conservative journalism? By punpirate

Why this King George is Worse than the First
August 29, 2002 · For those who love America, the founders' words are hymns. The country we love differs from that proposed by the sullied and sordid voices of those who profess to represent us, as does our notion of what is ugly and unacceptable. By Maureen Farrell

Cautious Handling of Realism
August 29, 2002 · When examining politics, I adhere to the school of Realism. It's a personal curriculum; my Dad and University taught it, but I basically ignored their parameters. Base a vital part my world view upon repressive patriarchal views and stale institutionalized conventions? As if. By Joseph Arrieta

Strategic Information and the Fourth Estate
August 28, 2002 · I have long believed that the media in general is biased. Not to the Left or Right, as most people seem to believe and as Bernard Goldberg suggests in his best-selling exposé Bias - but toward its own bottom line. By Patrick Ennis

If This Be War, Let's Win It
August 28, 2002 · It's been class warfare for the last twenty years, so it's high time for all of us to pop up out of our foxholes and recognize that the war is going worse than it ever was, to roll up our sleeves, and then win it. By punpirate

Marching in the Streets
August 28, 2002 · Some of my early thoughts about Bush were that he was a mediocre person from a wealthy family who had never worked a day in his life. Everything that he obtained was because of his name and his connections. Since taking charge he has affirmed my worst fears. By Joan Healy

The War on America
August 27, 2002 · There are those that seek nothing less than the total annihilation and remediation of the ideals, processes and practices of progress. They call into question the patriotism of those who dare dissent. They assert that we hate America, the Constitution, life itself. By MHLovecraft

Trees and Only Trees Can Prevent Forest Fires
August 27, 2002 · Okay, George, you've gone too far this time. Pulling out of the Kyoto Protocols? Bad move, but at least you had some faulty science on your side. Drilling at ANWR? Nice try, but thank god we have faulty Tom Daschle on our side. But dissing Smokey the Bear? That, Mr. President, is way over the line. By Phil Lebovits

Lynne Cheney's Missing Memo
August 27, 2002 · This memo was found by writer Christian Dewar. It is suspected that it may have been 'lost' by a disgruntled, low level worker in the Bush White House. Experts have determined that it is most likely genuine. By Christian Dewar

War with Iraq? Bet on it!
August 24, 2002 · In recent years our presidents have been given a relative blank check for waging war. The only remaining check or balance to this practice seems to be us, the American people. If politicians fear anything, it is the ruckus or rabble rousing of ordinary Americans. Why are we so silent on these issues of life and death? By William R. King

White House Study Finds Trees Main Cause of Forest Fires
August 24, 2002 · President Bush announced the results of a secret White House Environmental Study, which found that the main cause of forest fires turns out to be trees themselves. By Gil Christner

As The World Churns
August 24, 2002 · Standing at a podium next to Donald Rumsfeld on a dusty road with a hot Texas wind blowing in their faces Bush told us that "Regime change is in the interest of the world." But the world seems unable to recognize its own interest. By Mike McArdle

Poppy's Royal Legacy
August 23, 2002 · The recent defeat of Bob Barr gives only momentary satisfaction to us Democrats, since he will no doubt soon be resurrected and magnified, financially and in positions of power, by his wingnut friends. By John Garza

Bye Bye Bob Barr
August 23, 2002 · It was a relief to me when I heard on the news that Georgia representative Bob Barr had lost the Republican primary in his district. I was not gleeful because of any malevolent tendencies, but I am hopeful that the end of Bob Barr also signals an end to the Clinton-bashing that has defined the Republican Party for more than a decade. By Kelly McHugh

Welcome to Amurika
August 22, 2002 · I never intended to be a citizen of Amurika. I didn't even know where it was the first five or six times I heard the president talk about it. Then I heard Chris Matthews droning about Amurika, soon the other talking heads followed suit, and - finally - I got it. By Diane E. Dees

Signposts on the Road to Hell
August 22, 2002 · Once again, let's review. George Herbert Walker Bush did not take over Iraq because he had no mandate to do so, from either Congress or the UN. Nevertheless, there are a great many people in this country who believe George H.W. wimped out, and that his son, George W., is going to rectify that oversight. By punpirate

George W. Bush and the Rule of Law
August 21, 2002 · The importance of the rule of law under the United States Constitution has been on my mind a lot lately. That wasn't always true. I'm not taking it for granted anymore. How can I, when every day it's becoming more apparent that the man holding the highest office in the land has little respect for the concept? By Steven C. Day

Cracks in the Egg
August 21, 2002 · The firestorm of criticism leveled at the Bush administration over the past several weeks vis-a-vis Iraq reached a remarkable crescendo last week. Suddenly those who were doing the criticizing could no longer be dismissed as unpatriotic, cowardly obstructionists. By Michael Shannon

The Scandal is Somewhere Else
August 21, 2002 · I am not surprised by the recent revelations of corporate lies to investors and tax collectors. In fact, I would have been shocked if someone proved this sort of thing wasn't going on. By David Swanson

Advance Draft of Bush's Astounding 9/11 Anniversary Speech
August 20, 2002 · We can't attest to this document's validity, and we have no idea if the speech actually will be delivered. But the reputed draft certainly leads to interesting speculations. See what you make of it. By Bernard Weiner

Perle Handled Propaganda
August 20, 2002 · Richard Perle never met an aggressive military action that he didn't fall madly in love with. He is a think-tank-hawk, one of those people who visit talk shows, work for the American Enterprise Institute, and make it their job to tell us that we're not pursuing our enemies with enough ferocity. By Mike McArdle

Lost in America - One Year Later
August 20, 2002 · What has happened, in such a short time, to the basic principles which this country has stood for over two centuries? I have to wonder how those who tragically perished almost a year ago would feel about how their deaths were being used by those without shame. By W. David Jenkins III

Foolin' Some of the People...
August 20, 2002 · Bush's references to "America" thinly veil the patriotism theme that got him his 90% approval rating after 9/11. Won't work this time, Georgie. People are facing real problems and getting unreal solutions. By Bob Volpitto

Aborting the Bankruptcy Bill
August 17, 2002 · Veteran analysts of pork-barrel legislation should not be surprised how the perpetually divisive issue of abortion managed to find its way into the pending Bankruptcy Reform Act. It could do some good to be alert, though. By Laurin Suiter (ZombyWoof)

Steve Hatfill Addresses America
August 17, 2002 · Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Steve Hatfill. I'm a medical doctor, a biomedical scientist, an international man of mystery, and a whirlwind in the sack... By Jay LeBoeuf

For Want of A Nail...
August 17, 2002 · Just think, if Senator James Jeffords of Vermont hadn't followed his conscience and left the Republican party. By Smokey Sojac

TV to Bush - Get Real!
August 16, 2002 · As a downtrodden peon toiling in the vineyards of Reality TV here in Los Angeles, I was horrified by how badly the Bushies bungled their day-long kissy-face photo-op on C-Span yesterday during the "Waco Economic Summit." This mock-event was all about television... and it was bad television. By Rich Proctor

George At War
August 16, 2002 · Why is George so intent on going to war with Iraq? Perhaps, since he missed his chance to show how macho he was during the Vietnam War, he's just feeling a little guilty. By Joan Healy

Wacky in Waco: The Summit That Wasn't
August 15, 2002 · President Bush convened an economic summit in Waco Texas on August 13th. Far from alleviating any fears caused by the economic slowdown, it was nothing more than a conservative echo chamber for Bush's already failed economic policies. By Richard Prasad

Sauce for the Goose
August 15, 2002 · While any reasonable American would now recognize the prescient wisdom in taking the fight to Bin Laden three years before his successful attack left 3,000 dead at the World Trade Center last September, the Bush White House can only heap scorn and derision on the former president. By Brad Radcliffe

Dissension in the Ranks?
August 14, 2002 · As George W. Bush moves ever closer to sending troops toward Baghdad to finish what his father started more than a decade ago, his hawkishness is receiving criticism from all the usual corners. But it comes also from at least one unexpected and very prominent corner - that of outgoing House Majority Leader Dick Armey. By Patrick Ennis

Blowing the Whistle on West Nile
August 14, 2002 · DEET, Anvil, and other toxic pesticides are aggressively promoted to protect the public from a mosquito bite that appears to be, statistically, less dangerous than a dog bite or bee sting. In fact pesticides pose a much greater health hazard than the West Nile virus. By Lynn Landes

The Rising Tide of Unfairness
August 13, 2002 · What we need is a progressive-minded Congress and a leader in the White House who recognizes the American people's need for economic security and confidence in people who head our business and political institutions. By Bob Volpitto

The Rotten Fruit of Pure Republicanism
August 13, 2002 · We are currently experiencing what must surely be an almost "pure" Republican agenda. Virtually everything is being accepted with minimal revision or even debate. So what do we get with a "pure" Republican government? By Jerry Tyler

Bush's Crusade on Common Sense
August 13, 2002 · Do you think Western European countries are anxious to align themselves fully and wholeheartedly with a leader whose plebeian, religiously antagonistic views could be interpreted as belonging to them as well? By David Soriano

Network News: Another Corporate Rip-off
August 10, 2002 · Since the beginnings of television the major networks have been given free spectrum space as long as they performed a public service by broadcasting news every night. That free ride has long deserved to be over. By Joseph Arrieta

Mine all Mine
August 10, 2002 · This week, President Bush took time from his busy schedule of golf playing and clearing brush from his ranch in Crawford Texas, to visit those nine rescued miners. But of course wherever Bush goes, hypocrisy follows. By Richard Prasad

Conservative-to-English Dictionary: Decoding Right-wing spin and con-speak
August 10, 2002 · As a public service to ordinary Americans, we have compiled this glossary which cracks the code of the radical right and defines their phrases according to their actions, as opposed to the lip service they pay. By fed2dneck

Bush's Resignation Speech
August 9, 2002 · On the 28th anniversary of Nixon's resignation, we here at Democratic Underground wondered what George W. Bush's resignation speech might sound like... By Matcom

National Leadership's Crawford Vacation
August 9, 2002 · Yes, it's August again and America's favorite vacationers, the Clark W. Bushwold family are once more getting ready to hit the road . Only this time they're headed for the most fun-filled vacation spot of all ­ Crawford, Texas. By Mike McArdle

G.W. Vader: 7 Signs the Farce is With Us
August 8, 2002 · Are we going to point our death star at nations which look at us funny? If we continue to violate international law, how long before the United States is considered a rogue nation? And what will it take for Americans to realize that President Vader and his Storm Troopers profit from war? By Maureen Farrell

Look Ma, I'm an Ideologue!
August 8, 2002 · The right wing would have us believe that while one child is capable of talking sagely about these subjects, everyone else's children, including their own, must be stranded in a sea of ignorance, whether it is about budding sexuality and the safe exercise thereof, or the true history of the United States of America and the basis of our freedoms. By MHLovecraft

Of Members and Markets
August 7, 2002 · Corporate malfeasance. Crashing stock market. Tropical paradises used for tax avoidance. Shareholders skinned and 401(K)s shriveled. Terrible happenings all, but what on earth could have caused these calamities? If you're a round-the-bend Republican conservative, you subscribe to a simple theory: Clinton's penis did it. By Mark W. Trude

If Only
August 7, 2002 · Mr Bush is in a uniquely advantageous position to take America and the world down a new road. What it's going to take is the vision to grasp the long-term benefits to American society as a whole and the guts to implement it. By Mike Shannon

The Nightmare Scenario is Here - Computer Voting with No Paper Trail
August 7, 2002 · As it stands, the integrity of the voting process in the United States has already been damaged. Without a paper ballot and absent a voter's ability to check their selection, computer voting is an invitation to across the board malfunction and malfeasance. By Lynn Landes

Weapons of Mass Confusion
August 6, 2002 · Before the election, there were lies, and the public should have been able to make them out, with or without the help of the press. After Bush's inauguration, more lies, especially about the need for a war with Iraq. By punpirate

Inside Saddam Hussein's Diary
August 6, 2002 · They couldn't get me under the last Bush who tried, and it's not going to be any easier this time. Is it because I'm beloved by my people, who loyally will resist the American invaders and their British and "Iraqi Opposition" lackeys? Of course not. I'm no fool. I rule by power and threat and torture and murder. But I'm still here. By Bernard Weiner

Why Search for Jesus? We've Got Wellstone
August 6, 2002 · I've admired Paul Wellstone's voting record from afar - he consistently gets 100% approval ratings from some of the best advocacy groups in the nation, but I'm ashamed to say I had no idea how admirably this guy walks his talk. By Joseph Arrieta

Bush is to Pepsi as Britney is to Corporate Responsibility
August 3, 2002 · By "media-izing" crimes, threats, health and wealth with Message Walls, the public can feel better about the state of things. Words, opinions, positions, and thought itself can be glamorized in to, quite simply, a billboard - thus taking the severity and the intellectualism away from the matter at hand, and turning it all in to a fun-house. By Zachary Sire

And the Rich Get Richer
August 3, 2002 · There's no question that stockbrokers will be better off if Social Security is privatized. Likewise investment bankers. Same for the Lays and Ebberses at the top of the pyramid. By Doug Pibel

Iraq Attack is Back, Jack!
August 3, 2002 · Will Bush II will have the fortitude to hold off until 2004, or will he get overexcited and shoot the wad right before the midterm elections? Whether we send the boys in this October or two Octobers from now, one thing will still be clear: George W. Bush is the only person in the entire world who wants this war. By the Plaid Adder

Rush Limbaugh: The Coal Miner's Friend
August 2, 2002 · The man who's made a career out of believing in the benevolence of American business and touting laissez-faire capitalism as an boon to those at every level of the economic scale has now adopted the coal miner as his own. By Mike McArdle

Rumsfeld "Furious" Over Surprise Party Leaks
August 2, 2002 · Washington, D.C. - Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld blasted the New York Times, among other media outlets, for its inopportune reporting of secret plans to throw Lynn Cheney a surprise birthday party in the upcoming weeks. By Gil Christner

20 Things We've Learned Nearly a Year After 9/11
August 1, 2002 · As we approach the first anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, it might be useful to see how far an ordinary citizen's knowledge has progressed one year on. So here is a list of things we Americans have learned since last September - some of which might prove useful in the run-up to the November elections. By Bernard Weiner

Bill Blasts Back
August 1, 2002 · Maybe it wasn't as heartwarming as the rescue of the miners in Pennsylvania, or as breathtaking as a 400 point Dow rally, but Bill Clinton finally spoke out against what had been a two year smear campaign carried out by the Bush administration and their minions. And boy, was it good to hear. By Richard Prasad

The CoulterGeist
August 1, 2002 · Ann Coulter, like others of her right-wing ilk, is a hate monger, pure and simple. The CoulterGeist lives and loves to hate, to froth, to rage against her enemies, to spew forth mindless belligerence and intellectual dishonesty, and the people she loves to hate most are her fellow Americans. By R. Porrofatto

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