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Marching in the Streets
August 28, 2002
By Joan Healy

When W. was ushered into the oval office by the Supreme Court, I decided to give him a chance to prove all my apprehensions about him to be false. History has shown times when a corrupt person was placed in power and that power was used for good because the person changed. I thought, and really hoped, maybe there was a chance. It didnít take long to dispel that image. Some of my early thoughts about Bush were that he was a mediocre person from a wealthy family who had never worked a day in his life. Everything that he obtained was because of his name and his connections. Since taking charge he has affirmed my worst fears.

His first thought was to take care of his benefactors who got him the job - a whooping tax cut for the top 1% of taxpayers, and a pittance for the rest of us. That was to keep everyone happy, especially if you didnít think about it too much and question why giving all the tax breaks to the rich was a good idea. The Romans did it by giving the plebeians bread and circuses. Depending on the size of your family and the price of tickets, Iím not sure if our tax refund would allow everyone to go to the circus and buy some bread.

Despite the fact that he wants to be called the Education President, we all found as soon as he started to talk that as far as his education was concerned, mediocre was a compliment. It seems the only thing he excelled at in school was fraternity parties. I really started hoping someone in his administration would come to the rescue with grammar, syntax and vocabulary lessons, but they were all too busy now that they had gained power, finding ways to gut environmental regulations and help corporations write our energy policy.

Besides English, another area of study that Bush seemed to have missed while at Yale and Harvard was the matter of the names of rulers of countries, where countries are located in the world, if they are a country or a continent, and if the inhabitants are white or black. It is utterly embarrassing to me, as an American, to have to listen to our president as he tries to talk to leaders of foreign countries and he knows nothing about their country. Itís worse when they, trying to be helpful, find it necessary to give him a tutorial! I shudder every time I hear him try to utter a few words in his native tongue. I can imagine English teachers across the country wincing in unison when he makes a speech.

I especially enjoy hearing about the book he is currently reading. It is always announced to the press - his vacation reading is Supreme Command. Of course Bush reading a book is a news flash - after all, he has read so few.

Then there is the smirk as he tries to suggest that his lack of knowledge is an indicator that he is one of us. I find that to be a horrendous insult to every person in this country to imply that we are a nation of people with no education. As we can see, from his example, receiving a degree from Yale or Harvard does not guarantee an education. There are thousands of people who didnít have the opportunity to go on to higher education, but through reading and self-learning are far better educated than our self-proclaimed Education President.

Many times Bush has made reference to the fact that it would be easier to govern if he were a dictator. I thought this was just idle banter, not part of his mission statement until his administration started to systematically dismantle the Bill of Rights. Not only does this administration want to be able to spy on us, it also wants to withhold any information about what it is doing.

As if by royal fiat documents that were supposed to be open to historians for research, are not available - i.e. the Reagan papers. I find it strange that all his papers from his time served as governor of Texas are sealed. I would think if one was proud of what he accomplished, he would want the record open to the public. It seems everything about his life is sealed - driving record, service record, papers from his terms as governor. Yet this same administration wants the right to know what books we read, what you read on your computer, what we buy at the grocery store. Just in case you missed that one - it was one of their all time best ideas. Get records of purchases from grocery stores. Then make up a profile of a terrorist. So all you vegetarians who like humous, you fit the profile.

Not only are they spying on us, they are locking citizens in prison. American citizens are labeled enemy combatants and lose all rights of citizenship. People are locked away with no charges brought and no access to legal help... indefinitely!

The most frightening prospect is that this person is going to decide if we enter an illegal war. This mediocre person is going to send our young men to war, some to lose their lives. This person who has no knowledge of history, no experience in war, no respect for human life as demonstrated as he mocked a death row inmate in Texas, and only thoughts of ruling any way he pleases.

My question is why are we not marching in the streets?

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