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Signposts on the Road to Hell
August 22, 2002
By punpirate

Once again, let's review. George Herbert Walker Bush did not take over Iraq (though he tried mightily, through the military, to kill Saddam Hussein) because he had no mandate to do so, from either Congress or the UN. Nevertheless, there are a great many people in this country who believe George H.W. wimped out, and that his son, George W., is going to rectify that oversight. There are also some suggestions that George W. so loves his dad that he's going to kill Saddam (personally, as some right-wing fruitcakes believe) because Saddam dared mount a half-assed assassination attempt on revered pere Bush in 1993, even though the public evidence for such was slim.

Signpost one reads: Revenge>Iraq

Next, ask yourself - if there's no definitive independent study of what went wrong on September 11, 2001, how do the proposed Homeys make us safer? Seems much more logical to find out what the problem is before trying to create a solution, especially one which greatly increases the power of the executive branch. And, on that similar line, why is it that we already had intelligence services which were supposed to warn us of impending disaster, and yet, those intelligence agencies - the NSA, the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency - didn't warn us (or even each other) of potential dangers?

Why is it that their warnings went unheeded by Bush and his administration, even when they were aware of those warnings? And, further, why is it that those intelligence agencies have evaded any oversight by this new super agency, meant to secure our safety, when they are the intelligence systems in the government, and advance intelligence is the means by which terrorist attacks are thwarted, and no one in government, but no one, will publicly explain exactly how these various intelligence agencies dropped the ball?

Signpost two reads: <Truth >Lies>Red Tape>Iraq

There's also that problem with Afghanistan, our our war against it. No Mullar Omar, no Osama bin Laden, Human Rights Watch reports of torture done by factions of the Northern Alliance while Americans looked the other way. Two political assassinations in the new Karzai government in nine months. U.S. "smart" bombs crashing wedding parties. The small matter of a pipeline, and Karzai's relationship to those folks interested in it. Those occasional reports in the international press of American soldiers hiding or destroying evidence of war crimes.

Signpost three reads: War fever>Failure in Afghanistan>Iraq

Most lately, those of us in the U.S. are still trying to get our bearings after being attacked by the Muslim equivalent of our own right-wing. All sorts of horrible foolishness has issued from our own president and our own congress as a result of that attack. John Ashcroft, as right-wing as Osama bin Laden, has seen fit to do everything possible to undo our own Constitution, for specious reasons. To attack terrorism? Nope. To instill yet more fear in our own people. Truth is, absolutely nothing the Bush administration has done to date has protected us from terrorism. Intelligence coordination is non-existent, and neither the administration nor the Congress' version of the Homeland Security Agency will do anything but terrorize us further.

There's also that little matter of Ashcroft recommending internment camps, and effectively shutting down the FOIA process in government, denying U.S. citizens due process, and those interesting phrases relating to terrorism in the USAPA, such as "appears to be engaged in" and "reasonable cause" and "beyond review of any court." No one has yet thrown Ashcroft in the brig for an indeterminate amount of time as a terrorist, but, under the USAPA, I think a good case can be made that he is a terrorist, himself. Fortunately for Ashcroft, he's not yet created any arbitrary rules incarcerating prudes and prigs.

Signpost four reads: Attack>War Fever>Domestic Terror and Fear>Threat of Future Attack>Fascism as Security>Iraq

Then, there's George W. himself. A classic case of can't see the forest in flames for the trees. Wants to start a war in the middle of one of the hottest spots on the globe, and is busy cheerleading for an attack on Iraq. "Sis-boom-bah, who's yer pa? Git Saddam fer Poppy!" What W. doesn't seem to understand is that his motives are as transparent as the supermarket wrapping on a rib roast. He's given us many motives already, and none of them good, nor legal, nor moral. "Possibility" of weapons of mass destruction? Bomb first. Desire to install democracy in Iraq? How about good works start at home? Pre-emptive nuclear strikes on our avowed enemies? How about that love thy neighbor as thyself stuff? Guess that only counts for the U.S. religious right. And for George's friends with campaign money to spend on him.

Or, perhaps, just perhaps, the Supreme Court elected a sociopath, who has no concern or regard for others. Let's just bear down on this last issue a bit. What if George W. Bush is absolutely, stark-raving-bonkers insane? What if he's a pathological liar; what if he's as crazy as a loon in the noon sun, what if he's projecting every single slight in his sheltered life on the innocent people of the United States and of the Middle East? What if he destroys the basis of the country, the Constitution, for his own venal aims? What if he winds up being the first President to use nuclear weapons without provocation? What happens if the Middle East goes up in flames because he has absolutely no sense of restraint or diplomacy? What if, even more horribly, all this is just a payback to his moneyed corporate friends?

Signpost five reads: Bush>Money>Politics>Insanity>War>Iraq

punpirate is a writer in New Mexico who's getting a bit nervous about the land of the free's direction.

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