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Look Ma, I'm an Ideologue!
August 8, 2002
By MHLovecraft

A scenario, for your consideration:

A 13-year-old girl is employed by a left-wing publication to espouse her views of topical and sociopolitical interest. Her articles are well written and coherent but definitely follow the leftist, liberal slant of the publication. She has strong opinions and a flair for selective research. It is unknown if she has help in the writing process from an adult, and while suspected, it is not provable even if there were.

The titles of her articles might include:

"Abortion - why I can't wait to kill an unborn child"

"Rug-munching, the choice I've made"

"Dubya is a liar"

"God is dead"

"Home schooling is for dummies"

Other articles touch on a variety of topics, from taxation to Constitutional interpretation, from morals to the Middle East conflict.


A few people might nod and say "kid's got a point" or "from the mouths of babes." The reaction might also be measured negatively in Richter units. Most of us, the rational ones, would probably cancel our subscriptions to a rag so disreputable as to accept propaganda from the pre-pubescent. As well, our thoughts would go to the child and the family in which such tough concepts have been introduced as matters of fact and moral certitude. I would be disgusted, as I would never sell out my child's moral development to any ideology.

To a child, truth is only what they learn it is, as told to them by one in authority. The words and open thoughts of a parent have an undeniable effect on the child. Presenting them with only one acceptable way of looking at most, if not all things, is a supreme disservice bordering on emotional and psychological abuse. Touching a hot iron or an adult's genitalia is inappropriate and to be avoided - it can be called unsafe as a fundamental matter of fact and logic. A belief in God or a political leaning is not necessarily a developmental or life constant.

But I digress from my point - a 13-year-old child simply does not possess the life experience, intellectual skills, or moral development to foment a lasting and valid opinion about any topic (save perhaps what Pokemon is the best) much less to advise an adult as to what is true or not.

Obviously it is only through indoctrination that such a scenario can be a reality, to wit., an unrepentent, right-wing conservative, Christian-moral-majoritarian distorter or truth, justice and the American way employs 13-year-old home-schooled Kyle Williams to offer his analysis of topics as alien to his age-group as those in the presented scenario. His column is dubbed "Veritas," Latin for truth, and presumably it is written for the further edification of adults. Har-dee-har-har. Further yuks can be found here.

Kyle believes he knows enough truth about the world to indict liberalism as the cause of the world's ills. He thinks Gore is disingenuous and a sore loser. He thinks there is no wall of separation between church and state, and he believes he has a firm enough grasp of tax law and Constitutional law to declare the estate tax a foul. Where would a child get these ideas?

Where indeed. I've seen him speak - that's right, he's public speaker as well - and he reads from the pages on the podium as if he's never laid eyes on the words before. Most recently, he has taken it upon himself to debunk the nature argument of homosexuality. Since when do kids, even the most precocious of them, take an interest in this kind of topic?

What can we deduce from this real-life scenario? The right wing would have us believe that while one child is capable of talking sagely about these subjects, everyone else's children, including their own, must be stranded in a sea of ignorance, whether it is about budding sexuality and the safe exercise thereof, or the true history of the United States of America and the basis of our freedoms. There are indoctrinating their own children to spread the word. This is a despicable low in their culture war - another goose step, another salvo in their war against other Americans.

Some readers of WND think Kyle's just the tops. I wonder how they'd feel if Kyle one day wrote an equally scathing article on the blatant dishonesty of the current administration.

Shame on WND - for exploiting a child. Shame on the parents of Kyle Williams - for warping and sealing a mind of great potential. You are all, in a word, pimps.

As for you Kyle, go enjoy your youth. Unless of course you like being the right wing's little marionette.

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