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JULY 2002

Putting Lipstick on a Pig
July 31, 2002 · A juxtaposition of Bush's words or actions to some of the more memorable words spoken by his predecessors gives a much clearer sense of just how well the 'boy who would be President' stacks up. By Eric Munoz

A Poisoned Well
July 31, 2002 · Have we all gone crazy with blind patriotism? I wonder. War against Afghanistan was crazy enough, and now, after not being able to solve the fundamental problem - terrorism by a small group of Islamic fundamentalists, we are now rushing headlong into yet another war, with Iraq. By punpirate

Appointment Embarrasses Administration
July 31, 2002 · Sometimes a person is so wrong that they are almost right. In the case of the appointment of Priscilla Owen, Bush has gone so wrong that he is past right and back to wrong again. Far from a conservative justice, Owen is one of the most radical judges on one of the most conservative courts in the country. By Nicholas Pyeatt

Options, Options
July 30, 2002 · Our Merino senators uttered nary a bleat when that felon Jeff Skilling says it's just too complicated to explain, but lack of or not sharing knowledge has never been my style. If you know the crux of the options controversy, by all means click on. John McCain is still wrong about Vietnam, but probably - probably - right this time. By Joseph Arrieta

Giving the Draft the Shaft
July 30, 2002 · Ask yourself: What kind of uproar would arise if reinstatement of the draft followed an ill-advised, illegal, and undeclared war that Pentagon officials and our allies have spoken out against? And even worse, how many mothers would stand for having their sons inducted when those declaring war stand to benefit from war? By Maureen Farrell

The Immaculate Perception
July 30, 2002 · War on Terror and her bastard son, Security, are superb examples of political (people) manipulation. Is it possible that we could declare "war" on "war on terror" without perceived collateral and unintended damages to the child 'neath her skirt? By Jarab

RFK: A Reflection on True American Leadership
July 27, 2002 · Perhaps, in stark contrast to what we currently have in the White House and on the Hill, “RFK” may help remind us that we should expect (or even demand) more of our leaders than that they look like someone we’d like to drink a beer with. By Dwayne Eutsey

The War for Votes
July 27, 2002 · Make no mistake about it. Our country is on a collision course with the destruction of anyone or anything that might question the current administration’s bloodlust and thirst for the supremacy of the ruling class. By Bridget Gibson

Circumcised War
July 27, 2002 · The troops of our Turkish allies lent their support to the grand effort to eradicate terror last week by arranging a mass circumcision for young Afghan boys in Kabul. The "war on terror" that began with such clarity of purpose appears to have had a similar procedure performed upon it. By Mike McArdle

So They Said
July 26, 2002 · George W. Bush is unfit to be President of the United States. And now, finally, the people, the press, and even the businesses that supported Bush are realizing what the rest of us knew all along - that shoehorning an incompetent moron into the oval office wasn't such a good idea after all. By Frederick H. Winterberg III

Lemming Patriots
July 25, 2002 · Republicans use patriotism the way snipers use tall buildings, it’s just a way of getting a better shot at the people they want to take out anyway. So imagine my revulsion, as the entire Senate leap frogged over one another for the en masse photo op of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. By Terry Sawyer

The Coming Toil
July 25, 2002 · Whoever is lucky enough to unseat Dubya, they'll wish they hadn't. What's ahead of any new officeholder, in Congress, in the White House, in the State Houses around the country, is a daunting task: undoing the damage done by politicians favoring deregulation and minimized oversight by government. By punpirate

Watch What You Wish For
July 24, 2002 · We of the loyal opposition have a bit of a problem. No, I do not mean that George W Bush is the President - that is not a little problem, it is a monumental problem. The problem I refer to is how do we best insure that his tenure in office is a four year problem and not an eight year one. By Mike Shannon

Play It Again, George
July 24, 2002 · In Gulf War I we boasted that we "eliminated" 100,000 Iraqis and lost only 150 of own soldiers, many to friendly fire. We saw on the evening news long lines of burned out enemy vehicles that were destroyed during Saddam's retreat from Kuwait en route to the sanctity of their homeland. By Bob Volpitto

History Won't Absolve Mr. Bush
July 23, 2002 · History will not find the US a law-abiding nation under President Bush. And yet, the 1990s had been the decade celebrating International Law. Had the people of the US not been informed of that? By Luciana Bohne

When Geedubya's in Crawdad...
July 23, 2002 · It is somehow grotesque that we were allowed during those dog days of summer to blissfully fritter away our last days of Constitutional freedom as we know it. Freedom that throughout our proud history - until last summer when we were knocked flat on our emotional backs - was worth fighting for. By Sheila Samples

Ask Marilyn, Get a Right-Wing Response
July 23, 2002 · Marilyn Vos Savant devotes about half of her column space each week to Mensa-type games, brain teasers, word puzzles. I guess that's what people with the highest IQ are supposed to devote themselves to. Or is it that people who devote themselves to this crap end up testing with the highest IQs? By David Swanson

If a Fella Won't Let Ya Look, He Must Be Hiding Something
July 20, 2002 · George W. Bush said that Sadam Hussein "refuses to allow us to determine whether or not he still has weapons of mass destruction, which leads me to believe he does." Who could argue with that, other than, say, some bleeding-heart criminal defense attorney trying to convince the jury that his client's failure to testify shouldn't be taken as an indication of guilt? As if. By Doug Pibel

Let It Be War!
July 20, 2002 · I remember my mother telling me when I was an idealistic teenager about a person who she heard say in public prior to WWII, "If it means higher prices for corn, then let it be war!" I could not help but think of those callous words when I ran across an article by Larry Kudlow of the National Review. By Thomas James Martin

One Week in the Life of an Operation TIPS Volunteer
July 19, 2002 · Today we get a rare glimpse at a week in the life of one of these patriotic Americans who've volunteered to join their work with our Homeland Security needs. Joe Bigelow (an alias, of course) is not just your average cable guy. He's an unsung hero who gives of himself to keep the rest of us safe. And he's agreed to share a week of his personal journal with us. By Mike McArdle

A Letter From California
July 19, 2002 · Almost all of California is focused on regular life and dreading the day they have to pay attention to politics. After the stolen election, electricity debacle, tech meltdown and the realization that the President and Vice President are just two more corporate crooks Californians are doggedly keeping their heads down while chugging through a summer of work, play and life. By Joseph Arrieta

Inside Bush's Diary: The Sucking Sound of Quicksand
July 18, 2002 · The stuff has hit the fan, and our administration is covered in huge chunks of it. It's like we're being sucked into quicksand and can't seem to escape, no matter how much we bob and weave. And the damn media - the media that's kept silent and supportive up til now - is starting to resemble the circling sharks of old. By Bernard Weiner

Ann Coulter and the Cancer of the Far Right
July 17, 2002 · I love this great country of ours, and I have witnessed the rise of a cultural and political mindset that aims to literally suck every bit of life out of our institutions. I have tried to shy away from this reality, but recent events have convinced me that this reality cannot be ignored. The modern conservative movement in general, and the Republican Party establishment, is morally bankrupt. By Rafique Tucker

Whose Economy?
July 17, 2002 · Which is it? The Clinton economy or the Reagan economy? Conservatives just can't keep their stories straight. After hearing for the eight years of Clinton's presidency that it was not the Clinton Economy but the Reagan Economy, President Bush on Monday 7/15/2002 gave Clinton the credit for the great economy of the last decade. By Dennis Elliot

The Five Point Plan
July 17, 2002 · As a lifelong Democrat I was disappointed by the banal five point plan that the Congressional arm produced for the upcoming election. In a time with so much at stake it was disenchanting that the party big wigs did not take the opportunity to come up with a truly innovative document. By Nicholas Pyeatt

Rabid Radio
July 16, 2002 · In the 1990s, conservatives with big bankrolls began building what has become a monopoly of talk radio. Its first voice to gain nationwide attention was that of Rush Limbaugh. Since then, uncreative clones have sprung up to push their extremist views - carbon copies of each other - coast-to-coast. By George H. Beres

The Fugitive Atheist Act
July 16, 2002 · When history is gone, we will be in the land of George Santayana, doomed to repeat the worst brutalities of the twentieth century and the worst inequities of the Robber Baron Era while fighting over the same worthless "my god is bigger than your god" turf as the sixteenth century wars of religion and the eleventh century crusades in the Holy Land. By arendt

All Newt's Children
July 13, 2002 · The blame game is in full swing. We needn't look to transcendent concepts or Bubba's crotch for the answer. As much as anyone, the person at the heart of the current scandal is a certain aggressive, chubby guy with white hair. By Mike McArdle

Cooking America's Books
July 13, 2002 · Much like the much maligned, and deservedly so, corporate crooks now on the spot, George Bush based his budget on money that wasn't there. Under Bush's tax cut plan, revenue forecasts for the next decade or so were based on the rosiest scenario, while outlays were calculated to grow modestly, and did not take into account population growth or inflation. By Eric Munoz

The Party of Excess
July 13, 2002 · There should be a day of reckoning for the most basic lack of compass that has enveloped our nation. This country has sat back and idolized wealth as the end-all and be-all and allowed anyone who possesses enough of the green to flout any and all rules that they have not bought into legislation. By Bridget Gibson

The MRC and Liberal Media Bias: Creating Their Own Enemy
July 12, 2002 · It's an Orwellian irony: Conservative pundits can only justify their overwhelming domination of the news media if they can prove that Liberal Media Bias exists. Enter the Media Research Center, Brent Bozell's media hit squad for the right, running on a healthy dose of Scaife money and lucre from other conservative cash cows. By Mark Weber

The Tarantula Tango: Despair and Hope in the Body Politic
July 12, 2002 · Rather than rant at length about the daily Bush&Co. outrage or scandal -- they come so fast, it's hard to keep up -- let's take a step back for some longer-range perspective. By Bernard Weiner

Malefactors of Great Wealth
July 11, 2002 · Without reasonable regulation of the markets (something Mr. Bush disdains), there will simply be no end to the stock-rigging scandals and the continued enrichment of corporate insiders. Given the fact that insider trading is, itself, largely responsible for the President’s personal fortune, it seems highly unlikely that this administration plans to do anything substantive. By Jeff Ritchie

Can Ideologues and Pragmatists Coexist?
July 11, 2002 · There's a whole spectrum of voices within the Democratic Party. On one hand, congressional Democrats have become so concerned about winning the next election that many have abandoned criticism of George W. Bush. Other Democrats and leftists stake out ideological positions that seem to be self-defeating. By Jack Neefus

Spongewallet-Bush Pentagon-Pants
July 10, 2002 · The followers of Spongewallet-Bush Pentagon-Pants don't like to delve too far from that Alternative History Channel Murdoch is running so they are probably unaware of the similarities between their own cartoonish FAUX ratings grabber in the Oval Office and the one from Bikini Bottom. By Paul Winkelmann

Former Governor of Texas Says "No More Stealing, You Guys!"
July 10, 2002 · The former Governor of Texas is truly exercised about this issue. Apparently, the little problem WorldCom had, the one with putting $3.8 billion into the wrong column, was just about almost the final straw, pretty close. He got onto the teevee and was downright snappish, and proclaimed that this sort of chicanery just has to stop. By Doug Pibel

Meet the New Boss; Same as the Old Boss
July 10, 2002 · Putting around the family golf course on his birthday with dear old dad, our Fearless Leader seemed undaunted by (or smirkingly oblivious to) reports of the growing political instability in Afghanistan, or the widening number of economic scandals shaking corporate America, or the countless other "distractions" flaring up in the New World Disorder that he has helped to create. By Dwayne Eutsey

The Pledge-o-Matic
July 9, 2002 · The Pledge-o-Matic is a life-sized genuine looking school student replica that recites the pledge at the touch of a button. It has enough built in features that you can stay one step ahead next court decision or political mood swing. By Mike McArdle

Bush's Harken Mistakes Blamed on Clinton's Penis
July 9, 2002 · In a move to fend off questions about the administration's ability to handle the corporate accounting scandals, the White House today placed responsibility for George W. Bush's own previous SEC troubles squarely on the shoulders of Bill Clinton's sexual escapades. By Gil Christner

The Different Colors of Green
July 9, 2002 · As I survey the mountains around Pine Ridge, I can still see the remnants of the dirt roads and mudslides from the mining of sixty years ago. I wonder to myself, "Was it worth it? What did we get for our mountains?" In all my travels, I have yet to see mountains as beautiful and endearing as the hills of home. It is sad to see the damage that has been done to these jewels. By kentuck

A Cynic's Guide to the 2002 Election
July 2, 2002 · I feel that the demographics of the US are turning the Democrats' way - but then 9/11 happened and the party seemed to completely lose its voice. However it's not at all too late for the party to hold its own and possibly gain some valuable ground this fall. Here's one way to do it. By Mike McArdle

Thieves With Briefcases
July 2, 2002 · Here we have a President whose one claim to academic/intellectual fame is that he is the first MBA to hold the office of Chief Executive of the United States and what happens? Right in the middle of his watch corporate America plunges into the biggest meltdown of investor confidence since the early days of the Great Depression. By Michael Shannon

Just Kidding...
July 2, 2002 · Many liberals mistakenly believe that the right wing has an emotional investment in the logic of its own claims and, as a result, is due any day now to simply die of embarrassment. By Pamela Troy

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