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The Immaculate Perception
July 30, 2002
By Jarab

I'm deathly sick of the buzzword security when recklessly employed as a scare tactic, much as the particulars of Medicare are portrayed every fourth year. How might our opposition forces vocally or otherwise oppose such a powerful abstraction as security, or its fullest extension, national security? Are we permanently hamstrung against such a monstrous apparition?

Many acquaintances, when pressed on this issue, guardedly admit to me that the War on Terror is no war in the common usage of the word. However, the other party shoots us down time and again as we're cautioned that there can be no plausible disagreement with any administration policy in a "time of war." Security and War on _______ - the Repubs have out-propagandized us once again.

I would think that most would agree that added and more vigilant defenses are required against a new and different enemy in light of that huge, singular event of September last. I would go so far to say "increased security."

There's a catch!

Added security does not necessarily presuppose war, but war does imply an elevation of security measures. Under the current opposition plan, War on Terrorism conceives her bastard son, Security, and numerous other progeny - all of whom she names Security. Where'd they get this brilliant idea? Aren't we in awe of their innovative gamesmanship?

It's now a given that all future U.S. administrations will hurriedly classify any tragedy or conflict as war. Actually, this "War on Terror" is no different than the "War on Drugs." In either case, the unstated purpose was to convince the people that the party in power was faced with a formidable threat of such magnitude to merit such an elevated title, gaining the respectful attention of a suddenly somber electorate.

Did the Democrats commence this perpetual game of Wars on _______ with the "war on poverty," and is King George II's current "War on _______" simply the latest sequel to our own invention? Whatever happened to the simple matter of plain war?

"We're at war!"

If one must affix a qualifier to that word, he's manipulating someone. In that vein, the "cold war" was not war, per se. It depicted a political temperature based on the fear and ignorance of what they and we had in store for one another for tomorrow. Therefore the qualifier, "cold."

The World Wars had no qualifiers, unless one takes exception to the I and II. However, there was no war "I" until "II" came along - for in 1920 we knew not that a second was on its way. Once into the 1940s, we had to differentiate - but not qualify.

War on Terror and her bastard son, Security, are superb examples of political (people) manipulation. Is it possible that we could declare "war" on "war on terror" without perceived collateral and unintended damages to the child 'neath her skirt? Are the Democrats resigned to the loss of this battle of abstract words, having already surrendered much for the cause (or fear) of security in these nineteen months?

Could these methods of propaganda explain why many other countries are continually fighting, sometimes with their own people? Are the entrenched politicians so dependent upon ongoing conflicts to gain political advantage and the retention of power? Would it be politically impossible - suicidal - to mount a war against this "war on terror" and her bastard offspring? Hypothetically, could a lame-duck congressman - with less to lose - speak up, saying, "This is no WAR!" - without the potential fallout being a poison upon the entire party?

Had President Clinton declared a "War on _______" in '95 - after the Oklahoma City bombing - and carried the lies and exaggerations to their most fearful extremes - would Al Gore be President today? Could the Democrats have engaged and mesmerized the public with similar buzzwords the way the opposition party appears to now be doing? They have some damn good weaponry aimed squarely and opportunely at a vulnerable people.

Must we - and how do we - convince the American people in the near future that this ain't no WAR?

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