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The War for Votes
July 27, 2002
By Bridget Gibson

"The people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."
— Herman Goering (second in command to Adolph Hitler) at the Nuremberg Trial

The mid-term elections are looming ever closer and the current atmosphere in Washington calls for someone’s head on a platter. The disgraceful corporate corruption that has lined the pockets of many a politician’s campaign for power is proving too great a distraction from the work at hand. Our lazy and slothful media has been handed a juicy morsel upon which to chew and the headlines have become banners against the ruling junta.

Back-room meetings and off-the record discussions have yielded the new marching orders: War must be made and the polls must again reflect the support for George Bush’s command of the machine.

Running the country like Enron must be obliterated from the conscience of the voting public before the first week of November and the best way to do that is to embroil our service men and women in a deadly conflict. Nothing gets the public stirred into support like the strong threat of the death of Americans.

It has been reported that thousands of troops may be deployed soon. The three-pronged attack on the nemesis of George Walker Bush must be put into action! The evil Saddam must be toppled before the truth comes out that the coming war is a farce. A political game of chess is being played with the lives of our fellow Americans. The votes must be counted before they are cast.

Make no mistake about it. Our country is on a collision course with the destruction of anyone or anything that might question the current administration’s bloodlust and thirst for the supremacy of the ruling class.

The headlines scream out about the falling stock market and the lack of confidence in the strength of the United States economy, but the people have no idea how deeply the roots of greed and corruption have stretched into the pockets of George Bush and his henchmen. If George and Dick have their way, the light of day will never be allowed to see the truth. Calling for a exoneration for Dick Cheney from the SEC’s chairman, Harvey Pitt, last week was a clear sign that you and I will never know the truth about the dealings done at Halliburton. The Freedom of Information Act has been used to obtain records from the Harken Energy corruption scandal that show that George W. Bush was well aware of the illegalities of the accounting measures used by Harken to fraudulently inflate the value of its stock. It was during that time that he sold his holdings and made off like a bandit with his bootie. The rule for filing his sale of stock documents was clear and called for the “stockholder” to be responsible for the disclosure of the sale of stock to the Securities Exchange Commission. At the time of the SEC investigation, the investigating officer was James Doty, an attorney that had personally represented George Walker Bush during the purchase of the Texas Rangers baseball team. It should be no surprise to any of us that nothing came from that investigation.

We were told on February 26, 2002, that the Pentagon’s Office of Strategic Information would be closed. The function of this agency was to spread disinformation and propaganda throughout the media to sway the public opinion in America’s “War on Terror”. My question at this time is exactly what was meant by “closed”. Was it ever open to the public? Has the entire staff, including its director, Charlotte Beers, been terminated from governmental employment? Was it renamed or remade into something else? Are we now or have we ever been told the truth by the officials at the Pentagon? Donald Rumsfeld said in December 2001 that victory to him meant using all the “powerful” weapons in our arsenal. I wonder about the sanity of anyone anxious to loose nuclear warheads upon any nation for any reason.

If the current administration’s reason for pounding the war drums is to distract the public from the greed and corruption of the highest officials, it should not be heeded. Questions should be raised and answers must be demanded. We are not an empirical nation. We should not allow our country to be run in such a manner that suggests our motives are less than transparent.

Our Constitution does not allow anyone but Congress to declare “War”, and the lives of our sons and daughters must not be sacrificed for political posturing, nor used to draw the curtain of darkness over the misdeeds of this administration.

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