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JUNE 2002

Doing it the Easy Way
June 29, 2002 · We've probably all known at least one person like this, the one whose whole life is devoted to the proposition that effort and accountability are to be avoided at all costs. So it was that a man of miniscule talent who was never called to account for poor grades, problematic military obligations, or failing businesses managed to achieve the nation's highest office. By Mike McArdle

The Asterisk Residency
June 29, 2002 · The asterisk. No president in our history, no matter how contested the election - whether 1800, 1824, 1876, or 1960, has ever been marked with that subtle little star, that brands their legacy and leaves his legitimacy in doubt. By Laurin Suiter (ZombyWoof)

Funny Money
June 29, 2002 · Enron was George Bush's number one contributor. It is now bankrupt. Arthur Andersen was George Bush's number two contributor and is now defunct. Now we have MCI WorldCom, the number 7 contributor following in their footsteps. By Bridget Gibson

No Foreign Policy Foreplay?
June 28, 2002 · This latest administration of ours has chosen, quite deliberately, to make the Monroe Doctrine into something wholly unfamiliar to contemporary American citizens. It is now the desire of the current administration to rule the world, absolutely and without contradiction. By punpirate

June 28, 2002 · Massive fires in the West have transformed trees and grass into smoke and dust. This act of God is mirrored in the actions of men. The temples of wealth, the gilded corporate offices with the fountains leaping into the air, are in flames. Their scorched earth is a wake of bewildered investors and discarded employees, covered in the ashes of their hopes and dreams. By grl2watch

He'd Like To Buy the World a Coup
Bush's devotion to democracy has led him to keep adding to the list of heads-of-state he would like to see ousted, by popular vote, of course, all over the world. They may already be there by popular vote, but that's a mere technicality. In a true democracy, it doesn't really matter how they got into power unless they have the Bush dynasty seal of approval.

Why We Must Fight
June 27, 2002 · The real enemy isn't Ralph Nader, as many centrists decry. The real enemy isn't the Democratic Leadership Council, as many leftists proclaim. The real enemy isn't even the Republican Party. The real enemy is the army of special interest lobbyists camped out on Capitol Hill. By Christopher Harrison

Should President Bush Be Charged With Negligent Homicide?
June 26, 2002 · Why did George W. Bush "apply" for the job of President? Because he could? This is recklessly arrogant at best, criminally negligent at worst. It's one thing if you're a prep cook who lucks into a head chef gig without the proper understanding of black pepper, but it's quite another when your aspirations are aimed squarely at becoming the leader of the free world. By Mike Seely

The Diva and the Double-Dipper
June 26, 2002 · Congress is investigating Martha Stewart. The SEC is looking into Halliburtons numerous shenanigans that occurred on Dick Cheney's watch. But, no matter what the evidence, smart money's on neither suffering too much. By Mike McArdle

What Happened to the Humility President?
June 26, 2002 · What is humility? The answer to this question is illusive but the search provides illuminating knowledge and exposes incredibly damning evidence to President Bush's spiritual and mental capacity. By Joseph Arrieta

Warning! Warning!
June 25, 2002 · I was a child of the '60s and it finally dawned on me what all the warnings and threats and manufactured mayhem emanating from Bush II and Co. remind me of. Just how many of you good people remember "Lost in Space?" By W. David Jenkins III

Talkin' About the F-Word (Redux)
June 25, 2002 · This article was first published in December of 2001, in the wake of 9/11, when the grim outlines of police-state-like tactics were first starting to appear on the American horizon. It might be useful to compare and contrast between then and now. Doing so may help us understand the forces we're facing and how to respond as Bush&Co. continue their move toward a more militarist society. By Bernard Weiner

The Walls Are Crumbling
June 25, 2002 · Soon the walls of secrecy will crumble umder an avalanche of words. When people will no longer fear retribution from their government then they will rise up to defend the country they love and destroy by their voices and votes the government they hate. By Bob Volpitto

The Evil Dick Cheney
June 22, 2002 · Cheney is smarter, more experienced, and more dangerous than Bush. He's known as the enforcer on Capitol Hill, with his office known as the torture chamber. There is a reason for those nicknames, and it's not something I would be proud of, but Cheney probably is. By Jackson Thoreau

My Brief Career as a Racial Profiler
June 22, 2002 · It was a Sunday. The day before Passover. I was flying from New York JFK airport to Los Angeles with my husband, mother-in-law, eight year old son, 50-60 religious Jews, and a guy named Mohammed. I was quite sure I was going to die. By Soleft

Unfortunately, America Can Rely on its Allies
June 22, 2002 · I am disgusted with the way that America's allies are responding to Bush's arrogant stance towards the "War on Terrorism." I am a student in Leeds, England and have recently found it harder and harder to find someone who actually knows Bush's objectives or even has a coherent arguement as to why we should be standing by this act of lunacy. By Amy-Louise Lane

The Way We War
June 21, 2002 · In these days of globalization, it's strange to me that the United States can behave as if we're the only ones on the planet, with no repercussions for others, or ourselves, down the road. Bush Inc. seems to have a serious case of solipsism - we're the only ones who matter, or even exist. By Isaac

Playing the Hypocrisy Card
June 20, 2002 · Of the many underhanded, cynical, and blatantly deceptive tactics employed by the Republican party to finagle some political advantage for themselves, by far the most pernicious is the Hypocrisy Card. By Drew Vogel

Bill Clinton: Live in Concert! One Night Only!
June 20, 2002 · The crush was amazing. I've attended political functions before. Hell, I've been to the Oscars. But riding the crest of this particular wave reminded me of two days long ago and far away, when I stood in line for 12 hours (and then waited inside for another 12) to see The Rolling Stones at the Orange Bowl. By Elayne Keratsis

I Ain't Got No Body
June 20, 2002 · There are many similarities between Jesse Ventura and George W. Bush. What do these similarities portend for the Bush Administration? The once mighty Ventura is now a memory; will the now mighty Bush be a one term flash in the pan like Ventura was? Or will Bush survive? By Richard Prasad

Bush to World: "Kick Me"
June 19, 2002 · Our government seems to be doing everything it can to make America as widely and fiercely hated as possible. Is magnanimity or machismo the best course to ensure our safety? By David Swanson

There is No War On Terror
June 19, 2002 · Let us not fool ourselves, there is no War On Terror. The administration is going after the evildoers in a half-hearted,half-assed manner. The president and his administration have told us that they "Don't govern by polls" -- I say they are poll junkies. Every perceived threat that the president stares down, every "terrorist" that he arrests keeps up the numbers and keeps him happy. By Adrian Johannson

The Titanic War on Words
June 19, 2002 · Let's face it: you can graduate from Yale University, apparently, without ever reading a work of literature. Our president seems to have done so. He has worse than no sense of language. He speaks a barbarous English, mangles words, creates bizarre neologisms, savages grammar, and generally crashes into linguistic accidents. By Luciana Bohne

Everything's Gonna Be Just Fine
June 18, 2002 · The time has come for the naysayers to join with the fans of this pre-emptive striking, civil rights-squashing, constitution-shredding, global warming-ignoring, free speech-hating, Social Security-raiding, rich guy-helping buffoon and believe that everything's gonna be just fine. By Mark W. Trude

Immigrants and Clandestines: Globalization's New Wretched of the Earth
June 18, 2002 ·
They're not running to a "better life." They're running for their life. Anti-clandestine migrant legislation is a denial of responsibility for the poverty we cause, from which comes our riches. Anti-immigration laws, in general, enforce global apartheid. By Luciana Bohne

Dear Bob Barr, Don't Sue Me
June 18, 2002 · To Rep. Bob Barr's Campaign Manager: I was wondering if there are any prerequisites to having Rep. Barr speak at a gathering I am putting together? I know the Congressman is busy and I don't want to waste his time so here is a quick list of questions I have about a possible future speaking engagement... By Paul Winkelmann

I Can No Longer Be Silent
June 18, 2002 · I can be silent no more. I cannot sit idly by and watch our civil liberties be stripped away. I will no longer tolerate the shredding of the United States Constitution by our government. By Christian Salafia

Don't Follow the Leader
June 15, 2002 · I plead with you, America, return to your roots. Regain your integrity as individuals as I did, and deny these "follow the leader" syndrome worshipers further opportunity to destroy us. Bring true compassion and patriotism, love of country, pride in our ability to show the world greatness, and truth and beauty. By Bob Volpitto

The Mountain of Fear
June 15, 2002 · As I was eating my breakfast and flipping through the day's copy of The Baltimore Sun earlier this morning, a funny thing happened to me. I don't mean a ha-ha sort of funny, I mean an abnormal sort of funny. It was abnormal because it was the first time in a number of years that I had experienced true fear. By Mark W. Brown

Card's Trick
June 15, 2002 · Andrew Card gave an interview to Esquire magazine recently. Was this interview truly candid, or just more Bush administration spin-doctoring to appeal to seemingly disaffected conservatives? By Richard Prasad

Buying Your Own Death
June 14, 2002 · You have fed the monster by buying into the slick commercialism and consumerism of greed. There's a big case of the "I got mines" and screw everybody else. Keep me safe and I will continue to shop at Walmart, continue to drive my gas guzzling SUV. By Bridget Gibson

We're Not in Kansas Anymore
June 14, 2002 · It seems that you can't keep a bad idea down. Readily refutable dogmas, such as astrology, "trickle-down" economics, and creationism all seem to possess some Dracula-like immortality,no matter how much logic, experience and demonstrable proof is arrayed against them. By Ernest Partridge

When Law Fails
June 13, 2002 · International law was originally intended to regulate war. Post-WWII international law was intended to make war itself illegal. For all the pomp and ceremony, those who wail against the increasing irrelevance and disregard of international law, fail to attract great outrage for a simple reason: It is not becoming irrelevant; it already is. By Jeremiah Bourque

CNN Gets a Whippin'
June 13, 2002 · Roll Call is reporting that House Bug Man, Tom "The Exterminator" DeLay -- also known as "The Whip" -- was all kissy-feely with new AOL/Time Warner CEO Richard "Dick" Parsons after a closed-door meeting last week... By Sheila Samples

Bush Knows Nothing About Soccer
June 13, 2002 · On the day after the United States defeated Portugal 3-2, Mr. Bush was asked for his opinion about the surprising victory. Mr. Bush, being a former Baseball team owner and clueless about the importance of the question, mentioned weakly that Americans are great athletes. His comment reinforces the total disconnect that the Bush Administration has when it comes to the people of the rest of the world. By Bruce Douglass

Pass the Prozac
June 12, 2002 · Fair warning to the concerned citizen who follows the 2002 budget process closely: have at least 2 mental escape routes concretely planned. Doesnít matter if itís prozac, exercise, sex, alcohol, research, thorazine, gardening, whateveródiversions that last for at least 48 hours are absolutely necessary or one will become as insane as the federal budget process itself. By Joseph Arrieta

Eyes on the Prize
June 12, 2002 · One of the things that make the Democratic Party great is also its weakness Ė our diversity. Unlike the Hard Right -- who have hijacked the Republican Party with The Agenda That Must be Obeyed -- we Democrats fight amongst ourselves about damn near everything. I think this is great, but it also causes us to lose our focus just when we need it most. We donít keep our eyes on the prize. By Caroline Spector

Clint Eastwood for Secretary of Homeland Defense
June 12, 2002 · Who the heck is going to our first Secretary? Tom Ridge? I donít think so! Iím thinking that this position is going to be oh, say about 99.9% PR, and thatís why we need somebody like Clint Eastwood. Letís do a comparison... By Rich Procter

Leave No Child Behind?
June 11, 2002 · What I think most folks miss in this altruistic ideal is that we've left countless numbers of children behind. We left some behind in the 70s, we left most behind in the 80s, we left way too many behind in the 90s - and more to the point, we don't even remember the ones we left behind in the 40s, 50s and 60s. By Darren N. Wilkinson (Coyul)

You're Losing, Mr. Ashcroft
June 11, 2002 · For a man who buys so heavily into the NRA argument that gun laws only punish legal gun owners, Ashcroft sure doesn't seem to apply the same logic to immigration policy. By Jeff Crook

Stop Chasing Bush, Go After Dick
June 11, 2002 · Would Nixon have resigned if his VP hadn't already fallen in disgrace? Hard to tell. Yet, I think that once you prove that there are crooks in the administration the press has an easier time associating criminal behavior and branding the head with similar accusations. By Scaramouche

The Gay Scapegoat
June 8, 2002 · If thereís one thing conservatives have become masters of, itís ascribing the ills of the world to everybodyís freedom but their own. In fact, theyíve become virtuosos of the PR ricochet. So I guess itís no surprise to me that hiding pedophile priests within the catacombs of church bureaucracy would become the fault of the radical gay ďagenda.Ē By Terry Sawyer

Waltons and Simpsons—Allegories of Consciousness
June 8, 2002 · Since 9/11, under the son's usurped rule, Father Bush's wish has come true: 90 percent of Americans have gone to live on Walton Mountain. There, they seek their obsessive security at the expense of civil liberties, the rights of minorities, and the right to dissent. By Luciana Bohne

"Nucular" Winter
June 8, 2002 · Our nation has lost its credibility and its honor. The verbal gaffes and political mistakes have cost us in ways that may never be forgotten or forgiven across the globe. The abyss yawns before us and the memories of more prosperous times for our world and families dim. By Bridget Gibson

Love Slaves of the Potomac
June 7, 2002 · There is plenty to indicate that a new Sodom and Gomorra is springing whole from the Southwestern soil. In the wake of these revelations, speculation necessarily strains to discern the implications for the Republican party's future. By Hank Blakely

Mr. Cheney, Step Down
June 6, 2002 · Every action the Vice President takes should be under scrutiny, shouldn't it? We were all told about Vice President Gore's alleged problems, ad nauseum. Why isn't the same level of scrutiny applied to Vice President Dick Cheney? By Richard Prasad

Much Ado About Very Little
June 6, 2002 · It's not that I want to be a spoil sport. And I will admit that a little progress is better than none at all. But this treaty the Bush administration is so joyously trumpeting as a major breakthrough in nuclear disarmament is one gift horse whose mouth is not very appealing. By Michael Shannon

The GOP-to-English Dictionary: Cracking the Republican Code
June 6, 2002 · Finding it difficult to reconcile Republican rhetoric with their actions? Maybe you just aren't speaking the same language. Use this handy guide to translate GOP dialog, and get on the same page as the corporate millionaires running the country! By Michael Barry

I Was Once An Immigrant
June 5, 2002 · I am one of those people whom President Bush and Attorney General Ashcroft have warned Americans to be on the alert about, to report on--to put on notice, in other words. I am different, possibly un-American. By Luciana Bohne

The Bush 9/11 Scandal, In Plain English
June 5, 2002 · Don't know about you, but all this who-knew-what-when pre-9/11 stuff is mighty confusing. So once again, I head to that all-purpose reference series for some comprehensible answers. By Bernard Weiner

Revolution in the Weedeater
June 5, 2002 · Malfeasance. Irresponsibility. Denial. Stupidity. Dishonesty. All of those characterizations about this White House concerning internal combustion emissions are true, but they mask the real reason they refuse to do anything: this White House, like the devilís handmaiden, is the protector of Greed and Fear. By Joseph Arrieta

Ari Briefs the Press Corpse
June 4, 2002 · It's early June, 2002. White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer welcomes the group of assembled reporters and, without the usual preliminary statements, begins taking questions. Democratic Underground has acquired an unauthorized transcription of the press briefing... Transcribed by Warren Pease

It's the Incompetence, Stupid
June 4, 2002 · Itís time for a new slogan. Personally, I think ďItís the Stupidity, stupidĒ has a nice alliterative ring to it, but since that might sound like too much of an ad hominem attack on the person currently occupying the White House, perhaps we should go with ďItís the Incompetence, stupid.Ē By Caroline Spector

Trapped in a Big Office, George W. Bush Wears the Soul of a Little Man
June 1, 2002 · The headline, Weary, Bush mocks reporter, intrigued me. Bill Sammon of the Washington Times was reporting an exchange which took place in Paris between an NBC reporter and the first born son of George Herbert Walker Bush. By Teresa Simon-Noble

BYOB: Buy Your Own Brainwashing
June 1, 2002 · The mercantile aspect of the Bush war on terrorism is impossible to overlook. The local gas station sells patriotic tee shirts and posters with a bulls eye on bin Ladenís forehead. Hardware and drug stores have baskets full of lapel buttons, key chain dangles, and plastic signs with suction cups for car window display--each bearing flags and slogans and crying eagles. By Cecil Bothwell

Food on the Table
June 1, 2002 · In this modern age of machinery, transportation and communication one could easily surmise that food production has significantly evolved from its humble labor-intensive roots. In many ways it has not. By Joseph Arrieta

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