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Sorry to Crash the Party
May 25, 2002
By Joseph Vecchio

Hello, George.

Looks like the wheels are finally starting to come off your little red-white-and-blue wagon. I wonder what happened to bring all this about? Could it be that maybe one of the big boys who backs you is worried that some of the crap that's being slung on you is gonna hit them? Somebody had to have given the word to start bailing, because now they're starting to ask the question:

What did you know, George, and when did you know it?

Now don't get me wrong, I hardly see this as the beginning of the end for you. I mean, what the hey, you've still got pretty much everyone in your pocket, don't you? Sure, there's at least 50 million of us out here who actively oppose you because we think you and your policies are going to cause more global destruction than we've seen in quite a long time. But we're not particularly organized and we don't have a clear voice to follow, and you believe you were appointed by God Himself. Who cares what we think, right?

The truth is, George, you simply don't understand us, and you don't really understand what it means to be an American. Most of us, even people like myself who merely despise you for your privileged life, we figured that at worst you'd wreck the economy and we'd have to bust our asses just to get back to the point we were at before you forced your way into the White House. If we'd have thought for an instant that something as big as 9/11 could happen under your nose - well, I don't even know how to answer that.

Look, we're basically nice people, George; I mean, a lot of us can even find good things to say about Nixon and Reagan, who we liked about as much as we like hair in our food. We're very willing to forgive and forget because political fighting isn't our whole lives like it is your life and the lives of your supporters. We have other things to worry about - important things like family and work, and recreation. These are what matter to us, George, and what you don't seem to understand about us is that we'd be perfectly happy to let you play President if only you'd stop screwing with us.

And now is where we see what you're really made of. Because, you see, you haven't won yet.

We're still out here, George. We're not sitting down, we're not shutting up, we are never going to "get over it." We may be poor and we may be disorganized, and some of us don't have the political instincts of a deranged mongoose, but even with all that going against us, we still outnumber you big time, and you've royally pissed off a lot of us.

There are elections coming up in November, George, and I wonder if you've got something big planned for us in order for you to maintain your hold on power. If you do, I recommend you use it. In fact, I recommend you find some way to call off the elections altogether if you discover you can't manipulate them enough to keep your opponents from getting a little power back. Because if we're given the chance we're going to blow your whole scheme wide open. You think it was tough for the GOP after the New Deal? If we're allowed to have any say in the matter at all, you haven't seen anything yet.

You see, we're not doing this because we're going to get rich from it. At this point our backs are up against the wall and we're fighting for the survival of freedom itself, for the entire human race, and for the ecological safety of the world, which will pay the price for your greed and arrogance if you're allowed to continue on your course.

It's all or nothing, George. The choice is yours. Hit us with your best shot.

Joe Vecchio is a novice to political activism who is angry at the direction ths country is taking.

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