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The Perils of Poor David Horowitz
May 9, 2002
By birdman

The mean liberals who control the college campuses are treating David Horowitz rather poorly again. I know, I know. This news generates the kind of excitement that we usually associate with the arrival of an AOL introductory disk (500 free hours!) in the mail. In fact it's less of an announcement than another installment in one of America's longest running political soap operas.

It certainly appears that every week David's loyal readers just can't wait click onto Davids website or pull up Salon Magazine to see just how badly their hero has been treated this week by the cabal of elitist liberals who've conspired to silence him. Like a soap opera the plot always follows a very predictable line. Poor put-upon David writes something or gets a speaking engagement. Nasty liberals, like those really bad ones on the college campuses don't print what David writes or maybe they object to it. Or maybe they cancel his speaking engagement or they let him speak and they heckle him or they let him speak but he can just tell they're not happy about it.

And then David whines about it in print. In fact Horowitz constant claims of victimization have brought political whining to levels never before seen in the U.S.

We all know the Horowitz story, his parents were Communists and he was a young radical and one the editors of the lefty Ramparts magazine back in the '60s. After years of associating with radical groups - in particular the Black Panther Party - Horowitz became disillusioned with radicalism. He attributes his transformation to the murder of a friend by one of the Panthers. Anyway when Horowitz resurfaced politically in the late 80's it was in his new role as a extreme right-winger and he was well on his way to becoming America's preeminent political crybaby. His writings are dedicated to sharing the difficulties poor David is suffering at the hands of, well, people like the old David.

In this week's episode (column) poor David, the left's perennial punching bag, was victimized by Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. You see, there are people at these universities who don't like David's message of how the universities are all being run by a organized gang of leftists who are all trying to undermine everything good and decent in American society by poisoning the minds of the next generation. So as a result he didn't get invited by the university supported speaker program. He got invited instead by a small campus conservative group and, of course, poor David's persecution knew no bounds because of that. Why, to start with, the conservative group that invited poor David doesn't get any money from the University. To make matters worse, other groups do and our eternal victim recites the amounts that black, Asian, Hispanic, lesbian and Middle Eastern groups get from the University. And, of course he lets us know that all these groups are decidedly “left-wing.” How does David know that these ethnic organizations are “left-wing?” Well he just kind of knows. As he puts it “I know it as a result of my inquiries at Vanderbilt and by my own broad range of experience with similar groups on campuses across the country.”

And to add to poor David's suffering, these poor, impoverished unsupported conservative groups just don't pay the nice big honorariums that people like James Carville and Ralph Nader and Aaron Magruder get and then, to add insult to injury, the room he was supposed to speak in was needed for a class (coincidence? oh how naive you are) and his talk had to be moved at the last minute. He gave his speech (the only part he shares with us is boiler-plate right-wing Clinton-bashing) but then one of those cruel professors called him “a foaming at the mouth rightwing ideologue." Of course it's this kind of intolerance that has limited poor David to a mere 23 (by his count) honorariums this Spring.

Now, you would think that all this bothers poor David so much would just give up making those speeches and trying to buy ads in campus papers that sometimes don't get published. After all, he can always put an end to the endless suffering that those campus lefties are always causing him and console himself with the Scaife and Olin Foundation money that flows into his “Center for the Study of Popular Culture.”

But poor David won't do that because whining and victimization are his gig. It isn't enough to say that some people disagree with him. Nobody is going to read your column or support your think tank if you're just involved in an honest disagreement. Poor David has to be able to portray himself as a victim of an organized movement that's out to destroy him and those like him. Political correctness, left wing academia, the more vaguely you define your persecutor the better. Enemies that are shadowy and ill-defined are always the most ominous. And best of all David will never have to go TV to debate the chairman of the National Association of Political Correctness since there is no such person.

So poor David's never ending self-imposed persecution will go on. Tune in next week, as poor David attempts to give another speech while a leftist anti-war professor with a beard cuts in front of David's car and takes the last visitor space in the campus parking lot.

Coincidence? I don't think so.

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