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APRIL 2002

Colin Powell, Leave This Administration!
April 30, 9:00AM · Colin Powell is a good soldier. He does now what he and those like him have always done. He follows orders, even the ones he has questions about. But there comes a time when even the good soldier has to step up and speak out for what he thinks is right. By birdman

Today Video Games, Tomorrow Online Communities?
April 30, 9:00AM · A right-wing judge ruled last week that video games are not protected by the First Amendment. How long before this ruling is extended to include Internet Relay Chat and message boards? By AngelKnight

Ashcroft and Consumers
April 30, 9:00AM · As President Bush's Attorney General, John Ashcroft may become something of a student of American legal history. However, his past job experience as an attorney general indicates disregard of one of the clearer lessons from the history books: antitrust prosecutions should not be used to stifle political speech. By Margie Burns

The Bowtie Brawler Takes a Beating
April 30, 9:00AM · As a fan of both the "sweet science" and politics, I was drawn to CNN's new Crossfire. The promos run by CNN compared the new format to a prizefight - and a real knockout occurred last Thursday night. By Taylor Sias

Clinton's Example, Bush's Strategy
April 27, 9:00AM · As the Republicans saw with Clinton, we will see our key issues slowly undercut, dying a death of a thousand slashes. And we will scream like extremists about how wing-nut Bush is, while the media reports his moderation, and the Republicans grin and slap each other on the backs. By Joby Comstock

The Man to Defeat George W. Bush: John Edwards
April 27, 9:00AM · Edwards has the ability to win back the south and energize the Democratic base and win over moderates, to produce a winning coalition. By Prion

Call it a Conspiracy? Yes, No, Still Vacillating 'Twixt the Two
April 27, 9:00AM · Regarding Bush's planning on overthrowing the Constitution and establishing a dictatorship on the pretext of 9/11, I find that flying in the face of human nature. But then again... By Scaramouche

Bush Is Not Dumb; He's Too Clever By Half
April 27, 9:00AM · George W. Bush is not dumb. He is preying upon the citizens of this nation with a viciousness and will that more resembles evil and lack of empathy than lack of intelligence. By kentuck

When Cowboy Politics Falls Short
April 26, 9:00AM · Unfortunately the United States has a long and embarrassing history of polarizing complex issues into asinine, media-fed dualities of good versus evil when neither side is as good or evil as they are represented. By Christopher Miller

What We Stand For
April 26, 9:00AM · In these dangerous times, when our hearts and our wills are tested by powers and ideologies that seek to destroy the great vision this country was founded on, it is necessary to speak clearly and plainly what it is we believe in and why we fight. By Joe Vecchio

The Marshall Scam
April 26, 9:00AM · How would the press react if the President of the United States made a major address on a critical issue that proved he was delusional, ill-informed, contradictory, and essentially working and living in fantasy? Unfortunately we now can get an answer to that question. By Joseph Arrieta

A Simple Plan
April 26, 9:00AM · It's your right, as an American to have as much energy as you can use (well, at least as much as you can afford.) By Lincoln Farnum

Time Out! A Pause for Longer-Range Thinking
April 25, 9:00AM · Here, in short takes, are some reflections on four areas that could use some deeper examination: political despair, Bush's coming downfall, the new face of warfare, and America's response to Islam. By Marie Jones

Blessed Are the Peacemakers
April 25, 9:00AM · How do you raise a boy to know peace in a world that increasingly embraces war? How do you nurture a peacemaker when all around you, men are choosing to kill, destroy, lie, cheat and steal in the name of religion, greed, political beliefs, or just sheer nationalistic arrogance? By Marie Jones

Some Dare Call It Conspiracy
April 25, 9:00AM · I was going through some of my old books and found a dog-eared copy of one called None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. In its day (1970), it caused a minor sensation for its revelations. By Bassman

Pornographic News
April 24, 9:00AM · Each day my television delivers my dose of pornography. It comes unbidden into my home, filling the air with all the lurid details of someone's misdeeds and twisted perversions. By Bridget Gibson

Dumbing Down: America's Fast Food Electorate
April 24, 9:00AM · Recent articles by Ernest Partridge and Michael Gronewaller raise interesting questions about the tactics which liberals need to use to restore some semblance of democracy to our nation. Here is another opinion. By Christian Dewar

My Favorite Republican Hits Rock Bottom
April 24, 9:00AM · Don't we all have a favorite Republican? I know I do and it's certainly not McCain or Snowe or Chaffee. My favorite Republican is Robert K. "B1 Bob" Dornan. By birdman

Reality Check II
April 23, 5:00PM · There may be very little that I like about or agree with when it comes to Team Bush but I have to give them credit where credit is due; they certainly do provide a fella with an awful lot of inspiration. By Michael Shannon

George, I Couldn't Agree With You More
April 23, 5:00PM · Once you get Dick Cheney installed as ruler of Iraq, it's only a 5-4 SCOTUS ruling to statehood, two Republican Senators, countless House members and all the oil we can use. By RastaBob Martin

Watching Men Drown
April 23, 5:00PM · What is clear is that Americans, average people like you and me, have lost their ability to reason. Either that or American Nationalistic fervor is morphing into fascism. By Maggie Porter

The Feelings of One Airman
April 23, 9:00AM · In 1995 I took an oath to serve my country and Constitution. Now, seven years later, I find myself serving a fascist regime. By anonymous

That Deaf, Dumb and Blind Kid
April 23, 9:00AM · Bush's lack of leadership skills has never been more apparent than in his stance with the Middle East. By W. David Jenkins III

This Used to be a Helluva Good Country
April 23, 9:00AM · It's time for all Americans, regardless of political persuasion, to understand that bad ideas will sink democracy. By punpirate

Need a Hand, Little Fella?
April 22, 5:00PM · If Bush had the diplomatic sense of a grapefruit he'd make a call to Little Rock this week. By birdman

One Wild Weekend in Venezuela
April 20, 9:00AM · Did the US meet with the leaders of the recent coup in Venezuela and encourage them to overthrow a democratically elected government? By Richard Prasad

War on Terror: Year Six
April 20, 9:00AM · It is November 2006 and the United States has opened a new military initiative in the War Against Terrorism... By Scott Sloan

The Yucca Mountain Plan
April 20, 9:00AM · Our beloved government has decided, after 50 years of storage, that the 77,000 tons of uranium rods must be moved to Nevada now. By Bob Nichols

Iceberg Ahead in Florida
April 20, 9:00AM · The Florida Democratic Party has set a course that could lead to a scramble for the life boats if party leaders continue to ignore the impending iceberg warnings. By Interfan

The Doctrine
April 19, 9:00AM · The Bush Doctrine is a hypocritical, childish game of cowboys and Indians disguised as foreign policy. With each passing day, it is becoming plain to see -- to even the most casual observer of Bush's words and deeds -- just how much of a threat the Bush Doctrine is to the stability of the world. By S.A. Lowery aka Khephra

Suddenly It's 2065
April 19, 9:00AM · Georgie Bush is president. He's the grandson of number 43. Unfortunately, the country has run out of Kennedys but there are a lot of Bushes still around... By Bob Volpitto

From Camelot to Crawford
April 18, 9:00AM · Last week Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney asked the forbidden question concerning Sept. 11: Why is the Bush administration stonewalling, and why has it asked Senate investigators to back off? By warren pease

One Flew Over the Coup-Coup's Nest
April 18, 9:00AM · They do not hate us for our freedoms specified by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. They hate us as an imperial country with the freedom to destroy their fragile democracies, their resources and their humanities. By Bridget Gibson

Can Brock See Yet?
April 18, 9:00AM · David Brock's Blinded By the Right is an apolitical book, and while it denounces and apologizes for the "conservative movement" that replaced politics with sex scandals, it does not make a political apology. By David Swanson

Sold to the Highest Bidder
April 18, 9:00AM · Sold to the Highest Bidder is a book that I would recommend to anyone interested in politics and how the property class has turned this country into a plutocracy. By James M. Kehl

Follow This
April 17, 9:00AM · As children we were taught, as part of our culture, that conformity is desired over personal expression, so that today we are conditioned to follow without question. By Susan Norman

The Intefadeh and Israel for Dumbbells
April 17, 9:00AM · So much convoluted politics in the Middle East, so much history, so much violence and hatred. It's all so confusing. By Bernard Weiner

Amateur Night in Ramallah
April 17, 9:00AM · As the past few weeks have plainly indicated, the grownups may be back in charge at the White House, but they are grownups who, at least on foreign policy matters, are a pack of gibbering idiots. By Jeff Ritchie

In Contempt of George W. Bush
April 16, 9:00AM · I have studied Bush carefully for many years now. I have deliberated thoughtfully, weighed the mountains of evidence, and I have reached a verdict. I find George W. Bush in contempt. By unblock

In Defense of Smart Tactics
April 16, 9:00AM · I wish I could say that Mr. Gronewaller is just plain "wrong, wrong, wrong" about Mr. and Mrs. Average American. Sadly, he isn't. Thus there may be less disagreement between us than meets the eye. By Ernest Partridge

Consequences of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy
April 16, 9:00AM · Bill Clinton's reputation needs to be restored every bit as vigorously as it was destroyed, to show the future that good leadership is rewarded, and treachery is rejected. Not for Clinton's sake, but for our nation's. By Joby Comstock

A Modest Proposal
April 16, 9:00AM · It is a melancholy object to those who journey through the history of this great country, when they see how the rewards of preferential treatment have benefitted the African immigrants over White immigrants. By Bob Martin

Megadittoes Rush! First Time E-Mailer!
April 15, 5:00PM · Mr. Limbaugh, your hypocrisy is so voluminous that I don't know where to start. And, as a back-handed compliment, I must admit that there's no way to keep up. By Brian Harwell

Clarence Thomas and the Republican Right
April 15, 5:00PM · According to a recent report by the Citizens' Commission on Civil Rights, the Bush administration is pursuing policies that serve to resegregate America. What does Clarence Thomas think of this? By Christian Dewar

Don't Get Smart, Get Stupid!
April 13, 9:00AM · I really think the problem is that we as liberals are in general far more intelligent, well reasoned and educated, and will go to astonishingly great lengths to convince people of the integrity and validity of our fair and well thought out arguments. By Michael Gronewaller

Designer 'Genes'
April 13, 9:00AM · The more money they get, the more power they can buy. With more power, comes more money, which buys more power, which…well, eventually they accumulate enough wealth to in essence buy the government. By Kerry Tomasi

Journey of a Seed
April 13, 9:00AM · Dorothy Walker Bush planted a seed in her dear child George, and he apparently transplanted it into the game of politics and transmitted it on to his seedling sons. By Teresa Simon-Noble

ANWR and Snake Oil
April 13, 9:00AM · According to the GOP, drilling in ANWR will boost the economy, create new jobs, make more fuel available, and probably will cure the common cold. By Radfringe

Button This (Beware of the Lobsterman)
April 12, 9:00AM · I swear, George, you have to stop this. You're embarrassing us in front of the whole world. I wouldn't be surprised if your Mom was slapping your Poppy upside the head for rigging the "election." By W. David Jenkins III

What is the Shape of the Activist Web?
April 11, 9:00AM · Oddly enough, I feel the Activist Web must take a page from Rush Limbaugh. He started out by entertaining with jokes and music and then sucked in the dittiots for his rant. Similarly, we need more than dead-on-arrival all-politics sites. By Jim Mooney

America is Not Bush's Sandbox
April 11, 9:00AM · Once in the White House, Bush began playing with America as if it belonged to him, as if it was his sandbox to play in. He could decide who could play with him, and who had to be sent away. America was HIS! By Madison

Cut the Ties that Bind
April 10, 9:00AM · Mr President, how can you possibly reconcile the contention that Iraq is a hostile regime while at the same time ignore the fact that American corporations continue to profit from and lend support to it? By Michael Shannon

The Myth of Republican Tax Cuts
April 10, 9:00AM · If you're frantically in the midst of finishing that annual math test given by the IRS, you probably don't have time to figure out whether or not you actually received a much-publicized tax cut that Republicans like to claim they gave you in 2001. By Jackson Thoreau

FAQ: Bush on Foreign Policy
April 10, 9:00AM · Given the current war on terrorism, many people are turning their attention toward foreign policy, and some of the people are actually employed in the Bush Administration. By Jeff Ritchie

The "Alice Documents": Inside the Mideast Negotiating Room
April 10, 9:00AM · The enclosed documents purport to be a record of what transpired inside the Mideast negotiating room. We can't verify the authenticity of the "Alice" documents, but they certainly do make one wonder - and think. By Bernard Weiner

I Would Like to Know Why...
April 10, 9:00AM · I would like to know why I never hear the questions that I want asked in the media. By TruthIsAll

On Heroes, Heroism, and Julie Hiatt Steele
April 9, 4:30PM · To me the real act of bravery, of heroism, is the conscious, deliberate decision to embark on a course of action that carries a significant risk of physical to oneself in doing so, and deciding to take that risk. By Robert C.

The Bush Education Bill and the Post
April 9, 4:30PM · With the signing of HR1, President Bush's "education reform" legislation, the Washington Post Company stands to reap a bonanza in the hundreds of millions of dollars. By Margie Burns

Don't Just Get Mad, Get Smart
April 9, 9:00AM · Now really, what is the objective of the dissenting internet: to share our rage at the usurper regime, or to restore our democracy? If the latter, we'd best take careful assessment of our tactics. By Ernest Partridge

George W. Bush's Call for Volunteers in the Service of America
April 9, 9:00AM · In the 1970's Bush uncharacteristically volunteered to work at a Houston antipoverty charity program where his father was an honorary chairman. This was the first and last time the Dubya had ever demonstrated any 'compassionate conservatism' towards the less fortunate. By Christian Dewar

The Short History of the Bush Doctrine
April 9, 9:00AM · The Bush Doctrine worked well in Afghanistan and as it related to Al Qaeda. But it leaves little leeway when the situation is not so black-and-white. By Eric Munoz

Presidential Documents
April 9, 9:00AM · It is beyond-belief shocking to see executive orders given to the President of the United States by oil companies, and then to see him obediently issuing the order he was asked to issue. Yet that is exactly what happened, last spring. By Margie Burns

Bloodshed, and an American Hero
April 6, 10:00AM · here in America, we're remembering a great hero. A hero who just might offer some hope for you all. The guy I'm talking about is Martin Luther King. By Patricia Heartland

Faith Based or Faith Debased?
April 6, 10:00AM · The mixture of religion and politics is a modern Molotov cocktail that can and does kill innocent men, women, and children. By Bob Thorn

Making a Killing
April 5, 9:00AM · It would have been a bitter death for the brave American soldiers fighting in Europe if they had realized that comfortable American businessmen back in the States were making fortunes financing the same industrial cartels that manufactured the weapons that were being used to kill them. By Christian Dewar

Bush's Phony Afghan Drug War
April 5, 9:00AM · The sad truth is that the US does not want to stop the drug trade in Afghanistan, because that would mean taking on the Afghan warlords, and if the US did that, we might face a wider, more intense war than we faced against the Al Qaeda. By Richard Prasad

Dear Walt Isaacson...
April 4, 9:00AM · Which is it, Walt? Money or cowardice? A bit of both, maybe? Did somebody get to you? By Warren Pease

The Carlyle Crusaders
April 4, 9:00AM · This strange war in Afghanistan has made it painfully clear that, terrain and mobility aside, there is no place and there is no time on "tomorrow's battlefield" for heavy artillery. Unless the Carlyle Group can make a quick buck, that is. By Sheila Samples

The Danger of Apathy
April 4, 9:00AM · Why does the Radical Right dominate the abortion debate? By Patrick Ennis

The Armageddon Policy
April 3, 9:00AM · Our current President has repeatedly suggested that ours is a holy war, a war against all evil, and that invoking God's help is necessary for victory. By punpirate

The Limits of Collective Punishment
April 3, 9:00AM · Apparently, both the Israelis and the Palestinians have yet to discover something that most teachers, historians, and drill sergeants already know: collective punishment seldom works. By FDRLincoln

The Stealing of a Culture
April 3, 9:00AM · An open letter to Rep. Diana DeGette (D-CO) on the subject of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). By Walker

Draft Dodger in Chief
April 3, 9:00AM · Perhaps it is the wish of George W. Bush that the citizens of the U.S. never learned or have forgotten his own blemished military record and that of many of his most bellicose, militant advisors. By Christian Dewar

Guns, Oil, Payback
April 2, 9:00AM · Want to understand the junta in power? Its as simple as G - O - P: we've got the Guns; we'll take the Oil; anyone who objects we'll Payback. By arendt

Calico Cats Admit Fear of Attorney General
April 2, 9:00AM · A new poll of calico cats across the country reveals that a great majority of them are deathly afraid of Attorney General John Ashcroft. By Gil Christner

Reality Check
April 2, 9:00AM · The conventional wisdom that we are being well served does not stand up quite as unscathed as the apologists of the Bush administration would have us believe. By Michael Shannon

Bush and Leadership: Never the Twain Shall Meet
April 2, 9:00AM · The media in all its insipid desire to praise the President, and to a much larger extent, the citizens of the United States, have missed the point. By JM

Bush's Nuclear Madness
April 1, 3:00PM · The Bush administration's recent decision to revise this county's nuclear weapons policy should send a shivering chill down the spine of every human being living on this planet. By Bassman

Not by Nukes
April 1, 3:00PM · Far easier to build than nukes, build in big numbers, and build discreetly, are EMP bombs. By bkl

Mushroom Nation
April 1, 3:00PM · If the United States is on the side of truth and right, if we stand on the side of the angels, why does this administration wish to operate in secrecy? By Christian Dewar

A Peek Inside Osama bin Laden's Diary
April 1, 3:00PM · By all rights, I should be dead by now. But the Americans always seem to leave avenues of escape; I'm beginning to suspect that's by design, as Bush can use me to scare his people and carry out his Pax Americana plans around the globe. By Bernard Weiner

I Am a Modern Conservative
April 1, 3:00PM · The instinct of self-preservation is what fuels my hatred not only for those unlike me but also for those who are less than able-bodied or able minded. By Neuvocat

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