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Bush Is Not Dumb; He's Too Clever By Half
April 27, 2002
By kentuck

What was he thinking when he decided our policy should be not to get involved in the Israeli/Palestinian issue? Did he think the Israelis would handle the problem by simply kicking the butts of the Palestinians? And that would be the best solution? Surely he was not so dumb as to think there was no problem there? So we can only presume that he knew the seriousness of the problem but thought the best way to handle it was by permitting Israel to handle it with violence.

What was he thinking when he sent Colin Powell to Afghanistan with promises of aid or else? Did he think a poor backward country like Afghanistan had no options against the superpower of the world? And what did he think when the Twin Towers came tumbling down? Did he think he could get a pipeline through Afghanistan for his Big Oil friends, simply by stomping his feet and threatening violence?

And what was he thinking when he withheld the presidential records of Ronald Reagan and his father, George H.W. Bush from being opened to the public as the law required? Did he think he could change this law with impunity and never be called for his transgression? And when he put his Governor of Texas records off limits by moving them to his father's presidential library, was that dumb?

When he withdrew our nation from the ABM treaty, was that dumb or was that a strategy with ulterior motives? The same with his denunciation of the Kyoto Treaty, why did he do that? What was he thinking as he was pushing the Congress to pass a Star Wars defense program, to raise the defense budget to unparalleled heights, to cut taxes for his wealthiest friends, and run our country back into debt and deficits? Did he do this because he is dumb? No, he did it with a purpose.

George W. Bush is not dumb. He is preying upon the citizens of this nation with his lack of vision and his economic and foreign policies - but he is doing it with a viciousness and will that more resembles evil and lack of empathy than lack of intelligence. He is tearing our nation down to its foundations and he is being assisted in his destruction by the partisans in the media that have been recruited and trained for just such an operation. And now, we are being led down a primrose path by those that should know better but are too bound to the right-wing partisans to actually help our citizens in their time of need.

Where does it all end? We have a leader that is praised for his impotence and lack of intelligence, as our nation is threatened by foes of his own making. We have a news media that is more concerned with beating their competition in viewership than in reporting what is really happening to our nation. On top of that, we have an opposition party that is either unwilling or unable to mount a real challenge to the present danger we now face. They must do or say nothing that will endanger their reelections. Are we dumb or are we just refusing to face reality?

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