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The Feelings of One Airman
April 23, 2002
By anonymous

In 1995 I took an oath to serve my country and Constitution. Now, seven years later, I find myself serving a fascist regime. I don't want anyone to think that I am unpatriotic or I would turn my back on my country, because I NEVER would, but serving in the military is getting more and more difficult each day.

Yes, I got a pretty good raise this year (I am finally above poverty level) and I get to live in Europe for two more years. But that is not what this is about. This is about the difficulties of not being able to speak my mind.

As I sit back and listen to the people I work with talk about this "war" we are fighting, I am amazed at their lack of knowledge. They are not stupid by any means, they are just misinformed - I guess that is what Fox News does to you. They don't know that there were plans to build a pipeline for oil through Afghanistan or that the U.S. forced the break up of Yugoslavia.

If you think YOU get looked down upon for saying that Bush is an fascist, try being part of the military. I would be brought up on charges and could serve jail time.

Trust me - my heart broke on 9/11, just like all of America's. But my heart keeps getting stomped on when I see the Bush regime take away our civil liberties. How could America be blinded by him?

He is not charismatic, smart, or truthful. The people he has surounded himself with are twice as bad. You have a crooked oil executive, a racist, and a spokesman who doesn't have an honest bone in his body. The logic eludes me.

These past seven months have really set in stone what I knew for the past year: I want out! Not because I don't love my country, but because I don't want to be used, let alone die, to put money in the pockets of big oil. I know I am not the only one in the military that feels this way, but I am certainly in the minority.

When people ask me why I want to get out when things are looking up for the military, when we are getting paid more and we no longer have to work with equipment from the 1970's, I just say "to go to school".

I can't say, no matter how bad I want to, "I HATE BUSH AND HIS LIES UPON LIES UPON LIES! HE IS THE REASON I AM GETTING OUT!" I want to yell this so badly, but I am forced to keep quiet.

So, Mr Bush YOU are the reason I, and many others like me, are getting out. It is not about pay or benefits, it is about personal freedom. Freedom to speak our minds, do what we feel is Right and not do what is right(wing).

My beliefs are mine and mine alone and do not reflect that of the Air Force or the military. It is of utmost importance that I remain anonymous.

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