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Journey of a Seed
April 13, 2002
By Teresa Simon-Noble

Rushing East on Hollywood Boulevard, in Hollywood, Florida, on my way to the I-95 North ramp, I was forced to stop by the railroad barriers giving the right-of-way to the Southbound Amtrak Train.

As I turned my head north to look at the oncoming train, I noticed a billboard posted just outside the tri-rail station. It read, "Home of the Dorothy Walker Bush Presidential Train Museums."

When was Dorothy Walker Bush ever a resident of Florida?

George Herbert Walker Bush was born in Greenwich, Connecticut. He vacationed with his mother, Dorothy Walker Bush, at their Kennebunkport, Maine, summer retreat. The family wintered in Duncannon, South Carolina.

Historically, Dorothy Walker Bush was part of the New England scene. A woman who excelled in the game of tennis, who taught her Poppy that winning was important but that he must never appear to want to be winning. A seed that was planted in her dear child, and that he apparently transplanted into the game of politics and transmitted on to his seedling sons.

A lesson he learned so well that it may have been the seed which begot us the 1979 October surprise; the 1988 dirtiest, mud-slinging nasty-fest against an unbelieving Michael Dukakis; the 1992 untrue but malicious, and maliciously planted, gossip to an Arkansas Court of Law, tying Bill Clinton to a possible Whitewater connection; and, by Election 2000, to the ruthless and countless ways in which, beginning with the Jeb Bush/Katherine Harris team and, ending with the James Baker-Ted Olson-and-the-Felonious Five team, the Bush Cartel managed to give the boot to the legitimately elected Al Gore and grab the power of the Presidency, the White House, and the Oval Office in the most blatant, bloodless coup d'etat ever perpetratd against this American Democracy.

What does this bad seed planted in her dearest Poppy by Dorothy Walker Bush leave us to contend with?

Can Floridians trust that there will be a clean election while Jeb Bush is Governor of the State of Florida? O! what is the name of the Texas Candidate now complaining that Texas Democrats had great difficulty finding, and many could not find, their polling places in Texas' most recent elections?

Was this a coincidence that the Florida Blueprint on How To Steal an Election has been repeated in Texas of all places! Was it more of a Machiavellian plot with the indelible Bush imprint on it? Is it a fearless promise of what Janet Reno and Florida democrats can expect come this November?

Do these Bushes have no shame?

Shame? Whoever heard of shame if you must win the game at all cost while giving the appearance that it does not matter whether you win or lose the game?

Is this why George Herbert Walker (Poppy) Bush was so well suited to become the CIA's (or was it the FBI's) director. I mean, was he already a master of all of that covert stuff that goes hand-in-had with CIA and FBI operations?

Is this why he had no problems saying that he was out-of-the-loop in the Iran-Contra scandal, when, in fact, it appears that he was pretty much in the loop?!

Is this why, or how, the bushes were able to rig the Florida 2000 elections while taking the moral high ground saying that they had nothing to do with it?

I mean, is this part of the Bush Family Game: Do something and then say you didn't do it? What a twisted seed indeed Dorothy Walker Bush's advise to her son has turned out to be!

Is this why the Bushes "Blow Smoke in our Faces and then tell us it is Perfume" as Ron Littlepage has written?

Teresa Simon-Noble is a freelance writer. She has worked in the mental health field for eighteen years.

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