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I Am a Modern Conservative
April 1, 2002
By Neuvocat

I am a modern conservative.

I'm an insecure white person who is afraid of change. My history is full of conquest and treachery. I have made my way to the top of the food chain, so to speak, by foregoing any sort of morality and restraint, though I have often used talk of such things in order to sway those who believe in such nonsense to do what I want them to do. And if something as cumbersome as my conscience gets in the way, I will use the Lord Almighty Himself as a justification to just do the same thing that I've always done.

After all it was imperialist white people who executed Christ. Not Jews, Africans, Latinos, or Asians. Why should His teachings stop me?

I have come across the world using famine and pestilence to conquer lands and turn people into slaves while purging their gold-laced hillsides. I have always used technology to gain an unfair advantage over my enemies because I have always known that if I would play by the rules I would lose.

And yet guilt shadows wicked people like me. I try to hide from it by condemning others for not being enough like myself. I would spit into the hand that reaches out for my help and ignore the starving while trying to laugh at those without shelter.

This instinct of self-preservation is what fuels my hatred not only for those unlike me but also those who are less than able-bodied or able minded. I do not wish to be burdened by such a responsibility of caring for someone in such a state. I don't want responsibility, just the rewards of this fleeting life, so what can you expect from me now?

I have much to pay for, that much is certain. But I will find others just like me and we would find safety in numbers from the punishment that starts to cave in. No one else can be trusted because of this. And together we have come together to form more crusades and waged war on those who had as much right as we did to what the world has offered.

You may call it tyranny if you like while we call it thinning the herd, getting rid of all those who oppose us or are too burdensome.

And now it is a new age but things are still the same. We are no different, we modern conservatives. We have taken advantage of modern technology just as we have always to forward our agendas, to beat down those who would dare think.

We hide behind this modern medium and try as we might to damage the psyche, to scar the feelings of others if it suits our whims, to try to intimidate or harrass others with threats we couldn't possibly begin to stand behind in the outside world.

Our lives have been wasted pursuing wealth and we are in many ways a sickly breed unlike other human beings or creatures that walk this temporal plane.

I am ruthless, selfish, and spineless.

I am a coward.

I am a Modern Conservative.

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