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MARCH 2002

Bush, Oil, and the Taliban
March 30, 9:00AM · Did the Bush administration plan to attack Afghanistan before September 11th? By Christian Dewar

Help from an Unlikely Source
March 30, 9:00AM · While Democrats are busy pandering to their traditional core constituencies, they should also be giving thought to pruning some limbs off of the Republican tree. By Patrick Ennis

Stop Making Sense
March 30, 9:00AM · This administration seems think that this is a country full of slack-jawed Jethro Bodines, who'll swallow whatever high-grade fertilizer they dish out. By Isaac Peterson

Scandals and Lies
March 29, 9:00AM · When is a scandal not a scandal? It seems that when a scandal appears to be connected with a member of the Republican Party, it is not reported as such. By Bridget Gibson

The Five Percent President
March 29, 9:00AM · Sherlock Holmes had his "Seven-Percent Solution" and we have a five-percent president, George W. Bush. By Madison

Jimmy Carter: Dark Prince of Evil?
March 28, 4:40PM · William J. Bennett, that beloved poster boy for conservative family values and the self-avowed moral cop for all Americans is at it again. By Politicsgrl

Taxes for Torture
March 28, 4:40PM · We are scooping people up all over the world on evidence that wouldn't stand up in a real court of law and sending them to countries that perform acts of torture. By W. David Jenkins III

The Supremes and their Dope in Public Housing
March 28, 4:40PM · The Supreme Court said on Tuesday they had no problem with a law that allows entire families to be evicted from public housing for the drug use by one member. By Sag

Drawing the Line: Execution of the Mentally Retarded
March 28, 9:00AM · National consensus seems to be generally set against the execution of minors, so why should it acceptable to execute criminals who function at child-like levels? By Katherine C. Markham

Stupid White Media
March 28, 9:00AM · As Moore enjoys his sudden literary celebrity, the marketing people at HarperCollins scratch their heads and try to figure out why so many people bought the book corporate management wanted so badly to destroy. By Generic Other

Heads-Up: It's "Democratic"!
March 28, 9:00AM · A few years back, some very clever right-wingers decided to rename a political party that was not theirs to rename. By Madison

The War On Terror Needs To Find Its Voice
March 28, 9:00AM · The circle of violence and fear will not be broken unless the U.S. takes on the dual role of dealmaker and impartial judge. By Tommy Ates

Time to Kick Republican Butt!
March 27, 9:00AM · We, the Democrats, have allowed the Republicans to successfully put us on the defensive time and time again. We need to stop behaving like losers, and challenge them at every turn. By Bassman

Iraq-o-rama Part 2: This Time It's Personal
March 27, 9:00AM · Saddam is still wandering around the neighborhood, and Daddy didn't like him, so Junior's gonna finish the job. The problem is, who's gonna call the cops when this feud gets out of hand? By J. Mark Batchelor

Tipping the Balance
March 27, 9:00AM · While many in the Democratic Party are saddened by Tipper Gore's decision not to run for Senate in Tennessee, it was ultimately the right thing to do. By Richard Prasad

When We All Lead
March 26, 6:15PM · We who seek the truth are legion. Right now we're under ground, disconnected for the most part. But every day that passes swell our ranks, for every day that passes is another wherein some poor fool puts it all together. By RB Ham

One Nation, Under God, Divisible
March 26, 9:00AM · A belief that the Lord God favors our religious community above all others, can lead to some truly bizarre, and, I suggest, morally outrageous, beliefs and behavior. By Ernest Partridge

Bad Daddy Bush
March 26, 9:00AM · We love our children, but we know their faults, and we let them know that they must improve. We love our country dearly, but we will not pretend that our government can do no wrong. By CLYRC

I'll Have a Brock... Make it a Double
March 26, 9:00AM · After years of right-wing pundits making fun of Hillary's claim of a "vast right-wing conspiracy" we finally find out what most of us already knew. Hillary was right. By W. David Jenkins III

I Love Grover Norquist
March 26, 9:00AM · This past week, I sat in the audience and watched two performances in Washington, D.C. The first, a debate at the National Press Club, got me laughing and cheered me up. The second, a comedy show at the Improv, depressed me deeply. By David Swanson

The Secret Life of George W. Bush
March 26, 9:00AM · With Republicans now suddenly willing to talk about presidential approval ratings, lets take a look at what the Bush administration has done this past year. By Kelley Kramer

Review of David Brock's Blinded By The Right
March 25, 2:00PM · Not since Michael Lind's "Up From Conservatism" has there been a book that candidly expose the Republican Right for what they are. Book review by James M. Kehl

The Tale of the Tape
March 25, 2:00PM · Who had the advantage when it came to ducking the Media Spot Light? Condit or Scarborough? By Gil Christner

Black Academia Can Rise to the Next Level
March 25, 2:00PM · Can black academia practice what they preach on affirmative action and the hiring process? By Tommy Ates

Justice or Politics?
March 25, 2:00PM · If Andrea Yates hadn't received so much media attention, or if she were, say, African-American, she would most certainly be on Death Row right now. By Why

The Top Ten Conservative Idiots (No. 60)
March 25, 2002 · Second Annual Oscar Special!

Mandated Governance... Not!
March 23, 9:00AM · One would think that instead of Bush receiving 49.9% of votes cast in the elections of 2000, he received an overwhelming, mandate-creating majority. By Bassman

Let's Do the Time Warp (again)
March 23, 9:00AM · When I watch the news, read the newspaper, listen to the radio, or check my e-mail, I have to wonder: is it still the 1990s? Bill Clinton isn't still President, is he? By Isaac Peterson

Intellectual Dishonesty from the Right
March 23, 9:00AM · We don't need Bill Bennett and Lynne Cheney, with their cute little committees to tell us how to be good Americans, or how to be loyal Americans, or what our rights as Americans are. By Lois Erwin

Trent Lott Behaving Badly
March 22, 9:00AM · We are living in dangerous times, and the American people will not stand for hollow and misguided posturing from a Senator acting so childishly. By James G. Wilson

Politics Going to the Dogs
March 22, 9:00AM · Once again, Republicans who have sworn to "die on position" and "hold at all costs" end up fleeing with their tails between their legs, humiliated, silent, and quietly vowing revenge. By Jeremiah Bourque

A Framework of Lies
March 22, 9:00AM · The father of the current President allowed Americans to be killed in a war for oil interests created by a P.R. firm. Now those around Bush the younger conveniently find that an American presumed killed in the Gulf War might still be alive. By birdman

The Life and Times of a Bush Catchphrase
March 22, 9:00AM · It's no secret that George W. Bush uses a lot of repetition in his speeches, but recently Snellius pointed out something I hadn't realized - the parallels between Bush's oft-repeated "they thought we were soft" speech, and a quote from Bill Clinton. By Lisa and Snellius

What They Are Saying...
March 21, 9:00AM · They say they're a brand new group—and they call themselves Americans for Victory Over Terrorism (AVOT). I say they're the same old bunch, all dressed up in a brand new name. By Sheila Samples

Don't Tread On Me Nursing Home
March 21, 9:00AM · Theme Homes Inc. runs over 100 nursing homes nation wide, including one on Long Island that provides care to those whose politics tend very much to the right. By birdman

Radio Free Fascism
March 21, 9:00AM · How is it these people can get away, unchallenged, with their lies, libel, and hate-filled rhetoric? By Bassman

Should we Fight for Oil, or for Our Children?
March 20, 9:00AM · Senate amendments to first increase CAFE mileage requirements and second to increase national commitment to renewable energy, met with resounding failure this week. By punpirate

Patrick Leahy: A Profile
March 20, 9:00AM · For 28 years, Patrick Leahy has toiled in the Senate. Yet, he is one of the least reported about and most under appreciated Senators in the Senate today. This is a profile of his career in the Senate. By Richard Prasad

Mr. President, Tell the Truth
March 20, 9:00AM · Mr President, if you are so concerned that Iraq diverts a sizable portion of the proceeds of its sale of oil to the production of weapons of mass destruction, why do you permit US corporations to continue to be such a major source of those funds? By Michael Shannon

Operation Anaconda: Success or Failure?
March 20, 9:00AM · While United States General Tommy Franks calls Operation Anaconda "an unqualified and absolute success," the level of success and penetration of former Taliban and al-Qaeda remains to be seen. By Tommy Ates

Planes, Trains and Automobiles
March 19, 2:40PM · I'm kind of abashed, really, to think of us self-reliant Yanks being so dependent on someone else for the juice that keeps our country going. I think a lot of us are. By Patricia Hartland

A Girl, a Boy and his Newsletter, and an ISP
March 19, 2:40PM · I hope that everyone who reads this takes the time to investigate and examine every single company, every corporation and every staff member, all executives, all service agreements, technical supports before signing up. By Karen Capel

The Language of Justification
March 19, 9AM · Conservative op-ed hawks use certain terms so often that the words and phrases make up what I have come to call "The Language of Justification." By Pamela Fox

The Middle East for Dumbbells
March 19, 9AM · Confounded and dumbfounded by recent Bush Administration moves, once again I decided to consult that invaluable reference series, this one titled "The Middle East for Dumbbells." By Bernard Weiner

Creative Accounting, Just a Question, Misdirection
March 18, 5PM · Enron, the War on Terror, and Dick Cheney's encouter with the GAO: what's going on? By Larry Martin

Lying About Vietnam
March 18, 5PM · Celluloid heroism cannot rehabilitate the Vietnam War. By Robert M. Freeman

Dear Justice Kennedy
March 18, 5PM · This is the frightening New World of 2002. It's the world you created. Are you happy with your work? By ExpatDem

I Don't Know Whether to Laugh or Cry
March 16, 9:00AM · Sometimes I wonder if this whole "stupid act" is meant to throw everybody off. Then the bonehead turns around and waves at Stevie Wonder. Okay, I guess we all have to admit that George W. Bush is a flaming idiot. By W. David Jenkins III

My Way or the Highway
March 16, 9:00AM · The conservatives' quest to silence the opposition. By Taylor Sias

Confronting the 'Open Minds' of the Right-Wing
March 15, 9:00AM · To many conservative Republicans, the open-mind creed is one steeped in deeper hypocrises. It is more an axiom to be mouthed than acted upon; more a philosophy to be chanted until most people become weary of arguing that the chanter does not practice what he or she preaches. By Jackson Thoreau

Hurtling Toward Sarajevo
March 15, 9:00AM · By assassinating Archduke Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip may have lit the fuse - but the powder keg was sitting there waiting for him. Can it happen again? By birdman

Increasing Investor Awareness
March 15, 9:00AM · I have written the foundation for a piece of legislation that should receive broad bipartisan support in both houses, as well as the support of the vast majority of publicly traded companies, and all shareholders, and analysts as well. By Mike Schiller

Following the Light
March 14, 9:00AM · Ted Koppel urges his journalistic colleagues to "follow the light" of truth "wherever it takes us." Sadly, the media have failed to do so, and there is scant indication that it will anytime soon. By Ernest Partridge

War - Huh?
March 14, 9:00AM · Absolutely no attempt has been made to inquire any deeper into the terrifyingly complex issue of terrorism. By Noel O'Connor

Ask Auntie Pinko!
March 14, 9:00AM · What do you think the Democratic Party does or should stand for?

Seduction of the Not-So-Innocent
March 14, 9:00AM · A lot has been made of the way Bush played the media like saps during the campaign. By Morris Smith

Dr. StrangeBush: Or How GWB Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb
March 13, 6:00PM · George W. Bush's new nuclear posture review brings to mindf Stanley Kubrick's masterwork, Doctor Stangelove. The only trouble is, Bush's contingency plans are real, and much more frightening. By Richard Prasad

A Candid Interview with President Bush: A Fantasia of Hope
March 13, 9:00AM · President Bush seemed flustered by my question. "In our family," the President said, with something of a pained smile, "that period and those episodes are regarded as ancient, and somewhat embarrassing, history." By Bernard Weiner

Hello, It's Me Again

March 13, 9:00AM · Did you enjoy the Winter Olympics? I didn't see much of it, as our television networks spend more time airing advertisements and "human interest" stories about various (mostly American) athletes than showing the events... By Patricia Heartland

The Right's New Target of Hatred: American Muslims
March 13, 9:00AM · This new era of intolerance represents the worst of America. If the Republicans wish to be indentified with this cause it will be their tragic mistake. By J. Carlos Jiacinto

Bush's Free-Trade Flip-Flop
March 13, 9:00AM · The Steel tariffs imposed by President Bush are the perfect election issue for the Democrats. By Thomas Sturgess

Nuclear Policy Will Worry Both Friends and Enemies
March 12, 9:00AM · Like breaking the ABM treaty with Russia, President Bush appears to have no qualms of re-establishing American imperialist objectives on contracts or agreements that do not suit his administration's goals. By Tommy Ates

The Year of Living Dangerously
March 12, 9:00AM · The optimistic jauntiness and entrepreneurial hubris of the great gatsby '90s has given way to fear and loathing, and a lot of uncertainty. By T.W. Croft

The Bunnypants Gang Takes On PFLAG
March 12, 9:00AM · The Bush Administration is currently investigating those troublesome PFLAG agitators, while being somehow still unable to find the guy who's been sending anthrax around. By Tucker Estron

Inundated by Email Hoaxes
March 12, 9:00AM · How many of you out there receive emails now and then "exposing" politicians for their evil deeds, bad quotes, estimated IQs or other misinformation? By James G. Wilson

An Open Letter to Tom Daschle
March 11, 9:00AM · It's pretty well taken for granted in political football that the team will win who comes in, backs up, goes deep, stays tight, and is fast, big, mean, and smart. By Sheila Samples

Your Military Dollars at Work
March 11, 9:00AM · Actually, there seems to be another reason for the US presence in Afghanistan. By TrogL

The Abyss Gazes Also
March 9, 9:00AM · The decision to hold the prisoners in Cuba, rather than mainland USA - the legally meaningless label of "detainee" - both illustrate the concerted effort by the administration to distance the prisoners from the concept of ordinary criminal justice. By Noel O'Connor

The Killing Machine
March 9, 9:00AM · The United States is winding up a deadly operation in Afghanistan. It is loudly proclaiming its intent to commence similar operations in a number of other countries, lasting possibly for many years. By Richard Mynick

Avoiding the Obvious
March 9, 9:00AM · Hendrik Hertzberg's latest article compares the current conservative momvement to the American Communist Party of the 1930s and 40s. Does anyone think this is a little odd? By Pamela Troy

The Suspension of Reason
March 9, 9:00AM · Any act of violence precludes the suspension of rational thinking while opening the floodgates of emotion. By Teresa Simon-Noble

The Manichean President
March 8, 9:30AM · I remember when the world was black and white. When it was easy to tell the good guys from the bad. President Bush has declared that the battlelines of today are equally well marked. When in fact they are anything but. By Michael Shannon

A Letter to Our Representatives
March 8, 9:30AM · We, the members of the North Broward Democratic Club, along with the other freedom-loving citizens of this nation, watch current events unfolding with a growing sense of alarm. By the North Broward Democratic Club

Mr. DeLay Goes to Washington
March 8, 9:30AM · History shows that if we abandon federal regulation and oversight, called by conservatives "government control of our lives," that "control" will likely devolve, not to private citizens, but unaccountable corporations. By Ernest Partridge

Almost Reflexively
March 7, 9:00AM · My opposition is not so much to the war, as a wide variety of mistakes being made in it. I feel no pressure to toe the line to support the flag, because the flag does not need my help; it is, rather, domestic America which requires the help. By Jeremiah Bourque

Let Us Not Forget
March 7, 9:00AM · The little, fortunate draft-dodging AWOL-er is going to keep nauseating us with his "Let's Roll" garbage while the folks from Fox will still become orgasmic when they speak of his leadership qualities. That's when we need to remember January 20th. By W. David Jenkins III

The Thickness of a Politician's Skin
March 6, 1:10PM · To run for public office these days, one has to have a skin at least as thick as a rhinoceros. Criticism rolls off a politician like water from a duck's back. By punpirate

Bush Hits the Trifecta, America Hits the Skids
March 6, 1:10PM · With weekly Terrorist Alerts, apprehension about the economy, and worries about the escalation of military action, do you feel lucky that Bush hit the Trifecta? By Radfringe

The War Against Propaganda
March 6, 1:10PM · With the American public's new reliance on Talking Heads, the job of the propaganda arm is that much easier, both in keeping certain details from reaching general knowledge, and in presenting false details as truth. By Mark W. Brown

Dear World
March 6, 9:00AM · I thought it was about time to write; I know you haven't heard much from me since the media consolidated into a couple of corporate empires. By Patricia Hartland

As Good As It Gets?
March 6, 9:00AM · The fall of the Cold War should be opening our eyes to its real objectives. The "New World Order" exalted by then-President George H. W. Bush has deteriorated into a period of some of the greatest global strife and civil war in history. By Christopher Harrison

Patriot Games: Civil Liberties after September 11
March 6, 9:00AM · On Wednesday, February 27th I attended a public meeting sponsored by The Nation Institute. I hope it was an inspiration to those who were there to continue this conversation in our daily lives and actions. By Rene Bouchard

The War on Terrorism For Non-Experts
March 5, 9:00AM · All this war and politics stuff can be mighty confusing. So I picked up a copy of "The War on Terrorism for Non-Experts," a kind of primer on current events, and now feel much better-educated. By Bernard Weiner

The Pickering Nomination
March 5, 9:00AM · There has been much controversy over the nomination of Charles Pickering by President Bush for a seat in the Court of Appeals. Is Judge Pickering divisive and racially insensitive, or has he redeemed himself? By Richard Prasad

March 5, 9:00AM · The Case Against the GOP-Corporate Alliance. By Pill

Six Months After Attacks, Gore Administration Still Looking For Unity
March 5, 9:00AM · The initial feeling of national unity has quickly unraveled into a morass of partisan bickering. Most of the blame, Republicans say, can be laid at the feet of an administration which lacks the popular mandate. By Scott Sloan

Two Kinds of Welfare
March 4, 6:15PM · A proposal to make welfare requirements for the needy even more stringent comes from an administration that has been more generous with corporate welfare than any I can remember. By Paul Kienitz

The Pathology of Clinton-Bashing
March 4, 6:15PM · Conservatives today are furious over what they see as a series of stinging political and cultural defeats, but their problem is that the one man they should be blaming is also the one man they could never possibly blame. By Jeff Ritchie

Republicans Drop More Senseless Bombs On New York
March 4, 6:15PM · In an attempt to divert public attention away from the government corruption aspects of the Enron scandal, both Bush and Congressional leaders are stooping to an all-time low. By Mike Schiller

Open Letter to Americans
March 4, 6:15PM · You have been taken in by a campaign of lies from right-wing con artists out only for total domination of the people. It's long overdue we show up conservatives as the liars they are. By fed2dneck

Lies, Damn Lies, and Jeb: a Cautionary Tale
March 4, 6:15PM · This time the world is watching Florida. And, frankly, the world doesn't like what it sees. By Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

Jesus H. Ashcroft
March 2, 9:00AM · John-Boy says that anything we have to do to protect freedom is okay 'cause God has "endowed us" with that right. By W. David Jenkins III

Unity for Victory
March 2, 9:00AM · The time has come for progressives of all stripes to unite against Bush. If a few still wish to support Nader I say "let them" because they will never be convinced, satisfied, or appeased. By J. Carlos Jiacinto and Mike Hersh

Consider it a Boycott
March 2, 9:00am · Given enough facts in a non-threatening manner, anyone with a hint of social conscience can understand the utmost importance of at least considering the vegetarian option. By nsaixphnutex

"Thinking Ouside the Box: Poisoning Food Supply"
March 2, 9:00AM · The above was the title of a section of a briefing to be shown to President Bush by the Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld, on Sept. 17th, 2001. By Jeremiah Bourque

What Year is This?
March 1, 9:00AM · We're in a lingering recession and an overseas war. As CNN displays maps of a small desert country, Ross Perot appears on Larry King Live. George Bush is the sitting president. What year is this? By grl2watch

Onward, Christian Soldiers
March 1, 9:00AM · In my opinion it is the height of hypocrisy, the epitome of egomania and the apex of arrogance. "It" refers to the Evangelical Right Wing plan to proselytize Afghanistan's Muslims. By Bob Volpitto

Regressive Taxation Rage
March 1, 9:00AM · Regressive taxes are taxes that are commonly placed on necessity, rather than luxury, goods. And they often wreak more havoc on the public sector than they actually help. By Chris Harrison

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