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Stupid White Media
March 28, 2002
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Stupid White Men, Michael Moore's book just hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller list, quite a feat for a book that was due to be pulped and recycled a few short months ago, its author told to revise and remove all references to Bush. As Moore enjoys his sudden literary celebrity, the marketing people at HarperCollins scratch their heads and try to figure out why so many people bought the book corporate management wanted so badly to destroy.

Like the publishing industry, the media also seem to be having difficulty understanding why Moore's book is selling. Market demographics and profitability are the bottom line, however, so Moore is the flavor of the day even if his ideas make them nervous in corporate boardrooms--very nervous. Wasn't it Marx who said that capitalists would sell their enemies the weapons that would destroy them?

So, now the counterattack comes. In the past week, I have read several hack writers accuse Michael Moore of lying. The tactic is to focus on some minutiae in his words and use any minor deviation to question his credibility. So-called reporters howl with derision and label Moore a pathological liar for saying that the roadkill he spotted on the side of the road was a poodle when it turns out to be a terrier. Whatever. It's still a dead dog just like Moore said.

Propagandists are launching attacks to discredit Moore because apparently too many of us are listening to him. No matter what some think of him, he is getting the Left's opposition message out. Moore's book is furiously debunked. Accusations of disinformation fly. Otherwise limp reporters gangbang Moore and other liberals every time they open their mouthes. What is he saying that they don't want me to hear? Too many ugly questions. Not enough answers. When some of these aggressive reporters step forward to provide some, let me know. Do I believe Moore is a white liar? Hardly. Hated by yellow journalists? Undoubtedly.

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