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When We All Lead
March 26, 2002
By RB Ham

"When the truth is buried underground it grows, it chokes, it gathers such an explosive force that on the day it bursts out, it blows up everything" - Emile Zola, French author and newspaper writer, 1840-1902

There is a time coming when persons such as I and yourself, gentle reader, will have to emerge from the safety of our internet chat rooms. Sure, we can tap away at our keyboards and exchange ideas with like minds. We can go over and over the same territory over and over again. Kept amongst ourselves, at this level, we can view the 9-11 conspiracy as a well polished pet rock. It may bring us comfort to know these fears are shared by some. But what if the lid were blown off? What if some singular event occurred akin to the Pentagon Papers being exposed back in 1973?

I tremble when I contemplate the power that exists in the collective minds of those still unaware. If a conspiracy were revealed that threatened to bring down this government, would it take the form of the Nixon era? Resignation. Long drawn out investigation. Bush ("I got implausible deniability, that's what Jim Baker tol' me") underlings take the hit along with some foreign nationals - case closed. Democrat wins in 2004. Pardons Bush. The party goes on?

Knowledge is a powerful tool - in the right hands. We can only hope that there exists still a framework by which such measures could be peacefully brought about. But who is policing whom? How unified would that government be? Would martial law be implemented? Which side would the regular army stand by? Is it even possible to reform the CIA? The ire and fury of a nation now directed at the ghostly Osama bin Laden, the Taliban and Al Qaeda could be doubly so directed at those who lied to them or enabled them to look the other way. Without direction, it could take the form of Anarchy and Chaos. Thus legitimizing any severe measures enacted to quell it. And severe it would be.

The War Of Terror is upon us, brought about through subterfuge, fear and greed. As the natives of countries arrayed the world over can tell you, the War chooses you. You don't choose the War. They who bring us the War have decided that it doesn't matter what you think. You are valued only in so far as you represent political benefit. How much did you donate to the Republican Party, hmmm?

I have no faith in "Congressional Investigations" or "Royal Commisions" - even if they somehow stumble upon the truth, the act is already done and in most cases the political and corporate elitist perpetrators are well cushioned for the blow. News of the 9-11 Investigations being staffed by the very people who have the most to hide, strangely, comforts me little. I merely shrugged when I learned of Bush and Cheney's iron fisted request of Tom Daschle, the Senate Democratic Majority leader, to limit the broadness and scope of any enquiries.

Hell. I was expecting it. When you are seeing it from where I sit, it all fits into place. Every suspicion I've had of this conspiracy has been subsequently confirmed by each and every measure the Bushies have enacted since September 11th. From the secret tribunals to the trials by press conference to the carefully staged White House leaks - it all stinks to high heaven.

I'm not the only one, either. We who seek the truth are legion. Right now we're under ground, disconnected for the most part. But every day that passes swell our ranks, for every day that passes is another wherein some poor fool puts it all together. Like the flick of a switch. Click. The Afghani pipeline negotiations with the Taliban, the CIA-bin Laden connection, the bin Laden-Bush family partnership, the Moonies and the Christian Reconstructionists, the Carlyle Group, Dyncorp, Haliburton, Enron in India, the killing of Danny Pearl, the Pakistani ISI, the Mossad, the NATO sponsored terrorists in the Balkans with connections to Al Qaeda, the heroin connection, arms

State sponsored terrorism? But that means we sponsor...

Click. The light turns on. At first, you may recoil in horror. Panicking, you may seek desperately to prove yourself wrong. The more you search, the more the sweet velvet prison of denial is denied you. The complete picture you lack of the vastness of the conspiracy will often feed fears of formerly unthinkable scenarios. Sometimes, you will be numbed into indifference and search out your own comfort. The shock can be devastating to those not properly prepared. Sacred cows are to be checked at the door.

We can but catch glimpses of the purpose behind the bold machinations of the New Fascist Order. Clearly, we can not deny the fact that the current pace of economic and military globalization is being desperately implemented. So it is up to those of us who have seen the light, who have come to understand that these plutocrats and oligarchs lie to us and use us for their own nefarious purposes, to help guide the uninitiated and unprepared seekers of truth.

The overlords know what the rest of us do - that global warming and human industrial pollution are linked. That the world's population is out of control. That the oil is running out. That thanks to technology, the world is a smaller place.

A one world government is coming. The battle over how this will be implemented is being fought right now. In the think tanks and board rooms. In the class rooms and on the streets. In the tunnels and in the jungles.

I represent those who follow the vision of progressives like Jack and Bobby Kennedy , Martin Luther King, Gandhi and others who saw the potential in humanity for peace and universal justice. Who understood that we must step back from the brink of our military madness and our corporate greed.

The cycle of violence simply has to come to an end, and it can not be stopped by greater and broader violence. You don't put out a fire with gasoline.

Unfortunately, it would seem that the Golden Rule reigns supreme in the hands of the power brokers. Those who have it, make the rules. They would rather horde the wealth and resources for their own comfort in a dying world than make the changes necessary for the common good. When one comes to that realization is when the decision must be made. When you come to understand that the rich and powerful view your life and your children's lives as just so much data on their well cooked balance sheets, well...


We will be needed as voices of reason in the days ahead. Let us resolve to use our foreknowledge and oft-expressed demands for truth and justice to help light the way.

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