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The Secret Life of George W. Bush
March 26, 2002
By Kelley Kramer

Well it's been over a year now since Bush took over the White House. And with Republicans now suddenly willing to talk about presidential approval ratings, lets take a look at what the Bush administration has done this past year. A few observations:

US Energy Policy
A secret, only revealed to Dick Cheney and his billionaire oil friends.

FBI records of any investigations
A secret not only to you the average voter, but also a secret from any official you elect (I guess Bush gets to see them because he wasn't elected by you, he came in second)

Bush's Texas driver records
Secret, scrubbed his record and gave him Texas DL number 00000005.

Bush drug use
A secret, he doesn't answer personal questions (or public one's either as you will see)

All records from the 12 years of Reagan and Bush presidencies
This is a BIG secret says Junior, orders all records sealed, anything to be released only at his sole personal discretion.

Why did US intelligence fail Sept 11?
A secret, Bush wants no investigations into the biggest failure ever.

What are US homeland security plans?
Semi-secret, for a $1,000 donation to Republican party they will tell you some of it.

Activities of Homeland Security director Tom Ridge
A secret, Bush refuses to let him testify before Congress (heck, how could they charge a thousand dollars a pop if he gave it away for free in a televised hearing?)

What did Bush do for 6 years as Governor of TX?
A secret, Bush carted off all public records and sealed them in his daddy's Presidential library.

Does the Bush regime torture their prisoners of war?
A secret, Bush says 'up yours' to Geneva Convention and refuses their inspectors.

Does the US still only produce defensive nuclear weapons or are we trying to become a 'first strike' nuclear threat to Russia and the world?
A secret, Bush cancels 30 year nuclear treaty with Russia, refuses any inspectors.

What are the details of US international treaties?
A secret, Bush requests and gets sole personal authority to make public and/or secret deals without review by any of your elected officials.

What are our plans to go to war, and with whom will our sons and daughters die fighting, and why?
A secret, not only from you, all your elected officials (Thomas Jefferson and the Constitution be damned) but also, Bush war plans are a secret from the Pentagon too!

How do we know Bin Laden was behind the 911 attacks?
A secret, just because George says so.

What are future policy plans of Bush regime?
Semi-secret, for a $15,000 donation to Tom Delays office you can get a meeting with a 'top level White House official.' (Delay currently being sued by conservative Judicial Watch)

What went on in the airplanes Sept 11?
A secret, Bush refuses to release any cockpit tapes, even to the families of the crew and passengers who died.

What evidence do we have to prove someone is a terrorist?
A secret, Bush wants all trials done in secrecy, including secret hangings (dead men tell no tales).

What is the extra $10 billion just added to the Bush defense budget for?
A secret, Bush wants the extra taxpayer money with no assignment, to do with as he pleases, in secret of course.

How does Bush plan on cutting taxes, huge increases in defense spending and still not raid Social Security and bankrupt the US treasury?
A secret, strangely Bush doesn't want to talk about this at all any more, ever since the election was over.

When and where did this secret Bush shadow government come from?
You know, the one none of your elected officials even knew about. Answer: secret, secret, secret!

What did Bush mean by restoring honor and integrity to the White House?
Obviously its A SECRET!

I guess the answer is in the Bush secret government in that cave in some mountain in Virginia. Besides the Bush administration of the United States, what kind of government would hide in caves in a mountain? That's the only question Bush doesn't keep secret!

Now, I have one more question for you.............

What kind of 'public servant' would you consider President George W Bush to be?

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