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Mandated Governanace... Not!
March 23, 2002
By Bassman

One would think that instead of the paltry 20% or so of the total possible votes the Republicans received from the citizens of this country (or 49.9% of those actually cast), in the elections of 2000, that they received an overwhelming, mandate-creating majority.

The evidence? Despite losing the presidential election in both electoral (legitimate count) and popular vote counts, the Republicans have proceeded to ram through their agendas, without regards to their actual support, and against the wishes of the vast majority of this country.

Their exaggerated hubris and guile has somehow led them to believe that the majority in this country want the following:

1. No investigation into the events of September 11th, and those leading up to it

2. Endless wars, declared without Congressional or constitutional approval and authority

3. The shredding of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

4. The abandonment of sound environmental policies

5. Refusal to make public, information guaranteed to us under our laws

6. School prayer

7. Repeal of Roe vs Wade

8. More tax cuts for the rich

9. Depletion of the Social Security fund, to pay for tax cuts for the rich

10. The appointment of right-wing, racist judges

11. Collaboration between church and state in governmental affairs

12. No investigation into Enron and their ties to the Administration

13. Higher utility bills (thanks to Republican led deregulation efforts)

14. Little or no reform at the SEC

15. Drilling in national parks and refuges

16. Unlimited defense spending

17. The shrinking of the government to the point where it is no longer effective

18. Cuts in education and child welfare

19. Reduced benefits for the elderly and retired

20. An expensive, and thus far failed, missile shield

21. Abrogation of treaties that have helped keep the world safe from nuclear development

22. Higher health care bills (due to Republican refusal to consider cost containment measures or universal coverage)

23. Higher oil prices (which will be the result from the coming "oil wars")

24. No prescription plan for seniors (all the money gone to war and tax cuts)

25. An economy that rewards the rich, while it leads to the destruction of the middle-class and poor

I could go on... and on. Did you vote for any of these things? Is this what you think the government should be doing for its citizens? I think not. Then why do Republican lawmakers think they can ignore the wishes of the people of this country, and basically tell us to go to hell? Repeat after me...WE ARE THE MAJORITY!

Bush's poll numbers, have only emboldened them. They are mistaking poll numbers for mandate, and hopefully, for the sake of the country, they will soon find this to be a fatal mistake. Until free, fair, and honest elections can be held to replace those who now hold us in such contempt, everyone of us should be writing our Republican legislators, and demanding that our will be done and our voices listened to. They need a reminder, a big one, that they are elected to represent all of the people, not just the select few they happen to agree with.

We must take control of this situation now, before any more harm is done. Right-wing Republicans are plotting the destruction of this country, with as much zeal as any follower of Osama. Instead of bombs and planes, they are trying to destroy our government from within, one law at a time. At no time in our history, has our country been so threatened, and it will be up to us to save it.

Today, right now, sit down, and write a letter (or a fax, or an e-mail, or make a call) to your Republican legislators, and to the President. Tell them that you will not be ignored, nor silenced, because you are A PART THE MAJORITY!

If the President comes to your town, prepare to protest his visit, because......WE ARE THE MAJORITY (and because the last time I checked, the majority is supposed to rule in this country)!

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