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Radio Free Fascism
March 21, 2002
By Bassman

Listening to freep mouth Michael Savage yesterday, was nothing more than listening to the diatribes of a rabid, fascist propagandist. Between Savage, Limbleah (PigBoy), Dr. Laura, Mike Reagan, and all the rest, it is apparent our AM radio waves have been completely commandeered by the “Blind from the Right”.

Yesterday, Savage tore into California Gov. Gray Davis, for extending the time limit to remove the chemical MBTE from gasoline. Davis did this under threat from the oil companies, who stated that his failure to do so would give Californian’s $3.00 per gallon gas.

Imagine what Savage would have said about Davis had he not stayed his removal order, and gas did go up to $3.00! I am sure Savage would have accused him of all sorts of things, including being responsible for the resulting impact on California’s economy, which would be significant. Further, Savage kept repeating his pet nickname for Davis, “Red Davis”, and all but accused him of being a flaming communist.

How is it these people can get away, unchallenged, with their lies, libel, and hate-filled rhetoric? They are using the public airwaves, that’s right, the PUBLIC airwaves, that the citizens of this country own, to disseminate their propaganda. It is very disturbing to me, and should be to everyone else, that they are allowed unfettered use of this public platform.

It’s time for the people of this country to put a stop to this! We must organize to do the following:

  1. Demand the FCC offer airtime under the “Equal Time Doctrine”, to allow the “other” side an opportunity to respond to the right-wing, Republican propaganda being espoused by these wing-nuts! Many of these shows, are nothing more than one long commercial for Republican ideology. As this is the case, we should demand equal time!
  2. Demand accountability for the truth from these fascists, and sue the piss out of them for their lies and libel! We need a team of lawyers, willing to risk the criticism that would be sure to follow, to take them on. We need to beat them at their own game.
  3. Demand that the radio stations who carry these broadcasters, also hire those who have viewpoints counter to their current crop. Frequently, the wing-nuts screen their calls so closely, that they refuse to take views counter to their own. If they refuse to open the process up, then we should organize boycotts of their advertisers (Ginkoba?), letter writing campaigns, and even pickets.
  4. Find and cultivate broadcasters with other viewpoints, and demand that they be placed on the air. Where are the great progressive radio hosts, and why don’t they have market saturation similar to the righties? Listening to radio, you would think the country is overwhelmingly right-wing, and all of their callers agree with them. Not!

We can no longer accept the status quo. These people are lying, inciting hatred and violence, and using the PUBLIC airwaves for one-sided political propaganda. Democracy, and the people of this country, are not served when only one side controls the airwaves!

Bassman is a published writer, photographer, and lecturer, focusing on the environment and government ethics.

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