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March 5, 2002
By Pill

The actions of the Republican Party, in collaboration with their corporate contributors, including the Iran-Contra crimes, the Clinton impeachment drive, the hijacked 2000 election, and the unilateralist, revisionist, and amoral power politics of the Bush administration, have divided our country, weakened our bedrock institutions, and diminished American stature. By forcing the unfit Bush on our nation when we specifically rejected him, the corporate-Republican alliance has destabilized the world, and threatens freedom within our own borders.

We are the grassroots of the American majority. We voted as a majority in what we thought was a free election, and defeated the candidate we recognized as unfit for the office. But the candidate's brother oversaw voting in the decisive state, and they stole what they couldn't win. To our dismay, this appointee occupies the White House, and far from contrition or humility, has displayed nothing but poisonous ambition, and a love for war.

We're angry. Some of us feel anger at our Democratic leaders for their passivity. We are all angry at a system gamed by corporate nihilism, angry at the media machine that shuts out our voices, angry at much, much more. But let's make no mistake as to the true identity of our enemy, an enemy we share with people everywhere who want peace.

That enemy is the alliance of the Republican Party and the corporate sector of the American economy. This document is an accounting of the ways that the Republican-corporate alliance (hereafter RepubliCorp) has conspired to degrade and to steal the birthrights of all Americans.

Through the last two decades, and now at a quickening pace, RepubliCorp, in partnership with the corporate Christian church, has asserted its martial revision of Christianity on our public space, undermining the protection against state religion afforded in the First Amendment to our Constitution. Republican politicians at the state level threaten secular institutions with legislation that forces Biblical creed, and their interpretations of it, into our public spaces.

The fundamentalist Attorney General recently gave a speech to religious broadcasters in which he expressed a formulation of "civilized people" as Christian, Jews and Muslims. And Bush cynically makes his faith a public affair, posing policy that grants state monies to religious groups.

RepubliCorp conspires to deny the guarantees of justice that are our birthright. The Republican-authored so-called PATRIOT Act weakens our guarantees of due process. The pot-club-busting RepubliCorps Attorney General and the growing prison-industrial complex, which is well-fed by zealous judges on the RepubliCorp travel program, poses little threat to corporate criminals.

Yet everyday, Americans wake up serving time in prison, even on death row, for crimes they did not commit. They are disproportionately black men, there because divisive judges like Charles Pickering sustain the vestiges of an elitist racism in our justice system. Now Bush offers Pickering as an example of the quality of judge he esteems.

The persecution of Bill Clinton flaunted justice by staging a political show trial in a kangaroo RepubliCorp court. RepubliCorp dispatched Ken Starr's independent counsel office as an advance camp for the 2000 presidential campaign. If not for the Clinton impeachment, Bush would never have gotten close enough to steal the election.

RepubliCorp has robbed Americans of our democratic birthright. The Supreme Court decision in Bush vs. Gore leveraged a one-vote partisan judicial victory to steal the right to vote from millions of Americans, and granted the executive branch to the RepubliCorp candidate.

The private wing of RepubliCorp has established a shadow-Congress of lobbyists who relieve their political partners of the burden of writing their own legislation. The political wing responds by using the extra time to raise more money, preach to the nation, and indulge their voters with poison rhetoric and salacious tales of sex among consenting Democrats.

RepubliCorp webs of deceit flaunt the checks and balances which our country's founders explicitly wrote into our constitution. We learned about checks and balances in school, and we believed that they were our birthright. Now they are gone, stolen by RepubliCorp snakes, who profit by strangling the voice of the conscientious majority.

For all of it, the worst is still to come, for Bush's permanent campaign manager now has informed the world that his party shall build their political fortunes on expansion of the military state. In short order, the White House has proposed a drastically expanded defense budget, and Bush's rhetoric becomes more bellicose.

His saber-rattling diminishes American prestige, and his clear intent to expand the miltary action's sphere of influence jeers at the war powers that we the people granted to Congress. His very publicly-stated love for war reflects poorly on peaceful Americans, and will haunt the name of our nation throughout history.

Meanwhile, Bush's largesse toward defense contractors benefits the Carlyle Group, a company to which his father serves as consultant. A party that continues to plant fictitious tales of petty crimes and diplomatic malfeasance allegedly (but, it always turns out, not) committed by the previous administration, cannot bring itself to acknowledge what may be the dirtiest conflict of interest of all.

The world will not know peace, and Americans will not know justice or democracy, as long as the Republican-corporate alliance holds power.

At last, RepubliCorp have conspired to rob the American working class, to pay for their 10-, 12-, 20-year war. The Bush tax cut of 2001, and all other Republican economic legislation, disproportionately place the burden of taxation on the middle and lower classes, while leavening the burden of the upper and corporate classes. And so, amid accounting sophistries and flurries of unilateralist domestic politics, it turns out that the expansion of the corporate military state dreamed of by Bush, and vividly outlined in his State of the Union address, will be born disproportionately by the American working class.

Our sweat and toil, our ingenuity, our good will, are employed to pay for war, with no clearly stated aim, to belabor a mannered conceit fashioned by a speechwriter who has now left the company -- about six weeks too late, sad to say. RepubliCorp steals our birthright, and the products of our labors, to prop their political fortunes on what turns out, at long last, to be a shoddy vision of perpetual global war.

The people of our nation must hear the truth about the corporate-Republican alliance. We must speak out, because they certainly will not hear the truth from anyone else. We must attack the corporate media with unflagging pressure, and with the truth that we have learned: the alliance of the Republican Party and their corporate contributors is the way of permanent war.

We need to reform our own party, or build a new one. Either way, we must weaken the inhumane bond that sustains RepubliCorp. But the only way to bring enough force to cleave it, is to strike with the weight of informed public opinion.

We are the grassroots of the American majority. If we don't inform the public, no one will.

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