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We Are a Problem People
February 28, 9:00AM · For us, history has not been kind, nor very forgiving. We are still paying for the sins of others, the greed of the Southern industrial complex that needed cheap labor, and the avarice of wealthy landowners who slandered African-Americans to justify their inhumanity. By Tommy Ates

Marriage as a Route to Success? Maybe Not
February 28, 9:00AM · The reality is, marriage guarantees nothing. It is foolish to suggest that marriage, in and of itself, guarantees success in life. By Why

Check Yer Guns at the Door
February 28, 9:00AM · Gun control requires two different standards. Sensible standards for our rural areas, where many types of rifles, shotguns, and handguns can be possessed by anyone, and sensible standards for our big cities, where there are no crop-eating vermin or cattle-stalking coyotes. By Eddie Ruff

Comic Book Conservatism
February 27, 9:00AM · Comic book simplicity is the main reason Republicans are at the top of the political food chain. They use easy to understand dialog, mixed with arguments distilled into black and white, good versus evil, plot lines. By Larry Martin

What Time is it, Mr Fox?
February 27, 9:00AM · A 25-year-long message board discussion from an eerily familiar parallel universe. By Pamela Troy

13 Days in Captivity
February 27, 9:00AM · Through no fault of my own, I erased my hard drive. And there I was, the proud owner of a $1200 paper weight with no access to information other than what the media chose to tell me. By W. David Jenkins III

We Have a Job to Do
February 26, 9:00AM · Referring to our leader as a smirking, repugnant chimp is fun as a hobby, but we need to get serious. We need to win in November. By Eddie Ruff

Game Review: Predator UAV
February 25, 9:00AM · In the past some of the best console games on the market have been pilloried by lobby groups both liberal and conservative for promoting violence against innocents. By Adrian Luca

Fifth Estate, Anyone?
February 25, 9:00AM · The fourth estate is as cold as last week's road kill. By Prodigal Son

The Axis of Evil in a Real World Application
February 25, 9:00AM · I have created a little real world example of what exactly appointed president Bush did in regards to North Korea during his state of the Union address. By Jeff Commaroto

The Unholy Trinity
February 24, 10:00PM · It is long past time for people outside the fundamentalist religious community to put this administration's claims of virtue to the test. By Arendt

Authorities Suspect Foul Play
February 24, 10:00PM · Yeah, the entire planet knows what really happened with Enron but the Republicans have committed themselves. They're stuck going down the path of deception or the path of misdirection. By Paul Winkelmann

Get Off Your High Warhorse, Mr. Ashcroft
February 22, 9:00AM · Reverend General John Ashcroft is working overtime on a personal crusade. By Jeremiah Bourque

The Greatest Resident
February 22, 9:00AM · One of the latest polls I've heard has George W. Bush ranked as the 3rd greatest president. Sheep nationwide bleated Bush's name above every other president's with the exception of JFK and Abraham Lincoln. By Paul Winkelmann

The Republican Layoff Conspiracy
February 22, 9:00AM · Lost in the excitement last year over Enron and the purported War on Terrorism was this fact: 2001 was the worst year for workers since the early Reagan years. By Kevin J. Shay

Forgive, and Go Forward
February 22, 9:00AM · I forgive Jesse Jackson not just because it's the Godly thing to do, but the sensible thing to do. By Sam Stellar

Let's Not Impeach Bush
February 22, 9:00AM · Believe it or not, although I believe the current administration is involved in a whole litany of scandals, and yes, I believe Bush, Cheney, et al. are entirely corrupt, I don't believe impeachment would be the best thing for our country. By Eddie Ruff

Our Own Worst Enemies
February 21, 9:00AM · We have allowed a small group of vocal, active, well-intentioned and decent human beings I call the "For-your-own-goodniks" to absorb so much of the Party's energy and set so many of the priorities on its agenda. By TygrBright

"Shallow Throat" Documents: A Pre-9/11 Bush&Co. Scenario
February 21, 9:00AM · Recently some minutes of a pre-9/11 Bush inner-cabinet meeting have come our way, from someone inside the Administration. By Bernard Weiner

Our Yen for Dubya to One Day Make Sense
February 21, 9:00AM · This time it was the Japanese currency that suffered from Bush's laziness and stupidity but what will the next flub cause? The beginning of World War 3? By Carlos Kelly

Sears & Roebuck $10 Banjo Media
February 21, 9:00AM · The news story all Democrats are dreaming about... By SoCalDem

The Polls Are Right, But They're Better Than You Think
February 20, 6:15PM · If there is one thing above all to be learned from the polls, it is this: they can often serve to strengthen the side that they don't favor. By Josh Brandon

Lies and Statistics
February 20, 6:15PM · Should we even expect intellectual objectivity on the subject of welfare reform from the Heritage Foundation? Or should we just expect them to formulate talking points for right-wing politicians? By Jack Rabbit

The Kids are Alright
February 20, 6:15PM · I've been afraid that protest and dissent on the large scale had died with my generation and the protests of the 60's and 70's, but my faith has been renewed. By Tyler Durden

Digging for Old Bones
February 20, 6:15PM · The Washington Times has editorialized that the "DNC chairman has two Enrons." It is a pitiful attempt to deflect attention from the Republican scandal known as Enron. By kentuck

Congressional Investigations: Questions That Won't Be Asked
February 20, 6:15PM · There is so much we don't know and need to find out. We need to know what is hiding in the bushes! By radfringe

*** DU IN THE NEWS ***
"Democratic Higherground"
Read the editorial by Debby Morse, in today's San Francisco Examiner.

John Q and America's Uninsured
February 20, 9:00AM · It is a crime that many Americans fear "getting sick" because of the potential financial ruination that may follow. By J. Carlos Jiacinto

Al Gore and the Internet: The Real Story
February 20, 9:00AM · Contrary to what has been commonly assumed, Al Gore had a valid point when he claimed that, "During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet." By Warren Stuart

National Security - or Covering His Ass?
February 20, 9:00AM · In the last week, the Bush administration pulled from public websites and other resources more than 6,000 public domain scientific documents. By Alan Landis

Are the Wheels Coming Off the Bush Bandwagon?
February 20, 9:00AM · There are issues that have come up lately that threaten to diminish the President's popularity and expose the long standing fissures within the Republican Party infrastructure. By Richard Prasad

Colin Powell Wraps it Up
February 19, 9:00AM · It's truly enjoyable watching the right wing deal with Colin Powell. By birdman

Who Benefits from Militarized Police?
February 19, 9:00AM ·
While the Drug War had been the main subject regarding militarization of the police, everything has been pushed into overdrive as a result of the War on Terror. By Jeremiah Bourque

Setting Son
February 19, 9:00AM · Like his father before him, George W. comes to Japan at a crossroads in his political life. By Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

Spoiling for a Fight
February 19, 9:00AM · Plans are in the works, we are told, to attack Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power. By Bridget Gibson

Now That Enron’s in Fashion, I’d Like to Make a Fashion Statement!
February 16, 9:00AM · I believe all politicians should be attired like NASCAR race cars and drivers. Bright suits should rule the day with major corporate sponsors painted in prominent places. By Anthony G. Hendricks

Why Republicans Really Don't Want Campaign Reform
February 16, 9:00AM · More voters equals more Democrats in office. Fewer voters equals more Republicans in office. The secret is out. By Eddie Ruff

Bush Neglects his Duties While Hillary Defines Patriotism
February 16, 9:00AM · New York has been robbed in three ways. And in at least two of these areas, Bush and Enron were responsible. By Mike Schiller

The Weakest Link in Campaign Finance Reform
February 16, 9:00AM · Have we created a maze that will make it virtually impossible to follow the money? By kentuck

What Did Gore Really Say?
February 15, 9:00AM · The media would have us believe that Al Gore’s speech to the Council on Foreign Relations was an endorsement of Bush’s policies. But on closer inspection, Gore’s speech was critical of Bush’s approach on several fronts. By Eric Munoz

Why Can't a Woman Run for President?
February 15, 9:00AM · An apron-strings, cookies-and-milk mind-set still dominates much of American society's attitudes about women. By John Chuckman

Real FBI Warning - This Time We Mean It!
February 14, 9:00AM · This will be one of your many warnings. Keep tuned to this spot to stay warned throughout the duration of the President's war on terrorism. By Eddie Ruff

Why I Refuse to Vote Republican
February 14, 9:00AM · The fact that so many of my Republican friends scoff at the working poor makes me wonder what they would do if their lives suddenly changed and they needed help from the programs they so detest. By J. Carlos Jiacinto

Black Land Loss (A Hidden Tragedy)
February 13, 12:30PM · According to an Associated Press study, the amount of black-owned land in rural areas has dropped sharply over the past 30 years. By Tommy Ates

Tears of a Crocodile
February 13, 12:30PM · Did Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill shed tears of compassion, self-pity, fire or those of a crocodile? By The Radical Ratdog

To the Right of Virtue
February 13, 9:00AM · I say, if we do not universally share in the simple bonds, we cannot create the complex, in which condition the virtues of the poor but proud have the only validity. By grl2watch

Wrong Man, Wrong Place, Wrong Time
February 13, 9:00AM · Despite the adulation of a subservient press, George W. Bush is in every way conceivable exactly the wrong man to confront the challenges that face America in the twenty-first century - and he is not afraid to prove it. By Kevin Raybould (kcr)

John Dean, Public Enemy #1 - Again
February 13, 9:00AM · I've read a couple of things about John Dean lately. I'm too young to remember Watergate, but I knew of the name for years. By Jeremiah Bourque

Woodward's Whitewash: 10 Days That Changed the Face of Journalism
February 12, 5:00PM · Bob Woodward's series in the Washington Post was nothing more than a puff piece, spoon-fed directly from the Bush propaganda machine. By Richard Prasad

I Know Nothing!
February 12, 5:00PM · We are only into the first few days of the Enron hearings and judging by the testimony, it's really no wonder that Enron tanked. By Paul Winkelmann

The Enron Lies Are Piling Up
February 12, 5:00PM · Perhaps not since Lt. Colonel Oliver North occupied Skilling's interrogation chair have so many lies been told in one day's testimony to the U.S. Congress.
By William Rivers Pitt

The Democracy Test
February 12, 5:00PM · Pick the best answer and no cheating, unless you’re planning on becoming a Politician, CEO, News Editor, T.V. Anchor, or President. By Anthony G. Hendricks

Answer Key for The Democracy Test
By Anthony G. Hendricks

The Rise of Yuppie Fascism, Part Two: Yuppie Fascism in Practice
February 12, 10:00AM · Last week, we examined the origins and theory of yuppie fascism. This week, we shall examine yuppie fascism in practice. By Jack Rabbit

Whar, Whar, Whar
February 12, 10:00AM · Scarlett O'Hara's words echo in our ears today as George W. Bush proclaims that his war may last for decades. By Jacob Kaufman

A Conservative Face to Liberal Ideas
February 11, 12:35PM · For all the talk of the nation swinging conservative there has been little to no mention of how all of the policies that Americans are applauding run against the conservative instincts that Bush and Cheney advocated during the campaign. By Jeffrey Commaroto

Tough Tony Spanks the Pope
February 11, 12:35PM · As conservative Catholics are constantly reminding liberal Catholics, the Church is not a democracy. By birdman

In Case of Depression, Break Glass
February 11, 12:35PM · The Depression of the 2000s will not be the Depression of the 1930s. The shuttered factories are a relic of the past. The ghost towns will be in the office parks and high rise office buildings, the empty K-Marts and deserted malls. By Kurt Cagle

Exporting Weapons of Mass Destruction
February 11, 12:35PM · If George W. Bush wants to stop the increase of terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, he need not look any further than his own State Department. By Eric Hananoki

A Man's Tears
February 9, 8:15AM · Paul O'Neill could not take a verbal beating from Sen. Robert Byrd, breaking down and crying at the notion that he might possibly be wrong. By Jeremiah Bourque

Focusing the Anger
February 9, 8:15AM · I fear we've been so wrapped up in our denunciations of Bush policy that we may have lost our way a bit and need to be reminded of common-sense political remedies. By Bernard Weiner

What's War and What's Not?
February 9, 8:15AM · In my opinion - and I've lived through every one since 1914 - you can only legitimately call it a war if you have an opponent roughly of the same size and strength - or, preferably, slightly weaker - and you're prepared to lose elegant-memorials-full of good men and women. By The Rt. Hon. Sir Festus K. Mountebank, OBE., WAN., KAN., OBI.

Our New Bill of Rights
February 8, 9:00AM · George W. Bush has been doing a very fine job of bringing our country to ruin by simply violating our most basic freedoms. By Dan MacCallum

Urgent Call from Cheyenne Mountain
February 8, 9:00AM · On the U.S. President's desk in the Oval Office, a phone's red light urgently flashes. It's the signal for an incoming call... By John Chuckman

A Prison of Brown Bottles
February 7, 10:15AM · My best friend is an alcoholic. His personal weapon of choice is beer, with an occasional Jack Daniels for variety. For years, I have witnessed the power of this weapon, and tried to pry it from his hand by every device imaginable. By grl2watch

Ask Auntie Pinko!
February 7, 10:15AM · Dear Auntie Pinko, what is tort reform and why should I be worried about it? Why shouldn't I support something that keeps sleazy lawyers from making big money on dummies who spill hot coffee on themselves?

The 800-pound Gorilla
February 7, 10:15AM · America wants what it wants, when it wants it and will do anything to get it. Anybody standing in the way had better look out. By TrogL

That 80s Show, Indeed
February 7, 10:15AM · George W. Bush's new budget is a return to Reaganomics. By Adversary

We Need Not Be Slaves to Polls
February 6, 9:00AM · The polls say that the President is omnipotent. He can do no wrong. He is trusted. He is popular. He is unstoppable. Why do we even care? By Jeremiah Bourque

The Bush Haikus
February 6, 9:00AM · Research has led us to believe that these poems — though whiskey-stained and crayon-scrawled — are the work of none other than that venerable wordsmith, George W. Bush himself. By Patrick Clark

News From the Department of Compassion
February 6, 9:00AM · The Department of Compassion, formally known as The Labor Department, announced today release of a training video to assist laid off, downsized, and Enronized workers. By Anthony G. Hendricks

Depression Watch #6: Catching the Enron Flu
February 6, 9:00AM · Just as it appeared that the economy might have bottomed out, the economy has taken and Wall Street in particular has been struck down with the ENRON flu. By Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

Bush to Environmental Education: Drop Dead
February 6, 9:00AM · Protecting God's creation is a form of advocacy that we must encourage. Instead, environmental concerns are treated like inconsequential data, mostly exaggerated and, according to President Bush, meaningless. By John Borowski

Detain the Accountants
February 5, 5:30PM · I don't even know if I want to get on a plane knowing accountants might be on it. What mischief are they planning? Where do their loyalties lie? By Frank Fuller

We Need More Journalists Like Seymour Hersh
February 5, 5:30PM · At age 64, Hersh, who has exposed secrets of Democrats as well as Republicans, remains an example of a member of the media who is doing his job. By Jackson Thoreau

The Rise of Yuppie Fascism, Part One
February 5, 5:30PM · In this two-part series, we will examine the new phenomenon of yuppie fascism. This week, we shall look at the origins and the theory of yuppie fascism. By Jack Rabbit

What the FERC is Going On?
February 5, 5:30PM · The Bush Administration would like all of us to believe that the events of last April are all a series of coincidences. The huge campaign contributions to Bush, the invitation of Lay to meet with Cheney to discuss energy policy, the memo given to Cheney by Lay through an intermediary. By Richard Prasad

Punxsutawney Dick
February 5, 9:00AM · In hibernation since early September, Punxsutawney Dick was pulled from his cave to the glare of the cameras... By Max Starsky

Winning is the Only Thing that Matters Anymore
February 5, 9:00AM · I want clever, devious people coming at Republicans from all sides. I want no aspect of their public or private lives unexamined, and every hint of scandal exposed. And if there's no scandal to be found, take another page from the GOP playbook and invent something. By Warren Pease

Administration Lubrication
February 5, 9:00AM · Bush was there when Enron drove in its first drill, when they hit a gusher, and when everybody's ten-gallon hats were filled to the brim with million dollar bills. By Paul Winkelmann

The Perils of Omnipotence
February 5, 9:00AM · If Republicans have ceased believing in the Republic, are they not now, then, literally, Imperialists? By Jeremiah Bourque

Homeland 7 - Evil 5
February 4, 4:00PM · Ever since September 11, there has been a steady attempt to alter our concept of government and what we, as Americans should expect from it. By Pamela Troy

The Consequences Have Begun
February 4, 3:35PM · Slowly but surely, the consequences of the Bush victory, such as it was, concerning the last presidential election, are being felt across the globe. By Jeremiah Bourque

Katherine Harris Mind Meld
February 2, 10:00AM · Spiritual seekers, as promised, this week we journey into the mind of Katherine Harris to search for enlightenment as to exactly what went on in Florida Selection 2000. By Anthony G. Hendricks

I Couldn't Fight the Evildoers Because I Got High
February 2, 10:00AM · If you do drugs you're helping the terrorists. Honest. Bogart that joint, my friend, and you might just as well be one of the evildoers. By birdman

Stand Your Ground
February 2, 10:00AM · You are an ordinary American caught up in the tide of history, and events seem to be getting beyond you. Who are you to stand against the current? I will tell you. By William Rivers Pitt

The War is Over
February 2, 10:00AM · But in our shock and vulnerability, our fears are being fed deliberately with another war in mind: The war to keep the administration popular and in power. By coyotefish

Fetus Frenzy
February 2, 10:00AM · How can people who care so much about life before it's born give such little regard for life once it is living? By Jeffery Commaroto

Honor and Dignity
February 1, 9:00AM · It's time to make the pie higher, George. Time to prove you're not just a waterboy for the megacorporations. By Isaac Peterson

Dubya's 'Axis of Evil'
February 1, 9:00AM · "An axis of evil" huh? Nice little catchy one-liner to get those "it's my way or the highway," "dissent is un-American" heart-strings strumming in unison across the country, I guess. By Carlos Kelly

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