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The Axis of Evil in a Real World Application
February 26, 2002
By Jeff Commaroto

I have created a little real world example of what exactly appointed president Bush did in regards to North Korea during his state of the Union address when he declared it part of an "axis of evil." Lets take two fictional characters, Jane and Steve, both of who will be fictitious friends of mine.

Now Jane represents North Korea and I represent America. We dated a long time ago. Actually we were associates who kind of had a one-night stand. Now after that happened things got really rocky in our association and it kind of felt like a war was going on. Steve, my good friend at the time represents South Korea. He was there for me and took my side through the whole thing. I really enjoyed his company only we didn't remain the best of friends afterwards, just close associates. But I will say much closer associates then I ever was with Jane before the "incident," or in layman's terms, the sex.

So flash forward fifty years later or so to a time when Jane and Steve have begun talking and they both are working out a possible relationship. Now during a board meeting where I am giving a speech, and killing mind you, just absolutely blowing people away with all the good news about the company's success despite all this nonsense talk of it sinking into the ground. Now as I am giving the speech I decide to blast some other companies that are our competition. One of those being a company Jane works for.

But instead of going after the company itself I slip and call Jane "a shrewd demonic bitch." Now the line gets everyone really excited and a round of applause follows. Most of these people don't have a problem with Jane; they just are kind of caught up in the moment and begin projecting their own heartbreaks and sorrow onto my words. Now normally this wouldn't be a good thing in and of itself but I had forgotten that it was a public board meeting and so it was being broadcast on CNN and covered by local newspapers.

Jane is pissed!

Now Jane knows I am a good friend of Steve's and Steve likes Jane but he can understand where I am coming from and even see what I am talking about. But he thinks it is in his best interests to still pursue a relationship with Jane because, well, Steve isn't that successful or good looking - a good guy but he isn't someone that can really achieve greatness on his own - and so he feels lucky Jane is even talking to him. But he still needs me, the big man in the business world to help him out in all other aspects of his life.

What I have just done is potentially ruin their up and coming relationship. But to make matters worse lets say I take a week-long trip to visit all the companies that Jane does business with and while I am there I keep repeating the part about her being a "shrewd demonic bitch." Also while I was at my own company I threw in some extra lines about her also being a "cold fish in bed" and what not. I tone it down a bit during my tour because I am losing some of the steam I gained during the speech. But needless to say this only gets Jane even more pissed and the potential relationship between the two isn't looking good.

This is kind of a crude example of what appointed president Bush did, but what he did was much worse, and as the North Koreans have recently said reflective of a "politically backward child." Bush basically said that North Korea and everyone in it are the embodiment of "evil." Not unlike how Osama Bin Laden and his cohorts define America.

His particular "shrewd bitch" comment is not only counterproductive to the peace process between North and South Korea but it could potentially fuel the nation, along with Iran & Iraq and the rest of our potential enemies into an alliance that could prove devastating. It was not by any means a moment for America to be proud of.

The true potential for disaster in this president's often misinformed words was driven home during his recent trip to Asia where he misspoke about the "devaluation" of the Japanese economy, sending a mixed signal to economists that created a downward spiral for the yen. In a global political and economic world where communications reign supreme every word matters and could have world wide potential effects. With just the placement of one wrong word an economy can begin to collapse - with a world leader judging a nation as purely "evil" the next round of terrorists could be born.

Bush has a lot of things to learn about human relationships and world leaders. By ignoring the feelings of just one Senator last year he lost Republican control of the entire Senate. So just imagine what might happen to Steve and I if Jane gets really mad!

Jeff Commaroto is the author of many articles about politics, both satiric and non, as well as the owner of and

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