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Sears & Roebuck $10 Banjo Media
February 21, 2002
by SoCalDem

The news story all Democrats are dreaming about...

November 6, 2002
Dateline: Washington DC, USA

Well, here we are with the proverbial egg on our faces..

You see, we in the media, were so sure that the unprecedented favorable poll ratings of George W. Bush were an undeniable harbinger of things to come.. We were wrong...

The “stolen” election of 2000 was NOT forgotten.. The majority of Americans whose votes were discounted, have NOT “moved on,” nor have they “gotten over it.”

The two intervening years were merely a stock-pot of simmering rage, boiling and stewing, just waiting for the opportunity to “boil over”sending this message “We are mad as hell, and we have NOT forgotten”...

Message received.

Democrats swept the 2002 election, turning out in record numbers.. There were still the requisite “hot spots”, such as Florida , Missouri and Michigan, but due to the massive outpouring of concerned citizens with video cameras, and the presence of foreign media ,and poll watchers, the incidents of voter disenfranchisement were few ..

Prior to the election, Democrats across the nation were busy manning phones and sending out letters to supporters and media across the globe. They were determined that THIS election would be legitimate.

During the first two scandal-rocked years of the Bush administration, it has become painfully apparent that the election of 2000 was fraudulent, and that the media has been played like a Sears & Roebuck $10 banjo.

Those two years have been marred by recession, huge budget deficits,corporate fraud, insider trading,campaign fraud,international scorn by former allies, and yes, war throughout the world.

One of the first things that the Democratically controlled House of Representatives and Senate have promised is an full court press to see that the Fairness Doctrine is reinstated. The 2003 legislative calendar looks very promising for the Democrats, and for mainstream America..

Items that are of primary importance are as follows:

1. A comprehensive medical insurance plan for every American

2. Legislation barring pharmaceutical companies from price-gouging Americans.

3. Further modifications of the campaign finance reform that will make lobbying illegal, and punishable by prison term

4. An immediate review of the Social Security Administration, and the placement of all “excess” payments to it and Medicare into an untouchable reserve for the retirement of the taxpayers, who are paying it.

5. The re-regulating of the airline, energy, communications, banking, and insurance industries.

6. Immediate public hearings into the 2000 election.

7. Impeachment hearings and investigations of the Supreme Court.

As Bush and Cheney prepare for yet another round of testimony before Congress, there was no comment from the White House.

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