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Congressional Investigations: Questions That Won't Be Asked
February 20, 2002
by Radfringe

Enron investigations are in full swing. At last count there are no less than 16 committees asking questions. Investigations into the events of September 11, 2002 will begin soon.

The following are questions that probably won't be asked:


Initially G.W. Bush denied knowing Ken Lay. Later, news reports showed that Bush did know Lay, who did in fact contribute heavily to Bush's Gubernatorial races, Presidential Race, Recount Fund, and Inaugural Ball.

The Texas archives have recently released correspondence between Ken Lay and G.W. Bush. This consisted of personal notes as well as pleas for legislative assistance and intervention. Several major media sources have carried the story.

A White House staffer claims that GW Bush never denied knowing Ken Lay and that this is old news.

If so, then did Bush lie when he said he didn't know Kenny-boy? Are they lying now in saying that Bush never denied knowing Kenny-boy? Are they lying still? Is this FUZZY TRUTH?

How much influence did Enron and Kenny-boy have in shaping Texas legislation and now national policies? What is the real reason Cheney won't release the meeting records? How many "unofficial" meetings were there; who attended; what was discussed?

How far did the deep pockets of Enron control Republican agendas? Who else in Congress has been bought and paid for by Enron and other corporations?

September 11, 2001:

In the spring of 2001, The Bush Administration sent a group to Afghanistan. The theme of the visit was the Caspian/Afghanistan pipeline.

The Taliban were told that they could be "carpeted in gold or carpeted in bombs." In late spring-early summer of 2001, the Bush administration sent these "evil-doers" $43 million in aid.

Was this a bribe? A taste of the 'golden carpet'?

Around the same time, the Bush administration was ramping up the military, some reports have hinted that it was in preparation for an Afghanistan invasion.

Also, around the same time, the Bush Administration hampered Terrorist Investigations by the FBI and CIA. Why?

On September 11, 2001 we experienced a devastating attack on our soil. Air Force defenses were not mobilized. Why?

Reports have claimed that this attack was totally unexpected. A month later we were bombing Afghanistan.

Rolling back the time machine: When Iraq invaded Kuwait, it took us more than 6 months to mobilize troops and equipment and begin expelling Iraq from Kuwait.

Yet, 1 month after an unexpected attack on American soil we are bombing Afghanistan? Were we prepared for such a campaign prior to September 11? How did we mobilize so fast in comparison to the Kuwait campaign?

On September 9, 2001, Gov. Jeb Bush of Florida signed documents that initiated Martial Law in Florida. Why? This was 2 days before 9/11. What did he know? When did he know it?

Was this just an example of FBI-CIA incompetence or did they know and were prevented from acting?

Afghanistan Pipeline:

In 1988, a consortium of Gas/Oil corporations announced that they would not be pursuing pipeline construction. They cited the Afghanistan civil war as the reason.

Two weeks ago, the newly installed interim Afghanistan government agreed to the pipeline project.

Bush said that our goal in Afghanistan was NOT to topple the Taliban government. Yet, the Taliban is gone, and Bin-laden is still out there.

Did the Bush Administration plan on overthrowing the Taliban from the start to open the door for the pipeline?

Questions, Questions and more Questions:

Carpet of gold/carpet of bombs, military build-up, FBI-CIA terrorist investigation hampered - was all this in preparation to allow an attack that would enrage the American people and in turn the American people would support an invasion of Afghanistan and other countries?

What was Enron's interests in the pipeline? They were part of the original consortium. Are some of these answers in the Cheney Energy meeting papers?

There is so much we don't know and need to find out. We need to know what is hiding in the bushes!

Radfringe is among the disapproving 15 percenters and currently runs the Radical Fringe website.

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