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Digging for Old Bones
February 20, 2002
by kentuck

The Washington Times has editorialized that the "DNC chairman has two Enrons." It is a pitiful attempt to deflect attention from the Republican scandal known as Enron. It is a wide stretch to compare DNC chair Terry McAuliffe to Ken Lay.

As Jennifer Palmieri, spokeswoman for Mr. McAuliffe has said, he "did not meet the business associates from Telergy or Global Crossing through political connections. In the case of Global Crossing, he met Gary Winnick through an investment banker, and he and the Telergy CEO were childhood friends."

She also said that Mr. McAuliffe "never contacted the government on behalf of these companies. That's the difference between his relations with those companies and the Bush administration, which gave Enron unparalleled access to the White House on energy and tax policy."

It should also be noted that so far, no state pension funds have been decimated by the bankruptcy of Global Crossing or Telergy. We know of no major deregulation bill passed specifically for these two defunct companies. Also, we have no letters written to the chief executive of the country lobbying him for specific legislation.

Furthermore, we have no proof as of yet that the Cabinet of Bill Clinton was over-loaded with lobbyists and executives from those two bankrupt companies. And we know of no tax cuts designed to pay off either of them, as was the case with Enron.

So, it is safe to say, "We knew Enron. This was no Enron." Even if found to be a scandal, it cannot compete. I say "even if," but there is no reason to believe anything criminal happened in these two bankruptcies. The Washington Times and the conservatives are whistling past the graveyard - searching for a shovel to dig up old bones. However, their little game has been discovered, as has their petty attempt to escape responsibility once again.

It is unfortunate that the conservatives have chosen this political strategy. And that is exactly what it is, a political strategy. Their polls have shown that Enron could be a disaster for them at the polls if they do not counter it. So we have all the nation's talk radio spinmeisters doing their duty - spinning the White House line of the day - like good little soldiers.

But, let them spin. They will be dizzy before this is over. It ain't gonna sell. People see the difference. They insult the intelligence of the average American with their awkward attempt to say, "See, they all do it." No, they all don't do it. But the ones that do are going to pay. They cannot talk their way out of it. Sorry Rush.










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