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Spoiling for a Fight
February 19, 2002
by Bridget Gibson

Plans are in the works, we are told, to attack Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power. Two hundred thousand American troops will be deployed and on the ground in the Middle East sometime this year. These are the schemes from our current administration. The administration from Hell. The administration with a master plan to rule the world for the oil and the spoils of war.

When did we, the United States, lose our way? Was it when all but one courageous Congressional Representative stood and handed George W. Bush his dreams on a platter? Was it when we forgot the responsibilities of acknowledging what is done in our names? Was it when we called for blood of thousands before standing back and understanding the policies that have been used as weapons against the multitudes of nations that are considered of less value to humanity?

A terrible darkness has befallen our country. I have heard the conservative pundits on the right call for the blood of their fellow citizens. A shining example is the words of Ann Coulter, "When contemplating college liberals, you really regret once again that John Walker is not getting the death penalty. We need to execute people like John Walker in order to physically intimidate liberals, by making them realize that they can be killed too. Otherwise they will turn out to be outright traitors." It seems that she doesn't want a contemplative counsel of restraint. Or the illustrious words of Jerry Falwell in which he claimed that God allowed terrorists to attack America because of the work of civil liberties groups, abortion rights supporters and feminists. Mr. Falwell also said the terrorist attacks on the U.S. were "probably what we deserve." These statements were made by Mr. Falwell during a broadcast of the 700 Club in September shortly after the attack on the World Trade Center. Pat Robertson agreed with Jerry. Does one need to ask where the logic in this resides?

I hate to be obtuse, but what are these people talking about? Are they truly so narrow-minded and close-visioned that they do not grasp the entire concept of right and wrong? What gives them the right or authority to claim that any of the deeds that have been done have been caused by progressive thinking people? What in the world could allow them to absolutely demonize the majority of the population that calls for a thoughtful and considered plan to maintain peace in this world? When did it become traitorous to question the role that our government takes in the making of policies and decisions about the lives of two hundred eighty million souls?

Excuse me for thinking that September 11 was not caused by liberals, gays or civil libertarians. September 11 was caused by a massive failure on the part of the government to pay attention to the rest of the world. When this administration called for a blind eye toward Saudi Arabia and Osama Bin Laden in March of 2001, it asked for the devastation that followed. It failed to understand that the policy of building a pipeline through Afghanistan was not our "God-given" right. It failed to understand that paying the Taliban $43 Million on May 19, 2001 made us complicit. And by "us," I mean the United States government and by extension of that, the citizens of this country.

We, the people, have allowed ourselves to become so disconnected from our government that we think that it's okay for some hawkish bureaucrat to rake up a few hundred thousand of our youngest and brightest hopes for a future and send them off to war. War is where people die, become permanently disabled or scarred from the experience of killing human beings. Unless each and everyone reading this column is prepared to become a murderer by proxy to force their will upon another people, you need to think about what is happening here.

All of this has led me to remember a line that I heard in a 1966 French film called "Masculin, Feminin" by Jean-Luc Godard: Kill a man and you're a murderer. Kill thousands and you're a conqueror. Kill everyone and you're a god.

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