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Dubya's 'Axis of Evil'
February 1, 2002
by Carlos Kelly

"An axis of evil," huh?

Nice little catchy one-liner to get those "it's my way or the highway," "dissent is un-American" heart-strings strumming in unison across the country, I guess.

Bush's speech writers inserted the term "axis" into his speech so as to deliberately invoke some good ol' World War 2 nostalgia and whet the appetite amongst Dubya's fellow warmongers for yet more bombing and killing. That's people who, when they themselves were called upon to fight for their country either hid in national guard units or as in Big Dick Cheney's case, "had better things to do."

Oh, there was never any doubt that our pretzel-challenged president would sooner, rather than later, pick a fight with that other schoolyard bully, Saddam Hussein, but his public, official declaration of war on Iran and North Korea should have us all shaking in our boots. There has not been any proof of Iranian involvement in global terrorism for years now.

That country, a democracy whose people were among the very first to offer their condolences to the United States after the September 11 attacks, has been making steady progress in recent years, and for the US to start bombing that country indiscriminately, like it did to Afghanistan, will only once again brew up anti-American feeling throughout Iran and anger the rest of the Middle East.

Where is the sense in that? There is none.

As for North Korea, it is quirky and inward looking. It has never been directly associated with groups like al-Qaeda, in fact it seems to be not in the slightest bit bothered with global terrorism at all, although the Bushies are adamant that the North Koreans will one day soon have the capacity to lob a nuclear weapon from Pyongyang to Washington D.C. The fact that surely the North Koreans must understand that such an action, if they could ever achieve it, would mean their certain destruction from the subsequent US nuclear retaliation seems lost on the Bushies.

One need not cast one's mind back too far to when both Koreas, at the urging of President Clinton, were actually making some progress towards re-unification, before the Bushies were installed by the supreme court. And once they had finished their false accusations of vandalism by ex-Clinton administration staffers, they wasted no time in putting an end to the Korean talks and declaring North Korea the latest "Evil Empire."

Now, if I wasn't such a damn cynic, I'd believe what George W. Bush was ranting about on Tuesday night.

I'd believe that Iraq, Iran and North Korea were all together plotting the total destruction of the United States, although the blatant truth of the matter is that not one of those states had anything to do with the September 11 attacks, let alone all three being part of some triumvirate Bush labels the "axis of evil." Iran hates Iraq and vice-versa. In fact, it's more likely that they'd be plotting the destruction of one another before they bothered with the U.S - while North Korea has nothing much to do with any other country, let alone Iran and Iraq.

So where's the evidence of their plotting, George?

Well, he's probably a little thin on evidence, although when has the US ever needed too much of that to carry out some much needed bombing in order to replenish the coffers of their pals in the military industrial complex? No, there is only one reason why Bush continues to play up the threat from countries like Iran and North Korea (especially) and that is the crazy Missile Defense Shield.

The Bushies need a reason to pursue it. If they cannot sell the American people a need for their faulty missile defense umbrella, then the people may actually begin to question the wisdom in spending upwards of $95 billion on something that has never actually worked in practice, will more than likely never work, and will probably be obsolete by the time it is ever commissioned.

It doesn't take an Einstein (or even George W. Bush, if he ever did some critical thinking) to come to the conclusion that $95 billion, if pointed in the right direction, would go much further towards preventing another September 11 than any missile shield could.

If that money was spent on intelligence, airport security, research into alternative fuel sources so that the US no longer had dependence on Middle Eastern oil, and helping to improve the social and educational infrastructure in countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran and dare I say it, Iraq, instead of on some inter-galactic umbrella that cannot even stop a penknife wielding hijacker from converting a commercial jetliner into a flying bomb, would that not make both the US and the world a safer place for us all?

Well, of course it would. It's only logical. But when has logic ever stood in the way of George W. Bush and his masters' plans?

Logic sure is the safer route for us all to follow - but it wouldn't make George W. Bush's friends in the military establishment any more money, and let's face it, that's all that matters to our boy George and those who pull his strings.

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