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Enron - Launch the Assault
January 31, 2:30PM · The Democrats must lead the assault on the Enron issue because clearly people suffered. The scandal affects many Americans whose pensions lost money because of investments in this company. By J. Carlos Jiacinto

A Modest Proposal
January 31, 2:30PM · Using Enron as a model for how businesses (and the government) should be run is like watching porno movies to learn how to have a stable, committed relationship. By Isaac Peterson

Lies, Damn Lies, and the Polls
January 31, 2:30PM · A lack of exercise of critical thought is a very, very common affliction and it is easier to be blinded than I ever could have imagined. By John Larson

America in the Tank; Americans Say Bush for Intergalactic Czar
January 31, 9:00AM · Are Americans really this stupid, or is it something in the water? By Warren Pease

Don't Be Paranoid, But...
January 31, 9:00AM · We are only trying to give you the facts. We do not want to scare you. We just want you to continue living your normal life. By kentuck

The State of the Union (as George sees it)
January 30, 4:30PM · A blow-by-blow rebuttal of George W. Bush's State of the Union Address. By Why

Bush's Speeches Give Me Motion Sickness
January 30, 4:30PM · I meant to listen to the State of the Union Address; I really did. Mea Culpa: I blew it off. By Tyler Durden

State of the Union - One Listener's Reaction
January 30, 4:30PM · After Bush's inspiring speech, a friend asked me what I thought. "Sounds like a great country," I said. "I'd like to go there sometime." By Scott Alexander

When News Isn't
January 30, 8:00AM · When did the news stop being the news? Why does a slice of our demographic pie actually think what we get today is NEWS? By SoCalDem

Ashcroft's Big Cover-Up
January 30, 8:00AM · Justice is supposed to be blind, but does the Attorney General have blinders on when it comes to more important issues like the anthrax investigation? By Richard Prasad

Unvarnished Indeed
January 30, 8:00AM · Did Dick and Dubya really expect to receive "unvarnished" advice on energy policy from Enron? I would hope that they are more intelligent than that. By James May

DU Member Exposes New Info in Enron "Suicide" Story
Report on DU message board outlines Medical Examiner's history of scandal. The Village Voice picks up the story: "Enron's Vince Foster?"

The True Republican Scandal
January 29, 5:00PM · Why is everyone so surprised about Enron? What about it is so shocking? It's in everything Republicans say and do. It's their reason for being. By Melissa Brown

Whatever Happened to the War?
January 29, 5:00PM · Anybody seen the war lately? I could have sworn it was around here somewhere. By birdman

Now Test Journalists
January 29, 5:00PM · Why are normally blustery, self-aggrandizing right-wing journailsts so back on their heels and defensive? I believe I have the answer. By Anthony G. Hendricks

Not Yer Average Grandfather's Bedtime Story
January 29, 5:00PM · Once upon a time there lived a very lucky emperor who not only made it just in the nick of time to the gilded throne through a freak accident of birth but also from a secret balloting accession fiasco of unimaginable slapstick proportions. By David Marsden

America's Business Is...
January 29, 2:30PM · How often have you heard the President Calvin Coolidge "The business of America is business?" At present we have another Calvin Coolidge occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue - sadly, though, he was born in the wrong era. By Bob Volpitto

Inside Bush's Diary: Bobbin' and Weavin' Over Enron
January 29, 2:30PM · Dear Diary: I feel like I been blindsided. What the hell happened? Things were going great. By Bernard Weiner

Revisiting Honor and Integrity
January 29, 9:00AM · Little Bush and his babysitters try awful hard, but he and his henchmen are more appropriate for selling snake oil than they are anything else. By W. David Jenkins III

Mother-In-Law Loses on Enron
January 28, 3:30PM · The acting President's mother-in-law lost over $8,000 on Enron stock. Her son in law failed to tell her what was coming down so that she could bail out like all the other rats. This proves that George the Affable, current head of Bush Inc., has a sense of humor. By Anthony G. Hendricks

Why I Will Not Just Get Over It
January 28, 3:00PM · Bush is not my president and never will be. I am 42 and seriously doubt I will ever get over it. By Jackson Thoreau

Violating the Geneva Convention
January 28, 3:00PM · The four Geneva Conventions, drawn up in 1949, and ratified by most countries, specifically and dogmatically direct the identification, housing and treatment of people caught up in war. By TrogL

Enron Does India, Part 3: The Operation of the Dabhol Power Plant
January 28, 1:00AM · Enron's operation of the plant was what one might expect: a disaster that came as the logical consequence of greed. By Jack Rabbit

Our Illiterate National Leadership
January 28, 1:00AM · Besides the Bible, how much do you think your national leaders read? Seriously. By Jeremiah Bourque

The Year that Might Have Been
January 28, 1:00AM · Looking back at President Gore's first year in office. By Eric Munoz

Enron Does India, Part 2: The Popular Uprising against the Dabhol Power Plant
January 26, 10:00AM · Today, we will look at how the local population expressed its opposition to Enron's Dabhol project and the ruthless methods that were employed to put down the uprising. By Jack Rabbit

An Answered Prayer? A Quid Pro Quo?
January 26, 10:00AM · Was the announced intent of the Republican-controlled Senate Energy Committee, to craft an Energy Deregulation Bill, an answer to any direct, or indirect prayers, by Kenneth Lay? By Teresa Simon-Noble

A Parable for America
January 26, 10:00AM · Imagine, for a moment, a society in which the print and broadcast media were routinely filled with earnest discussion of the issues of the day. By Richard Mynick

Is George W. Bush Deluded or Simply a Liar? And Which is Worse?
January 26, 10:00AM · The worst part is that Bush does not even have first stage Alzheimer's Disease to blame for his delusion or his lies, whichever is the true case. By Tyler Durden

Enron Does India, Part One: The Contract for the Dabhol Power Project
January 25, 8:30AM · The name Enron once meant the seventh largest corporation in the United States; it now means a scandal that will likely see some wealthy men serving prison sentences. By Jack Rabbit

The Impossible Dream
January 24, 3:20PM · What should be the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King? That question struck me, as I watched how Americans celebrated, congratulated - yet denigrated his memory, on and off the media dial last weekend. By Tommy Ates

A Case for Secret Tribunals
January 24, 3:20PM · Can't we all agree that a Constitutional court trial would be too good for this anti-American scum? By Ron C. Coma

Caution: Beware of Guantanamo Bay Blowback
January 24, 12:50PM · Those running this so-called "War on Terrorism" on behalf of The United States and its people are making some very bad moves. They are, as usual, not taking into consideration the ramifications of their actions. By Carlos Kelly

George W. and "The Vision Thing"
January 24, 8:50AM · George W., with his limited sense and knowledge of history and the world, is missing a golden opportunity to grow into a great president. By Bernard Weiner

A Word on Closure
January 23, 5:00PM · Are we pushing away the memories of 9/11 that brought us closer as human beings, and replacing them with our baser instincts of greed and distinctions by race? By Richard Prasad

The CIA in Columbia: Bush Revisits Iran-Contra?
January 23, 5:00PM · For some reason, our always-probing US media have hardly mentioned the rising toll of murdered civilians in Colombia, the heart of Latin America's cocaine exporting region. By Faun Otter

Alan Keyes Has a Dream
January 23, 2:10PM · Keyes is one of a small but visible group of black conservatives who've become showpieces for the right wing by cozying up to the same type of pols who did everything they could to keep the ideals of Martin Luther King and others from becoming a reality. By birdman

Matter of Trust
January 23, 2:10PM · The events of the last year have spawned numerous speculations and accusations when it comes to the Bush II White House and they erupted passionately and, sometimes, irresponsibly in the days after September 11th. By Whyzayker

The New Alchemy
January 23, 9:00AM · In the near-future neo-classical economic theory may be regarded as the "alchemy" of our age. And intelligent men and women will wonder how it was possible that anyone could ever have believed such nonsense. By Ernest Partridge

The Death of Outrage
January 22, 6:30PM · Along with the growing smell of corruption, nepotism, and crony capitalism, the stench of total hypocrisy and arrogance fills the air. By J. Carlos Jiacinto

Patriot Amnesia: Buried in Paper
January 22, 6:30PM · Be it a rich man doing insider trading or a poor man performing a bank robbery, greed is universal. By Tommy Ates

The Great Stone Walls
January 22, 6:30PM · Between May and September knowledge of the attacks were strongly suspected, but the Administration put oil and gas pipeline negotiations ahead of preventing the 9/11 tragedies. By Jacob Kaufman

Dear John
January 22, 9:30AM · It feels kind of weird to be telling the Attorney General about constitutions, but I'm just trying to help. By Isaac Peterson

W stands for Wrong
January 22, 9:30AM · It's ironic that in the year that George W. Bush has enjoyed such a spectacular approval rating that his political philosophy has proven to be so fundamentally wrong. By Eric Munoz

A Note from the Search for the Infamous "Liberal Media"
January 22, 9:30AM · NPR's Don Gonyea isn't a complete media whore yet, but he's definitely signed up for the course and is in line to buy the books. By Tyler Durden

Enron, Why?
January 22, 9:30AM · When Enron is in the dumps where does it turn for a favor? Washington. By Drudge Jr.

Happy Birthday, DU
January 20 · Today is the first anniversary of Democratic Underground. By the Editors

Scandals of Gilded Ages
January 19 · At the end of every storm, clouds are seen to have a silver lining. When an age is as burdened with political scandal as ours has been, the result is often the reform that had been badly needed for a long time. By Jack Rabbit

The Dog Ate My Homework
January 19 · Currently there is an "I didn't do it" craze in conservative thought on the issue of Enron. By Jeremiah Bourque

A Bush By Any Other Name
January 19 · Reflecting on the first year of a Presidency is to fly over a target rich environment. By Michael Shannon

Special Presidential Training Results in Pretzel Injury
January 19 · President Bush took an unfortunate step back Sunday night in what had been a carefully planned training regimen spanning more than three decades. By Kerouac

Bush Administration Goes Full-Bore After Fuel Cells January 18, 2002
Is this good news? Why, then is the left (or anyone else who pays attention) unhappy? by Why

White House Denies Barney the Dog Knew About Enron Collapse January 18, 2002
WASHINGTON - The White House refutes reports that Kenneth Lay tried to get President Bush's Scottie dog Barney to put in a good word for the failing company during the last months of 2001. by Gil Christner

Depression Watch #5: Fat Bottomed Recessions January 18, 2002
A fat bottomed recession differs from a double dip in that it forms two distinct bottoms (cheeks) of particular depth and length. by Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

We Are Not In the Promised Land January 17, 2002
The treatment that an Arab-American Secret Service agent received last week from an American Airlines pilot should trouble everyone, particularly African-Americans. by Tommy Ates

It's Time For ENDA January 17, 2002
The Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. If only everyone were lucky enough to enjoy these three tenets. by Eric Hananoki

Democrats Should Put the Enron Scandal on the Backburner January 17, 2002
Let the Republicans wallow in their defensive paranoia. by kentuck

The Mother of all Sequels January 16, 2002
Bush II is doomed, as the country fails to rebound from the recession with any vigor (just like in Bush I), and the Government returns to $200-$300 billion dollar per year deficits. by J. Mark Batchelor

Enron - a True Example of Compassionate Conservatism January 16, 2002
The Enron crisis reveals how indifferent and how uncompassionate the Republicans can be, especially to their own employees. by J. Carlos Jiacinto

The Enron Fall Guy Tape January 16, 2002
Will a tape smuggled from the White House tell us who the fall guy for Enron is going to be? by birdman

Forget 'Enron-Gate' January 16, 2002
There's another potential scandal that could hurt Bush more. by Dinsdale Piranha

State of the Union - the First Draft
January 15, 2002
CollegeDudeNews has recently acquired an exclusive insider document from an anonymous source at the White House. by Mark W. Brown

Did George W. Bush do Business with the Taliban? January 15, 2002
In the months before the 9/11 atrocities, did the Bush administration see the Taliban as a stable government with which it could do business? by Gerald Plessner

Memo to the DNC January 15, 2002
All things can be fixed, and I have a plan. It's encapsulated in a single word: Enron. by Orwell Thompson

The Enron Case and Spurious George's Gang January 15, 2002
Enron is Teapot Dome on a many times larger scale. by Smokey Sojac

This is no Whitewater January 14, 2002
Right-Wing paramedics were immediately dispatched away from the scene of the destruction. They were last spotted, heroically fleeing the smoldering wreckage of what once was Enron Corp. by Paul Winkelmann

Vindication for Al Gore January 14, 2002
Bold, visionary environmental ideas, that will be Al Gore's legacy. by Richard Prasad

Who Are the Real Globalists? January 14, 2002
What is being called "globalization" nowadays is not globalization at all. It's corporate hegemony, multinational corporations saying that their interests should prevail above all. by Lydia Leftcoast

Who Will Ashcroft Feel Comfortable Investigating? January 12, 2002
There are thousands of people and companies who could be immune from the direct involvement of the Attorney General of the United States should any investigation be brought against them. by Ted Westervelt

The Churchill Syndrome January 12, 2002
I think sooner than later Americans will wake up to the fact that we are being had. by Walker

2001: Not Quite an Odyssey January 12, 2002
2001 just ended, but instead of sitting in my quarters on a spaceship fighting with my ultra intelligent and vile minded computer, I am sitting in my office in the suburbs of Rochester New York. by Jeffery Commaroto

Hell To Pay January 11, 2002
If these allegations prove true, the Bush administration has the blood of thousands of American civilians on its hands. by William Rivers Pitt

George W. Bush's Intimate Affair with a Missing... Corporation January 11, 2002
Enron apparently played a vital role in the Bush Administration all the way through to its final days. by Ted Westervelt

The State of Reporting: Unreal January 11, 2002
I have created a virtual TV reporter. by Kentuck

The State Religion January 10, 2002
Conservatism has taken on many of the qualities of an established religion, complete with sacred texts and a priesthood. by Ernest Partridge

The Lost Island of the Bubbaphobes January 10, 2002
My friend Jim and I used to sail our boat to interesting and exotic places. One day we encountered the most bizarre island... by birdman

Voodoo Redux January 10, 2002
Because some attribute Forty-One's loss in 1992 to breaking his "Read my lips" promise, Forty-Three is hell bent on not only not making the same mistake his father made but somehow atoning for it. by Eric Munoz

How to Win the Gun Vote: A Third Way Approach January 9, 2002
There are many groups the Democrats do not do well with in elections. One group is gun owners. by NewDem

My Perfect Government January 9, 2002
I've been thinking about our government and you know what? I reckon I could do it a lot better. by Brian Leitner

USA Means 'Under Saudi Arabia' January 9, 2002
The Saudis bought both George W. Bush and his father.Ties between the Bush and bin Laden families, the Carlyle Group and Saudi Arabia let the Riyadh regime beat America like a rented camel. by Mike Hersh

All in the Family January 8, 2002
The follow-up to Jack Rabbit's The Two-Party System and the Left, this article examines how Democrats can satisfy Archie Bunker and the Meathead. by Jack Rabbit

The Death of Reporters and Reporting in Afghanistan January 8, 2002
Afghanistan is still a very dangerous place for reporters. Anywhere from 8 to 14 reporters have been killed during the coverage of this war. by Richard Prasad

Read My Lips: The Next Generation
January 8, 2002
White House Resident Bush opened his mouth and inserted his foot in a speech to hand-picked California workers Jan. 5. by Mark W. Brown

2001: The Year in Review - Part Four January 7, 2002
The fourth and final part of this series, taking a look back at some of the major news events of last year. by Smokey Sojac

A War on Drugs or a War on Students? January 7, 2002
Students and non-students from all across the nation are uniting to protect what has been called the "D.A.R.E. generation." by David Brown

Depression Watch #4: A Jobless Recovery? January 7, 2002
Last week on MSNBC, a respected Wall Street analyst for Bear Stearns who was retiring predicted that the U.S. economy would indeed enter into a recovery during 2002. by Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

2001: The Year in Review - Part Three January 5, 2002
Third in a four part series taking a look back at some of the major news events of 2001. by Smokey Sojac

Pat January 5, 2002
Pat Buchanan brings us the first great whopper of 2002 - civilization as we know it will go down the toilet by 2050. by Jeremiah Bourque

Why I Still Don't Like Bush January 5, 2002
I am convinced that he and his cronies lack any respect for America's institutions as long as the ends justify the means. by J. Carlos Jiacinto

Good Riddance, Overrated Rudy January 5, 2002
Breaking news. Rudy Giuliani has hubris. by Scott Koziara

2001: The Year in Review - Part Two January 4, 2002
Second in a four part series taking a look back at some of the major news events of 2001. by Smokey Sojac

John Walker, Super Spy January 4, 2002
The CIA keep going on about how impossible it is to infiltrate al Qaeda. Or is it? by An Ordinary Patriot

On Patriotism January 3, 2002
Judging from the casual use of the word, it would seem that most everyone has a clear intuitive sense of the meaning of "patriotism." by Ernest Partridge

GOP Word Games January 3, 2002
I had always suspected that the extremist branch of the Republican herd carried out intentional word abuse in the media channels they own. by Faun Otter

Rehnquist's Strange Logic January 3, 2002
Mr. Chief Justice, it ill behooves you to lecture the Senate on judicial appointments. by Bob Volpitto

Giving Jeb the Boot in 2002 January 3, 2002
Floridians must unite to vote Jeb Bush out in 2002. by Crewleader

2001: The Year in Review - Part One January 2, 2002
The first in a four-part series taking a look back some of last year's events. by Smokey Sojac

The Two-Party System and the Left January 2, 2002
How can the rightward slouch in American politics be effectively and decisively countered? by Jack Rabbit

Some Random Thoughts at Year's End January 2, 2002
Well, as the song goes, "What a long strange trip it's been." by W. David Jenkins III

The Potemkin War January 2, 2002
The phrase "Potemkin Village" means a false fašade, something that was created solely to look good for a particular audience. We are living through the Potemkin War. by birdman

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