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Is George W. Bush Deluded or Simply a Liar? And Which is Worse?
January 26, 2002
by Tyler Durden

I think about this crap at midnight, then I get anxiety attacks and can't sleep.

Back in the "Reagan Years," 60 Minutes ran a fantastic segment called "Ronald Reagan the Motion Picture." The gist of this article was that Reagan either did not know reality from fiction, or if he did, then he didn't care.

This was demonstrated with an excerpt a speech Reagan made to a group of military medal winners, Navy Cross, Army, Medal of Honor and the like. He told a story about a pilot who, according to Reagan, received a posthumous Congressional Medal of Honor for riding down with his B-17 because a ball turret gunner could not escape the plane. He quoted this pilot (supposedly overheard by the co-pilot before he bailed out) saying to the gunner through the ball, "That's all right son, we'll ride this one down together." A standing ovation and not a dry eye in the house.

His "spin doctors" wanted to locate any relatives of this "dead hero" and fete them at the White House. The problem was, they couldn't find them, because they couldn't verify the incident. It never happened: it was a scene from a WW II movie starring Dana Andrews. Astoundingly, he did this again later in the month, factualizing (to coin a word) a scene from "The Bridges at Toko Ri."

The point raised by the reporter was this: either Reagan was deluded, or he was lying to Medal of Honor winners, and, which of these scenarios could possibly be worse?

Now we are presented with Reagan II: George W. Bush.

Bush is proceeding to sell the country to corporations and the wealthy with even more zeal and enthusiasm than his mentor, Ronald Reagan, did. The monitory safeguards of the surpluses have disappeared in one quarter of the time it took Reagan. If projections hold true, the debt is headed back up again through borrowing to the obscene levels of the Reagan/Bush years and beyond, with Bush on the fast track to distraction.

But the worst part of Reagan II is that Bush does not even have first stage Alzheimer's Disease to blame for his delusion or his lies, whichever is the true case.

Regardless of what the cabal surrounding him thinks or believes, it is obvious that George W. Bush is utterly convinced of one of two equally terrifying options:

1. He believes utterly that Jesus has personally tasked him with saving God's Chosen Nation from apostasy and sin, and that he believes this as firmly as his nutso pastor in Texas believes that he carries on two way conversations with God on his drive to work. Or:

2. He is a complete hypocrite and his only true agenda is his giveaway of the country to his wealthy supporters, while pandering to the Religious Right by pretending that #1 is the case.

As you can see, either of these scenarios is so ghastly as to be unbelievable due to shock and horror. One has him as a crazed mystic with his hand poised over the case carrying the Nuke Codes ("Tell me when, Lord, make me Your instrument" to quote the late Bill Hicks), or he is a total poltroon, deluding followers while enriching himself and his friends: morally bankrupt in the extreme.

Either should be enough to make any self-respecting conservative scream in terror, "Where is Dan Quayle now that we need him?" For us slightly more reasonable individuals, we are only left with the quandary of which is worse: the Mystic, or the Liar? We still might wish to scream in terror: it couldn't hurt.

Tyler Durden is a failed polical candidate in Michigan, who abuses his job as a technical writer to compose political articles as therapy.

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