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A note from the search for the infamous "Liberal Media"
January 22, 2002
by Tyler Durden

In my continuing naïve and fruitless search for the "Liberal Media," I am occasionally lulled into a false sense of security by National Public Radio.

I sometimes forget that Don Gonyea used to shill for the auto industry at Public Radio WDET in Detroit. After all, I am only human. Nevertheless, should not National Public Radio hold to a little more, at the very least, neutral point of view?

I was spoiled a while back: I lived in a city with a Pacifica station, and I got used to a style of broadcasting that was a lot to the left. Very refreshing; I miss it terribly, but as every politico since invention of the concept has said, we have an election to win. The media is supposed to be a public trust due to the nature of FCC Licensing, and that means if they want to air Paid Political Commercials, then they should not do it under the aegis of the news. That is why there is a place given for editorial opinion.

As a Democrat, I find NPR coverage is usually fairly close to centrist, but a bias on the part of Don Gonyea is starting to show. The reporting on the travels of the President have strayed from objectivity into commentary, making it look less like a news story and more like an ad for the policies of the Republican Party.

I realize that Don Gonyea travels with the President as part of his job, and thus must walk a narrow line to retain his press access. However: his recent on air work is straying into administration cheerleading. It is not his job to follow the "rah-rah" of Mr. Bush's sound bites on more tax cuts as evidence of his dubious expertise in "…Economics 101…" (Morning Edition, 7:25 a.m., 1/15/02) with his own editorial comment regarding the motives of Congressional Democrats.

Following comments about opposition to the latest skewed "tax cuts" with statements such as "After all, it is a Congressional Election year…" infer that Democrats are motivated solely by the election with no other motive: this is obviously not true. Perhaps it is based in their opposition to Corporate Welfare tax cuts and the return of the "Voodoo Economics" of the Reagan Administration. Mr. Gonyea should stick to reporting, and leave the campaigning to the President: the intention of Mr. Bush's latest "Tax Cut Road Trip" are transparent enough. Mr. Gonyea should at least try to be an impartial reporter and keep his "digs" to himself, or he should go to work for CNN or perhaps FOX.

Don Gonyea isn't a complete media whore yet, but as this is not the first or the worst example of his reporting, he's definitely signed up for the course and is in line to buy the books. Perhaps he wishes to apply for Ari Fleischer's job; I would be happy to write him a reference.

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