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Democrats Should Put the Enron Scandal on the Backburner
January 17, 2002
by kentuck

Like a rowdy bunch of black-hatted outlaws, the Republicans are on the run. The Hole-in-the-Enron Gang want to blame the fraudulent corporate failure on the Democrats. "If it was so bad, why didn't Clinton do anything about it?" they ask. To borrow their ill-advised caricature, "that dog won't hunt." Furthermore, it won't even get off the porch.

The Democrats should head them off at the pass. They should put the Enron scandal on the back burner for the time being. Let the Republicans wallow in their defensive paranoia. It is going to take a spell to hunt down all the culprits. But the important matters have been made abundantly clear by this government-enabled daylight robbery.

It is now obvious to most everyone that something needs to be done about the influence of corporate soft money in our political processes. Let the Republicans point fingers - and rant and rave about Bill Clinton - all they want. We should be very aggressive in passing Campaign Finance Reform at this important time. Let them dare to challenge the need for such legislation.

Also, we should put to rest, once and for all, their impassioned and greedy efforts to "privatize" our Social Security system. Need we see more proof to know that we, the taxpayers, would end up paying twice for these benefits? How many retirees would be successful in their investments and how many would invest in Enron-type stocks?

If there are to be reforms, it cannot be left up to the individual to make that decision. However "undemocratic" that may sound, we know that the latter-day robber barons would steal them blind and take their hard-earned retirement dollars to some secret stash in the Caribbean. We must act in a "democratic" fashion to protect these funds so retirees can continue to avoid poverty in their later years.

The Enron scandal is not going to disappear in the very near future. Democrats should look at this time as a golden opportunity to make the reforms necessary to protect our democratic processes and our Social Security system. Let the paranoids run wild. We will take care of business. The people deserve no less. As soon as we make the necessary reforms, we can return to the Enron scandal. It isn't going away.

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