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Forget 'Enron-Gate'
January 16, 2002
by Dinsdale Piranha

Democrats all over the country are salivating at the prospect of "Enron-Gate" seriously damaging the residency of George W. Bush. There is no doubt that it will have some detrimental effect on him from a public perspective.

He will now have little chance of defending that long held charge against him that he is bought and beholden to corporate America but the chances of "Enron-Gate" causing major damage are fairly slim.

I've no doubt that the Republicans have their fall guys in place to take the rap and protect Bush, if need be.

So expect others like Commerce Secretary Don Evans, Secretary of the Treasury Paul O'Neill and even he of"the undisclosed location himself, Richard Cheney, to take the blame for any government wrongdoings before The Teflon Kid George Dubya ever will.

But there is another scandal that could, should and would create a major headache for the Bushista's, a story that gained some attention just before "Enron-Gate" gathered a head of steam and virtually knocked it off everyones radar.

I'm speaking of "Taliban-Gate."

The day before the Enron story really took off, former UN weapons inspector Richard Butler, in an interview with CNN's Paula Zahn, spoke of the allegations coming from a recently published book that alleges that not long after coming into office, the Bush administration slowed down FBI investigations into Al Qaeda and terrorism in Afghanistan so that they could more easily negotiate with the Taliban over a proposed oil pipeline that would run through Afghanistan.

If these allegations are true, this story could make "Enron-Gate" seem like a minor worry for the Bush administration.

But this story seems to have stopped, it has been superseded by the Enron story and has seemingly been ignored and forgotten by many.

And I'm sure there are people in the White House who are more than happy with that if indeed this "Taliban-Gate" story does have truth to it.

One can only imagine the serious damage this story could do to the presidency of George W. Bush if it was true. It would do a lot more damage than the Enron story ever will and one wonders how he could ever recover, yet alone stay in office if the allegation was ever proven.

So while the media places its complete attention towards the Enron scandal, let's not forget that there are possibly bigger fish to fry out there and one of them has the potential to bring the Bush II presidency crashing to its knees.

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