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The State of Reporting: Unreal
January 11, 2002
by Kentuck

What happened to good, old-fashioned reporting? We watch reporters ask questions about how "sexy" the White House spokesmen might be. To many of us, it seems they are all living in a parallel universe. We want to see skeptical attitudes and tough questions from our press and reporters.

With that in mind, I have created a virtual TV reporter. All questions and answers are virtual, not real, but more realistic than we expect from our "real" reporters.

TV Reporter: Welcome, Mr. Ashcroft. We read today that you are planning a Justice Department investigation of Enron Corp. Is that correct?

Mr. Ashcroft: That is correct. A lot of people lost their savings and we need to find out what happened so that it never happens again.

TV Reporter: It has been reported that there are 31 members of the present Administration that have connections or have been invested in Enron Corp. Are you one of those 31 members?

Mr. Ashcroft: I have never had any stock in Enron and I am not sure of the number of people that you mentioned with connections to Enron. Whatever the case, we will investigate to find the truth.

TV Reporter: Isn't it true that you rec'd a $50,000 contribution from Ken Lay of Enron in your last run for the Senate - one in which you lost to a dead man? Is that correct?

Mr. Ashcroft: Yes, I received a personal contribution from Ken Lay but not from Enron Corporation. Regardless that will have no bearing on how we handle this investigation.

TV Reporter: Isn't it true that you received another $25,000 from Enron or Ken Lay to form a committee that assisted in your campaign? Is there more we do not know about?

Mr. Ashcroft: Well, that committee was not directly related to our campaign. Anyway, we have seen a lot of investors lose their life savings and we want to get to the bottom of it and make sure it doesn't happen again.

TV Reporter: Don't you think many Americans see those contributions as a conflict of interest? And don't you think you should recuse yourself and appoint a special prosecutor?

Mr. Ashcroft: Not at all. We will fully and thoroughly investigate this Enron bankruptcy. We do not see a need for a special prosecutor.

TV Reporter: Are you willing to investigate Enron's participation in the secret energy meeting with the VP and other energy interests? And , if you find possible criminal behavior by Enron with regards to a possible oil and gas pipeline in Afghanistan, are you willing to investigate that also? Or is your investigation going to be limited to the loss of 401K's by Enron employees?

Mr. Ashcroft: If there are any criminal activities, we will prosecute to the full extent of the law. We will go wherever the investigation leads us.

TV Reporter: Well, thank you Mr. Ashcroft. We will be looking over your shoulder and we will help you in your investigation by uncovering the truth about Enron Corporation.

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