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Why I Still Don't Like Bush
January 5, 2002
by J. Carlos Jiacinto

This evening I spoke with a friend about the current political situation. She stated to me that Bush truly cared about America. She elaborated that he truly wanted to be "a patriot" for America. Under the spell that Bush seems able to cast, especially since the September 11 attacks, the president can do no wrong.

I wanted to throw up my dinner. Apparently, as the recent poll numbers indicate, all across the country Americans worship Bush as if he represented the second coming. On the other hand I am not one of the overwhelming majority who supports the president's policies or approves of his performance.

To this day I am shocked by President Bush's attitude. Since he emerged on the national scene the one constant emotion that seems to come from him and his adminstration is arrogance. From his gestures and statement the fact remains obvious: that Bush suffers from a feeling of "self-entitlement", that he is "entitled" to be President, and that no one should question him.

No matter how wrongheaded his policies may be, or how flawed their intended results are, no one should question him because we are in "wartime." To do so, according to their logic, makes one "unpatriotic."

This arrogance disgusts me completely because it shows an unwillingness to consider other viewpoints and admit modesty in any way whatsoever.

2000's election mess in Florida revealed to me the attitude to which Bush II subscribes. Although he lost the popular vote and "won" Florida under questionable circumstance, since being declared the winner by the Supreme Court, he never has reached out to the majority of Americans who voted against him. He never has said to these voters, "I understand that you may think that I won under unfair circumstnaces. I know how you feel and will govern with this realization in mind." His attitude toward NORC remains one of extreme indifference.

Honestly I am convinced that he and his cronies lack any respect for America's institutions as long as the ends justify the means.

Instead of providing America with a truly reconciling tone, actually being a "united, not a divider," he projects this attitude of self-entitlement, thinking that, while born on third base, he hit a grand slam when he reached the home plate.

Bush's self-serving attitude angers me as well. He claims that he wishes to be "bipartisan." Unfortunately the real truth is that he believes in achieving no such thing. He also claims that he wants minorities, women, and gays to have a stronger voice in the Republican Party. He lies to these groups on a constant basis by pandering to them. Either he honestly believes that just showing himself with these groups in photo opportunities for the media means that he cares, or he is just being clearly disengenous and self-serving.

Back in the early 1990's the first Bush commanded the same approval ratings - and lost his effort for re-election a year later. Bush II may be very popular right now and he may very well win re-election. However, history will not forget his attitude and how he entered the White House under questionable circumstances.

Although the average American may have forgotten about Florida I cannot do so becaues that event fundamentally undermined our country's instituations. I will always remember Bush II's indifference to the voters who suffered disenfranchisement.

I vow never to forget those events, even if I am the only one out of the 275 million Americans living in this country to do so.

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