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John Walker, Super Spy
January 4, 2002
by An Ordinary Patriot

For weeks following September 11th, we were treated to frequent explanations from many apologists describing how impossible it was for our $30 billion/year CIA and $300 billion/year military to infiltrate terrorist organizations, particularly the al-Qaeda.

Yet many Americans are now ready to lynch a white, middle class young man from Marin County as a traitor for doing exactly that.

In less than a year or so, little surfer Johnny, with all the advanced espionage training he could get from Marin High School, studied Islam, went to the Middle East, learned Arabic, went to Afghanistan, and allegedly became a trained member of al-Qaeda.

Gee whiz ... he sure did prove it was difficult. Not.

And what are the highly paid CIA management and directors doing? They SHOULD be out of jobs. They SHOULD be jailed for fraud.

If a teenager from Marin could infiltrate an Islamic terrorist group with all the financial backing of a generous allowance, why the hell are we believing a CIA saying how difficult it is?

Where's the outrage?

Unless it isn't really that difficult.

Unless, for some reason, they didn't really want to try too hard.

Either way, this is not a government agency that we can afford. If there's to be a public lynching, maybe Johnny shouldn't be the first.

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