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Giving Jeb the Boot in 2002
January 3, 2002
by Crewleader

There are psychics out there who feel they can see what will be in 2002. In my local newspaper The Florida Today in Brevard County there were two psychic's prediction of Jeb Bush.

The first psychic, Shiraa Kathleen Rocchille of Palm Bay, Florida, says Jeb Bush will be re-elected "without any problems." Another, Chris Jones of South Partick Shores, says "Jeb Bush will win re-election by a hair's breadth."

Later in the day I saw Jeb Bush on television being asked what is his New Year's Resolution, and he answered, "I'm not going to be upset with the press."

Well Jeb, it is a 2002 election for the governorship in Florida and being on good terms with the press is in your favor - but we have all eyes on you. We know the GOP stronghold wants to be keeping baby brother alive and kicking in the governor's office for the presidential election in 2004.

This is the start of the New Year and reading psychics' predictions and seeing Jeb Bush on TV made me sick, for this is only the start of the fight of all fights to take back our state of Florida and put a Democrat in Tallahassee.

We as Floridians at Democratic Underground must do all we can to get the word out and see to it that Jeb Bush gets the biggest boot. Our own club we have formed here, "The Jeb Booters" must take action to see these predictions are dead wrong!

Jeb Bush has hurt more state workers, stripping them of job protection without representation. I'm happy to report a judge has ordered Gov. Jeb Bush's adminstration to justify changes to disciplinary rules and lay-off preferences for state workers.

The union that represents state government workers sued Jeb Bush in August to challenge changes to job protections he signed into law earlier this year.

Circuit Judge Kevin Davey on Friday gave attorneys for Jeb Bush twenty days to justifly those changes which were made without union negotiation. I will inform all of you on the court's decision.

We Floridians, all of us, must unite and vote for a Democrat to be for all the people, not the powerful that Jeb Bush represents.

With steadfast determination we can give Jeb Bush the biggest boot, get our state back for all the people, and have a fair and honest presidential election in 2004! Together we can do it!

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