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Defending Civilization December 21, 2001
How our conservative citizens are failing America and what can be done about it. by Dr. Durtal

The Contract With America (1994-2001) - RIP December 21, 2001
We had no idea the Republicans would use their hold on Congress to pursue a divisive and counter-productive vendetta. by Why

Talking to Conservatives and Other Children December 21, 2001
By the age of 6, children have learned everything they need to know about communication and language from you! And are using it to attack! by TrogL

The One That Got Away December 20, 2001
While the efforts of the United States military have done great harm to the existing infrastructure of the Al Qaida network it would be folly to believe that it no longer is able to function. by Michael Shannon

George W. Bush's Vanilla Presidency December 20, 2001
Strangely enough, there are eerie parallels between the movie "Vanilla Sky" and George W. Bush. by Richard Prasad

My Mission December 20, 2001
I once heard a middle-aged white man say that he's proud to be a "typical, mean-spirited, Bush supporting conservative." by Beth Brillon

Taking Back the Language of the Debate December 19, 2001
It's become an article of faith in American electoral politics that the holy grail, that which must be achieved in any election cycle, is the support of The Middle. by John Carle (ulysses)

The Passion of Robert Fisk December 19, 2001
Robert Fisk, the distinguished correspondent, was beaten last week within an inch of his life by a mob in Kila Abdullah, an Afghan refugee camp located in Pakistan. by Jack Rabbit

A Myth About September 11th December 19, 2001
Whining demagogues persist in their claims that "September 11th is to blame" for everything from corporate welfare to unemployment. by An Ordinary Patriot

Dubya, Baby December 19, 2001
A Christmas song. Apologies to original writers J. Javits and K. Springer. And, of course, to Eartha Kitt. by birdman

A Little Fireside Chat December 18, 2001
It's truly an honor to know that I've pissed off conservatives so much that they'd actually take the time to mail DU calling me a commie bastard with my head up my ass. by Jeremiah Bourque

King Midas in Reverse December 18, 2001
Bush sees himself more as a corporate CEO than as a President. But everything he touches turns to dust. by William Rivers Pitt

Depression Watch #3: Wag the Economy December 18, 2001
Despite recent efforts by the Press to spin the unemployment situation as improving, corporate layoffs continue unabated... by Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

FAQ: The Bush Administration December 17, 2001
With the anniversary of the Bush Inauguration just around the corner, we thought it would be a helpful public service to answer some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the President's first year in office. by Jeff Ritchie

Brother, Can You Spare a Dream Team? December 17, 2001
Yes, my fellow citizens, we are in a "Brave New World" and unfortunately, the rules are being written with the destination already pre-programmed. by Tommy Ates

Sneak and Peak: Behind the New Anti-terror Laws December 17, 2001
The USA Patriot Act is one of the most controversial bills in recent history, yet it's gone completely under the radar of public view. by Drudge Jr.

Ashcroft's Fundamental Flaw December 15, 2001
In the United States of America, we owe our allegiance to the Constitution. We trust the rule of law - and not only when it's convenient, or when it fits our personal program, or when it's easy. by Zak Mann

Curiouser and Curiouser All the Time December 15, 2001
So if it is bin Laden who was the guiding force behind this worst assault on the lives and property of America in memory why have we put so few of our own troops on the ground to root this soulless bastard out? by Michael Shannon

What Happened to Compassion? December 15, 2001
Who is listening to the voices of the children? / When did everything start to / stop making sense? a poem by Cherul in the coralsea

It's the Enronomy, Stupid December 14, 2001
George W. Bush believes he can coin new words for the English language, so I thought I'd give my first shot at this practice with enronomy. by Walt Starr

What Makes the EU Say FU to the Bush Administration December 14, 2001
Has the Bush Administration been vigilant in preventing the proliferation of germ warfare agents throughout the world? The shocking and disturbing answer is no. by Richard Prasad

Political Auction December 13, 2001
I'm talking about creating a national auction, accessible to all, by which anyone can legally purchase the politician of their choice. by Paul Winkelmann

The Autumn of Fear December 13, 2001
We will trade personal freedom for personal safety. Every time. It's not even a close call. Fear makes us irrational. And it rarely brings out anything but the worst in us. by birdman

It's Been a Year December 13, 2001
It has been a year since Bush vs. Gore. It has been a year since the Supreme Court sold us out. It has been a year since we could trust the Court. by Dave Conroy

The American Front December 12, 2001
Each of the actions to combat terrorism in America are in direct conflict with American ideals. by Kevin Raybould

Dubya's Dictatorship: It's So Much Easier December 12, 2001
This country, that has held itself up to the rest of the world as a shining beacon of democracy, has had democracy trampled on by people in pursuit of their own greedy agendas. by Max Starsky

Bork's Law December 11, 2001
Robert Bork recently wrote a reasoned defense of secret military tribunals. It deserves a reasoned critique. by Jack Rabbit

Satan's Rude Awakening December 11, 2001
Satan was sitting directly across from me, sitting atop a large wicker basket, and eyeing me contemptuously... by mellowin man

Comedian-In-Chief December 11, 2001
It seems that no tragedy that befalls us and no economic hardship that hits us is too great to overcome Mr. Bush's penchant for (not-so-funny) one-liners. by Eric Munoz

Some Long-Term Implications of the War In Afghanistan December 10, 2001
An important and overlooked explanation for inconsistent words and actions is the nation's legacy of Puritanism. by John Chuckman

Depression Watch: #2 When Life Handed Bush a Bowl of Cherries, He Made Lemons December 10, 2001
The economic blow dealt by September 11th was like kicking an old lady after she had already fallen down. Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

National ID Cards: Still a Bad Idea December 8, 2001
Since 9/11, too much of what is coming from the top has not a thing to do with catching terrorists or keeping us safe, despite what they're telling us. by Isaac Peterson

We Will Never Forget December 8, 2001
Osama bin Laden can't make George W. Bush President. Satan himself couldn't make George W. Bush President. by Morris Smith

Will John Walker Walk? December 8, 2001
I fear the conclusion seems all but certain; in America, mercy tends to come to those who can pay, and all the while Afghan people (with no money) continue to pay dearly. by Tommy Ates

The Deconstructionist Party December 7, 2001
I don't think that I can use the term "Republican" in good conscience anymore, because they want something more primordial than the Republic ever was meant to be... by Jeremiah Bourque

And That's the Way it Is December 6, 2001
I grew up on Walter Cronkite and I'm waiting for those immortal words, "and that's the way it is." by W. David Jenkins III

From Big Dog to Little Puppy December 6, 2001
Wouldn't it be so much more reassuring to have the Big Dog in the White House than the Little Puppy we have now? by Max Starsky

Un-American Activities December 5, 2001
For Bush, the concept of a fair trial is far too trivial a matter to worry about right now. by Orwell Thompson

You Can Enron, But You Can't Hide December 5, 2001
Enron is based in Houston, Texas, the President's old stomping grounds. Bad business models must be as big a part of the Texas landscape as bad football teams currently are. by Richard Prasad

Bush's Christmas Wish List December 4, 2001
What's little George getting from Santa this year? by Paul Winkelmann

Remember the Enron December 4, 2001
The greatest monument to tall, white, Christian, right-wing, rich, Texan, male arrogance of them all. Enron. Gone. by Jeremiah Bourque

Signs of a Gathering Storm December 4, 2001
Two very ominous things happened last weekend which gave me pause to consider the future. by tom_paine

It Can't Happen Here December 3, 2001
Though most of us might have meant / To cast votes for that other gent... A poem by Pamela Troy

Preventing "Mutual Assured Signage" December 3, 2001
In North Plainfield, NJ, we have a simple ordinance that saves money for political campaigns and taxpayers. by Nathan Rudy

Majority Rules December 3, 2001
That the majority rules is the American way. But what if the majority is wrong? by Jack Rabbit

Dirty Laundry (With Apologies to Don Henley) December 1, 2001
"The Bubble-Headed Beach Blonde" who tells us about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye just isn't to be trusted. by John Larson

Depression Watch #1:  Brother Can You Spare Some Confidence? December 1, 2001
The U.S. is in a Recession -- there I said it. by Jerald Cumbus (JCMach1)

Commercial Script: "Energy Crisis" December 1, 2001
A political commercial decrying the fake energy crisis and the gas pump gouging of the summer. by Tyler Durden