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December 20, 2001
by Beth Brillon

I once heard a middle-aged white man say that he's proud to be a "typical, mean-spirited, Bush supporting conservative."

He went on to say that liberals are awfully pessimistic. I don't know how he has come to the conclusion that liberals have one single mission in life and that's to complain about how conservatives are ruining their lives. Apparently, we would live in a perfect world if we somehow went back to the freedom loving wonderful USA of the 1950's.

Even at the risk of sounding realistic, I had to say something.

If you really are looking for the silver lining in the cloud and consider yourself a happy-go-lucky optimistic person, why do you label yourself as a "typical, mean-spirited" person?

You may pride yourself on being a typical person who goes along with the status quo; it only qualifies you to be labeled as a gung-ho conservative who thinks that the answer to everything is to go back to the 50's.

I suppose that we can all sit around dismissing the situation of the poor in this country because there are poorer people out there. Or we can all sit around saying that they're all on welfare taking our hard earned money. Maybe we should all sit around complaining about how you lost your IT job and maybe you should have worked harder or just didn't want the job enough. It's all about fear. The conservatives in power in this country are good about that.

It's very interesting that you should make the observation that liberals do nothing but complain about how bad conservatives are, and yet you go on whining about how liberals are ruining your life.

I suppose that going back to the 1950's could solve all of our problems. There's nothing like being made to feel a king when a hard working black woman has to give up her seat for you in the bus. A time when there was no problem with women and blacks because they all knew their rightful place in society, right?

There's nothing like rallying behind senator McCarthy and reliving the embarrassing communist witch hunt of anyone and everyone who so much as had an individual thought.

Well, I suppose since I got my glorified tax cut, I'm living large. I guess I have to give it more time to let it "trickle down" to those that need it more. We all know how American Airlines, Enron, Motorola, and countless other companies love their workers. Rather than their workers "trickling-up" the money by actually designing, assembling, marketing, and even selling the products, the genius of the companies really are the CEOs. That's the kind of impersonal, uncompassionate touch we should all expect from our bosses. After all, we're expendable!

While you're searching for that silver lining in the clouds of the 1950's yesteryears, I'll be looking forward to the realistic progress and change that truly makes this country great.

I suppose that I could enjoy life in this country, if I were white. I guess I ought to be happy that I'm not from the Middle East.

Oh, well. Since my family is well off, I live in a country that hides its discrimination through ignorance so that I could pretend that I'm equal, and can exercise my right to free speech, I will be having a great Christmas.

If only it could be the same for everyone else.

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