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Dubya's Dictatorship: It's So Much Easier
December 12, 2001
by Max Starsky

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"This job would be so much easier if this were a dictatorship," so has said George W. Bush on more than one occasion. Besides the amazing fact that a man who spends every weekend relaxing at Camp David as well as extended periods at his ranch in Austin is actually looking at ways to make his job easier, there seems not much doubt that once more, this privileged brat has gotten his own way.

Hundreds of people rounded up for having either dark skin or the name "Mohammed" and then being held for long periods in secret locations whilst not actually being charged with any crime... non-citizens able to be taken from their homes and tried in a secretive military court where a guilty verdict could mean death... Bush being able to overturn a "not guilty" verdict from these military tribunals... extended wire-tapping and surveillance laws passed that could and probably will be used in the future against non-terrorists (like unionists or activists)... news and information being withheld from the nation's press... the President signing an order that seals the records of past, present and future Presidents thus denying the American people their right of access to them forever...

Let's face it folks, if they aren't the trademarks of a dictatorship then what the hell is?

You'd have to think the founders of this country would be now rolling in their graves at seeing what has become of this nation. Not satisfied with just stealing an election from the people, now the Bush administration is using the disaster of September 11 as justification to push through their inane and anti-democratic laws and orders.

Sadly, a country that for years has held itself up to the rest of the world as a shining beacon of democracy, has now been taken over by people who have been more than willing to stomp all over democracy in the pursuit of their own greedy agendas.

Most Americans thought Bush was being "folksy" and "only joking" on the occasions he has muttered he would prefer a dictatorship. The actions of the past three months have clearly shown that he was not only not joking, he was very serious.

Democracy died in this country on December 12, 2000. It is currently being buried forever.