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We Will Never Forget
December 8, 2001
by Morris Smith

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It's been a year they tell us.

It's been a year and supposedly, everything has changed. Evildoers abroad have done what domestic larceny could not, what judicial fiat could not, what simple-minded, single-minded straightforward arrogance could not.

"After Sept. 11, George Bush was legitimately elected president of the United States." Words of wisdom from the New York Post.

So that's it? Someone perpetrates leviathon evil against us and we are supposed to forget all of the other ones? Someone steals your car and you're supposed to forget that the week before they burned down your house? Someone kills our people and we're supposed to forget that someone else tried to kill our democracy?

Osama bin Laden can't make George W. Bush President. Satan himself couldn't make George W. Bush President. All of the scoundrels on earth, every real or imagined evil, all of the dastards who ever dared to shake a fist in the face of truth, past, present and future, couldn't come together to bestow upon this pretender the legitimacy granted by an election of the people of the United States of America.

So now we're told now that Bush has grown, that he is no longer the same man he was. (A claim that criminals all over the world make when it is convient for them to do so.) If he has truly "grown," then he should acknowledge what he did a year ago. A man who has grown would now realize what his "victory" has cost him and this country. Remember, this man told us during the campaign that it didn't matter to him whether he became President or not. He said that he would be happy being Governor of Texas, living at his ranch in Crawford. An honorable man, a man who has truly "grown," would feel remorse for his actions and make restitution. He would apologize to the country and resign.

How can he look at himself in any of the beautiful, ornate White House mirrors, where men of honor, elected men, have resided before? A man who has "grown" would be afraid that the shade of one of those men would look back at him through one of those mirrors, crook a bony finger in his direction and whisper "Shame!"

But Bush will never see this apparition. He is too unfamiliar with the concept of shame. His handlers insulate him from it. He's not bright enough to know it exists. He manages a trick astonishing even in these days, the ability to be both shameful and shameless.

American University historian Allan Lichtman says, "It doesn't matter how you get elected. What matters is how you govern."

Is this what passes for historical vision these days? Pathetic. What kind of a country would we have today if George Washington had decided that elections didn't really matter and that he would continue to serve as President? Jefferson Davis was elected. Can it really be true that it didn't matter how he got elected, as long as he ran the Confederacy well? If it doesn't matter how you get elected, why bother to have elections at all?

Elections, it is said, are a political sacrament. They tell us who we are today as a people. What we believe in. Where we want to go in the future. Political hacks may, at times, feel the need to undo them, to sweep them aside when they don't give the results they desire. They do so at their peril.

Because when they do, they have to pay a price. And in this case the punishment is steep.

It's called recognition.

We look at them and recognize that the person is a fraud. We recognize the election was a farce. We recognize that the title gained is illegitimate. We recognize that his every pronouncement is without merit, spurious.

And this is a four year sentence. There is no reprieve. There is no parole. There is no time off for good behavior. And even if there was, there would be few less deserving than George W. Bush.

His arrogance has been exceeded only by his ignorance. His paranoid ruthlessness has been enough to sate palates both subtle and gross. He has gone out of his way to push his extreme agenda, to stretch his nonexistant mandate past the breaking point. Even the most cursory glance shows that his agenda is out of step with America, as much now as it was on September 10th, 2001. Rather than rely on some vague wishes about his "growth," let us look at what we can conclude from his initiatives:

Working people matter less than corporations. Security matters less than keeping workers out of unions. Personal liberties matter less than control of the populace. Expediency in a trial system is more important than getting the right person. Secrecy is preferable to openness. Blind obedience is better than critical thinking.

Lies matter more than truth.

But none of that matters we are told. A year later, no one cares about the election of a year ago. We have gotten past it, we have moved on. We are comfortable with the President today. We know of his shortcomings and we accept them. We realize that he is our President and that we must unite behind him.

Well. Is that so? Must we blandly accept this larcenous bunch and their never ending lust for power? Is it written in stone that we will be voiceless, hunkering down in the bunkers of our timidity? Is this the way America ends, not with a bang, but a whimper?

I don't think so! Anger is a negative emotion, but it has its place. And there is no better use for anger than when viewing an wrong and seeking to right it. Seeing George W. Bush making pronouncements that he doesn't understand and pretending to show wisdom he doesn't possess should fill us all with a rage approaching the metaphysical.

They tell us it's over, finished, a done deal. But we know better. It's not over by a long shot. The fat lady isn't even in the stadium, forget about stepping up to the mike. Not only do we know its not over, we know exactly how long it will last.

This fight will not end until January 20th, 2005, when we send King George packing for his dry little ranch, just like we did last November. And make no mistake, we will send him slinking back to the dustbin of history; only this time his cronies in the Supreme Court and his gang of political stooges will no more be able to help him than will the staff of Enron. He has a rendevous with his fate, as an asterisk to a footnote to the appendix of history.

But until then, we must never forget. We must continue to point the finger at the Emperor and remind him and everyone else that he is morally bootless, unburdened by the restrictive nature of ethical clothings, bankrupt of wit and overflowing in unshirted indecency. He will fight us, no doubt, but what good are the implements of power in the hands of one so stupid and against so implacable a foe? We cannot be defeated, we have right on our side.

We did not throw off the yoke of one King George, only to have it replaced by another. Like William Lloyd Garrison, we will not repent, we will not recant and we will not relent... and we will be victorious!